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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

I have a question...

Who does Bill Self have on his staff that'll tell him "No, I don't think that's a good idea"?

Every great CO needs an XO to occasionally -- when a REALLY bad idea comes up (and we all get them) -- say "No, that isn't a good idea." With the '08 team (and to a degree the '11), I always figured it was Manning doing so and maybe Dooley backing him. I feel the remnants of that might have left with Dooley. If you look at our team prior to their exits, I don't remember any serious 'coach decision' mistakes being made (that could just be my biased memory)... the right choices were made at the right times. The right chances taken.

EJ being put in at the very end of the Michigan game (which seemed to break Tharpe and allowed a UM rally), some of the choices made vs Stanford (not to mention not getting on Wiggin's tailend when he started to hide during games), the absolute insanity that happened during that first KU vs UK game last season (I mean, there was ZERO adjustment of play during that humiliating loss -- driving the middle with a team that athletic/long?) and the refusal to move to a shooting theme in our previous season when our team should have been ALL "Fool's gold" shooting (which lead to a defeat by the 3-point killers WSU).

People talk about HCBS's ego -- one must HAVE an ego to be in a position making that many choices in the first place; but an ego can be worked around if you have the right people surrounding you to warn when you're going to trip up. I just don't know if he has a staff that can handle that gig (or that he'll at least listen to any of them).

I agree with the folks who say BG is right in this. There is no reason why we shouldn't be leaning a bit on our 3-point shooters -- if you aren't going to use them, than why even recruit them? Anyone with eyes could see that Hunter was tearing things up during the summer games... and yet he doesn't see the court.

It might just be me -- but I don't like this type result to someone finally saying: "No, I don't think that's a good idea" (a severe punishment and public shaming). Yeah, a player is a player and coach a coach -- but if things are going south, someone needs to say SOMETHING.

Just my 2 cents.

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Five top recruits will be on hand for Late Night

"Most European based players make under $1 million per year." -- Kind of a high bar there... even well under $1 million per year is still a heck of a paycheck for playing ball.

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Column: Mistakes cost KU rare shot at 2015 victory

One addendum to your excellent comment Brett: we should try to keep in mind that this team's skill level will not remain static throughout the course of this season. We fear getting blown out by massive amounts -- yet our D (in small ways) has improved in the 3 games I've watched, and the O is running far more smoothly then they did last year. I'm not foreseeing any actual wins this season, but I don't think the losses will be as monumental as some fear.

Remove those 2 silly penalties, and we'd have been up a point. We lost the game, but I honestly feel that (considering what we're working with) -- even with the losses -- I am a lot happier with (and more hopeful about) the product than I have been at any other point since the Big Guy left.

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Memphis blows out Kansas football

I'm in, 5 bucks on after the Baylor game.

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Memphis blows out Kansas football

Oh don't give me that... EVERYTHING is suppose to change instantly. Things happen instantly. We MUST have instant gratification NOW!

Or now!

How about now?

Are they better yet now?

In all seriousness... I agree completely with you Bryce, this is a multi-year rebuild and patience is the key.

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Self hopes camp made Jayhawks tougher

Well that escalated quickly (and pointlessly).

Jesus, our basketball players spent two days with some Marines... TWO DAYS... takes a bit longer to find, refine and develop "leadership" and I'm pretty sure it won't be the military doing so.

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KU great Loneski dies

"...had two terms in Vietnam." -- did he go to school there. I imagine you meant "tours"?

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Report: Naadir Tharpe turning pro

What a hateful little person you are. Every post that even hints at mentioning Tharpe and there you are, frothing at the mouth -- did he kill your dog or something. I mean, seriously, quarter of a year of reading your garbage -- and you don't even have the good grace to be respectful of the kid after he's left. Go find a bridge and hide.

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Border War not dead yet?

Considering their inability to handle harsh break-ups with old flames (ala KU), I wonder if they're trying to schedule basketball games against Tulsa...

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Border War not dead yet?

I, Good Sir, will no longer listen to your disparaging comments about PET ROCKS. GOOD DAY, I SAY!

Oh and Muck Fizzou... they can go stick it with their intellectual equals in the South.

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