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So long, Chicago: Collins relocating to town

From the Bedore Manual of Style:

Every use of the word "dunk" shall be preceded by the adjective "vicious."

And yes, after a while it becomes just plain silly.

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Unidentical twins: Rajon Rondo, Tyshawn Taylor have alliterative names, different games

“His decision-making is just not a strength."

That has to be the understatement of the year.

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Mario Chalmers big plus for Heat

"Jeff Van Gundy, the best NBA color commentator ever....."

Obviously, Mr. Keegan has never heard Doug Collins.

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Rest-less rookie: Big man Landen Lucas leg-weary

The KC Star article lists Lucas at 6-8. So...are they understating it, or is the LJW reporter engaging in exaggeration?

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T-Rob’s stature growing

So a number that is a lie is not? Huh?

Back to school for you, in both logic and spelling ("people who right [sic] the numbers").

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Bill Self defends CU series

What part of "in shoes" is it that you don't understand? "In shoes" height is not a person's true height.

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T-Rob’s stature growing

I’ll get a shirt that says, ‘Numbers don’t lie.’”

Actually, numbers can and do lie -- when the numbers themselves are lies. That is usually the case with the listed height of college and NBA basketball players, and the times in the 40 of college and NFL football players.

Lies, all lies.

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Bill Self defends CU series

"...Thomas Robinson measured 6-83⁄4 with shoes..."

So much for the liars who said he's 6-10.

Why do college and NBA teams feel compelled to lie about players' height?

Why to college and NFL football teams feel compelled to lie about players' times in the 40?

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Tyler Self to play for dad

Because he was grossly overrated?

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2006-2007 Jayhawks to be enshrined in KU Hall of Fame

The 2006-2007 team into the KU Hall of Fame? Seriously? A team that somehow managed to lost in the Elite 8 to a team that had 25 turnovers? Hall of Fame? Seriously?

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