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More of the same: Offense carries Kansas back to Maui final

I'd still like to see periods of lock down defense. Especially, later in the game when they're tired and at the start of the second half. UCLA went 8 of 10 to start the second half. In other words I'd like to see extended periods where they turn it up a notch, alter their defensive mindset. UNC did it to K-State last night. Izzo makes his MSU teams do it. No one is ever better conditioned than a Duke team. I want to see a Self team win the last 10 minutes, not just preserve the lead.

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Kansas football unveils 2016 schedule

KU lost to Ohio in Bobby Douglas' junior year. If I recall, without looking it up, Pepper Rogers started 0-3 before finishing 5-5 the year before the Orange Bowl season.

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Column: New rule could distract high school football recruits

Sure what you say makes sense, but to the big college programs (not Kansas), that's not what they want. Look at Ohio State - do you think they want to share some of their QB's? Look how many QB's go through ND?

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Stock watch: Early draft projections vary on Kelly Oubre Jr. and Cliff Alexander

I'm still trying to figure out how this is anything but a black eye for the NCAA. Cliff wasn't/isn't Maurice Clarett. I suppose the argument from the NCAA is that Cliff can always go to Europe to learn his skills, that the NCAA isn't there to assist him in developing his skills for the NBA. And I suppose they can say that they didn't cause him to lose his scholarship - he technically has it unless KU pulls it. Still, is this how the NCAA should treat the kids?

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Cheick Diallo might be the next great Kansas big man

Did Chamberlain where No. 13 at KU? I know he did in the pros.

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Cheick Diallo announces decision to play at KU

The sky is blue again. Oh by the way, no one mentioned whether Jo-Jo could have helped with recruiting. Similar backgrounds from West Africa. But is that even permitted by the NCAA to have NBA players communicate?

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Brandon Ingram chooses Duke over KU, others

Compare Mason and Selden with say Tyus Jones. Granted Jones had maybe more an outside shot that needed to be honored. But what Jones did well was to get the ball high on the glass when he drove to avoid potential blocks. There are some guys that shoot an NBA layup, and those that do it conventionally. I've felt for years that our guys are too often soft at the rim. We don't get enough baskets and ones.

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Brandon Ingram chooses Duke over KU, others

That's a hard nut to crack. Given that Self was himself a guard, it always seems like KU's guards don't play with intensity at critical times. Either pushing the issue on offense or on defense. It makes the whole team appear to play slow and allows the other teams to dictate the pace. The UNI game is the one that stands out. We should always have the athletes that can either operate in half court or run the entire 90 feet. Coach K's former players make the point that no team out conditioned Duke.

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Coveted recruit Ingram to declare Monday

That may be the karma that did in Alexander.

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Coveted recruit Ingram to declare Monday

No it wasn't fun to watch. Okafor was the equivalent of Wilt Chamberlain. There is a real shortage of agile big men in college. There was no one that could defend him. He only beat himself. What K has figured out is that most college teams do not have the guards that can defend the drive. Late in the games this year, he simply unleashed Tyus Jones. Replay the last minutes of the UNC-Duke game at Duke. Okafor simply clears the lane. This is what Self should be doing with Mason and Selden. Also, K has figured out that you must have 5 scorers. You can take your chances on whether they play defense. K figures out who you can't guard and then goes after you. Duke was the first non top 25 defensive team to win the title in decades. They weren't even in the top 50 I think.

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