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Vick's career-high 23 points help Jayhawks run past LBSU

Did I miss why Lucas didn't play? Bragg only had 11 minutes. There are teams that will try to dominate us inside. These guys need to get productive minutes.

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OU president David Boren taps the brakes on Big 12 expansion talk

And again I ask, we passed on Louisville, that was a good decision why?

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Stayin' put: Freshman Bragg to return to KU

Yes I meant Graham, and Greene couldn't handle the traffic on Jayhawk Blvd. But if you don't want to wear down your guards, and depending on what Vick does, it would be something to explore by playing more wings. Europeans are expected to handle the ball at all positions.

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Stayin' put: Freshman Bragg to return to KU

You don't have to play Mason and Greene together. Duke often plays with one guard and 3 wings. Plus Svi can handle the ball in traffic. Sometimes the trick is not to run your best offense, but to exploit the other teams defensive weaknesses.

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Josh Jackson expected to announce decision at 7:30 p.m.

Perspective - 5-shot lead with 9 to go.

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Ex-Robert Morris guard to visit KU

Maybe all the experts here can explain to me why Grayson Allen is staying at Duke, but players like Svi and especially Greene are thinking about the draft or Europe. I get the impression that Coach K tends to recruit kids whose families are financially secure and don't need the NBA immediately. Or maybe Allen has some defensive liabilities that are clearly evident to the NBA guys.

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Two-and-done?: Udoka Azubuike talks power game, college impact

Don't we have spies? Is Svi still in class? That's usually a tip off to someone who won't be around. Saw a USA Today mock draft. Neither Selden or Ellis in the first round. After Simmons, Ingram, Hield and Valentine is was just a bunch of guys who I haven't followed. Where are the slots for everyone else? Don't recall seeing Grayson Allen's name on the list. Is he not turning pro? Is tripping not an allowed defense in the NBA?

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KU target Jackson excels in McDonald’s game

True. TW did some unbelievably stupid things at the end that allowed KU back in. I believe there was a technical for hanging on the rim for one. That teams was a distant memory. The following two years were better teams but we lacked a true center. Hurt us when we played Elvin Hayes. One of those years we had an old fashioned home and away with Louisville and Wes Unseld. Lost at Allen, but beat them there. We also lost to TW that year I believe at a Chicago/Loyola Christmas "tournament."

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Tom Keegan: Selden parting means Jackson good fit

Too much optimism for me here. Remember Duke had Ingram and Allen, so what happened? The team has to fit and play as a team.

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Is point in Svi’s future? ‘I don’t think so’

Sad but true. We have become a nation of free agents.

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