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KU duo’s likely destinations revealed at NBA draft lottery

Am sure this has been asked and answered previously, but when was the last time, if ever, that two players from the same school went 1-2 in the NBA draft?

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Cliff's Notes: Roy Williams says he'll never walk through tunnel as opposing coach at Allen Fieldhouse

What year was it that UNC got beat in the NCAA tourney, but Coach Roy stuck around for two days and was seen in the stands wearing a KU shirt/sweater? Was that 2008?

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Notebook: Catching up with C.B. McGrath; Angel Morris on hand

Mama Morris is a rock! Sweet!

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Thursday observations from San Antonio as KU prepares for Richmond

Not getting ahead of the Richmond game (focus, guys!) but... does anyone know if it has been announced when the Sunday game would be? Want to make sure I don't have a conflict. Rock Chalk!

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Pick-and-roll key for Jayhawks

The camera caught a quick shot of the coaches' handshake. It was like Bruce Weber couldn't get past HCBS fast enough. Self actually had to turn back around to shake his hand, and then all I recall seeing was a little nod from Self. I definitely think Weber still has "living in the shadows" issues with the whole thing. You'd think after 7 years it'd go away....

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Stayin’ alive: Morris twins help Kansas bury Illini

Heard that, as well. Which makes you think... if Angela is helping take care of Jayla, she might not yet be ready to move from Lawrence next yesr, which means she might not be ready for her boys to move yet either... Am I hoping for too much here? Ehhh, let's concentrate on this year's work first and next year will take care of itself. Stay on the throttle, Jayhawks, DON'T LET UP!!! (Still, a guy can hope for a twin return, can't he?)

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President Obama picks Kansas as NCAA Tournament champion

So now I suppose if Kansas DOESN'T win the national championship, Obama is going to call a press conference to say that KU acted stupidly....

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Hard-won hardware: Kansas fends off 'Cats

Dang typos... "double-technical"...

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Hard-won hardware: Kansas fends off 'Cats

Cole fouled out at Texas this year. My recollection was that his fifth foul was a on a "doule-technical" foul call.

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