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D-Day arrives for prep standout Andrew Wiggins

If family is the most important thing to him he only needs to look at what the program has done in the last couple of years. F.O.E!!!

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Kansas softball, still winless in Big 12, falls to Oklahoma St.

Maybe playing that Powder Puff pre-season schedule isn't such a good idea. :)

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Softball splits with UMKC

SPLIT WITH UMKC!!! Unbelievable! This is what happens when you go and play such a weak pre-season. Smith you have lost all of your Big XII games and now you are losing to UMKC! Ridiculous! Get it together!

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Phoenix Coyotes exec Brad Treliving on Kansas AD list

I say we hire Lew Perkins! He did a great job. Was name Athletic Manager of the Year just 3 years ago and that covers ALL levels of athletics including the professional ranks. He just needed to clean up his shop.

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Looking ahead: Will (just about) everyone root for Oklahoma over Nebraska?

GO BIG RED!!! I'm going to pull for NU because I still want the North to bring home the trophy. KU will land on their feet once the Big XII goes away. Don't worry about that. NU did what they need to do and KU will do what they need to do when the time comes.
Besides how can you ever cheer for OU? Boomer Sooner is the worst noise I've ever heard in a stadium.


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KU coach Turner Gill (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

We will win with Turner Gill as our HC! Relax! It takes time to put in a system and get your own players. Coach Gill knows football and is a good recruiter. In 2-3 years you will all eat your words. And if you can't support the current coaches at KU then go cheer for Mizzou! KU does not need fair weather fans!

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NU’s Pelini second-guesses hook

Maybe you need to support Coach Gill and give him time to build a program.

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Kansas softball finalizes roster

Word of advice, tell last year's freshman to get better if they want to continue playing. As the head coach it is Megan's job to bring in players that are currently better than the ones she already has. If the players that are currently at KU want to keep their starting positions then they need to earn them every day! This is not high school ball and this is not some travel ball team where you are paying to play. This is DI ball. Get better or go home! That is how great programs are built.

Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk... GO KU!

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Em-Bear-rassing: Jayhawks routed, taunted in Waco

Keep the FAITH!!!

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New A.D. will have full slate of projects

Jayhawkinnebr: Get off it! Coach Gill is OUR football coach!!! Try supporting the work he is doing! The staff has played 3 games and hasn't even brought in a recruiting class yet! There is a reason he took the WORST program in NCAA history to a conference championship in just 2 years. Coach Gill KNOWS what he is doing. If you would have actually watched any of the last 3 games you would know that it is a lack of execution by some young and inexperienced players is why we are losing. Oh, wait, and BEAT #15 GT!!!


All of the TRUE supports and fans that understand what it takes to build a program are in full support of Coach Gill, his staff, and the players!!!


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