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The Day After: Punked by the Purple People

I'd have to watch that further, but it seems to me that KSU defended our 3 pt game by sticking really close on the perimeter. It would seem at that point, you try to beat your man off the dribble. Most of these guys aren't good enough for consistent step back shots. Mason was driving early, but missing his shots and not dishing. Also, our bigs don't command double teams, which means there is sagging in the paint. It looked like KSU's game plan was to pick their poison, and the picked right - we couldn't score enough in the paint or draw the fouls.

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The Day After: Punked by the Purple People

We have "tweeners" on the front line. That includes Ellis. We could get by with this this short front line if we had two aggressive, physical bodies. Ellis is agile, but he doesn't muscle anyone. Alexander, Traylor, Lucas combo doesn't muscle as they could, and they don't show that much aggression. A friend of mine who oversees the HS refs in Illinois swore to me that Alexander was a better shooter than Okafor, though Okafor could create his shots at the rim. Self's offense doesn't seem to present opportunities for Alexander to shoot from 5 to 10 feet out.

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Perry Ellis once again carries Kansas

Correct me where I'm wrong, but like the loss to NIU and to VCU - when your offense isn't clicking, you've got to turn up the defense. I didn't see that. Why not run all 3 guards at the same time to at least apply pressure. I didn't see K-State's offensive sets much disrupted. I also see another trend - at OSU, WVU, home with TCU and now KSU. We get a lead and immediately get careless.

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By the Numbers: Kansas State beats KU, 70-63

This is starting to get a bit predictable. I sense with a few exceptions that KU plays slower than its opposition and less "in your face" when it counts. We are supposed to have the superior athleticism, especially on the perimeter. But I don't see in your face guarding and when we actually had to put on a press, I didn't see much. It looked like K-State figured out to stay glued to our guards, that there was much risk that Mason, Seldon or Graham would drive past them, and even if they did, there was no one to dish too. I think teams have figured out who are not our scoring threats on the inside.

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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

That just goes to show that we view it differently. I think McLemore's miss was more critical. Or the jump ball under Michigan's basket that wasn't. Or Derik Coleman's missed free throws against Indiana.

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Column: Cyber bullies unfair to Ellis

Ellis felt bad after the game. Why does anyone think they need to tell him and pile on? Has no one not struck out to end the game with the tying run on third? For any of us who go back into the 60's with KU have seen many defeats snatched from the jaws of victory. That's what made 2008 so sweat. We stole victory from defeat. You want to talk about a lost opportunity - what about McLemore's missed baseline layup against Michigan? It's still fresh in my mind. But just goes to show that a player's speed moving toward the basket often makes the most simple of shots go awry.

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Kelly Oubre Jr. one Jayhawk who knew how to counter WVU's defense

And a better chance for a long rebound. WVU was packed in.

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Column: KU's shortcomings showed throughout loss at WVU

We've got to get our heads screwed on and quick. Comparing schedules to ISU, KU's is not favorable. We close with OU at Norman and have to avoid any other away loss along the way. ISU only has to avoid Texas this week. WVU in Lawrence may be payback, but when you are playing a crazy team, payback means nothing to them. We need to work on rebound position and vertical leap. Larry Bird couldn't jump, but he got himself in the right position at least. If we can't get the ball going up, then we at least need to grab the ball coming down. WVU and others seem to always be taking it away from us.

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Kelly Oubre Jr. one Jayhawk who knew how to counter WVU's defense

I'm still wondering where the killer instinct is, where the team personality is. Remember, WVU has no name players who were dictating the defense to us. The ESPN crew was saying the WVU was going to play desperate because of their recent losses. Guess what, come tournament time, all lower ranked teams play "desperate." Ranked teams who don't do the same, go home early. WVU only had two scorers and we couldn't isolate them? WVU defense reflected the opposite. On the late play with Oubre, he was stuck with the ball. WVU had eliminated all the other options. And what's the deal with defensive rebounds? Are we close to last in the conference - we've got to be close.

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The Day After: Outplayed in Oklahoma

It's not just that we are getting poorer at the line, we are lackadaisical at the line. I noticed this first with Devonte Graham late in the ISU game. But it seems evident in Ellis and to some degree Mason. It's not that we lack height as much as vertical explosiveness. That's something that is hard to coach. I can't figure out our problems with the press compared to previous years. We should have the guards. I'm thinking it's the lack of that post guy in the middle that is both the safety valve and the guy who turns and passes down court over the press. We clearly have the wing shooters that can hit open 3's if the last man defending on the press defends the basket.

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