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KU makes top recruit Josh Jackson's final three

If Brent Musburger is correct, we have no first round NBA picks, so except for graduations, all will be back.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self turns red over Brannen Greene — again

Maybe not practical, but wouldn't it have been better to have Greene apologize on air at the news conference, or to walk him over to the K-State locker room?
On a different note, in the Chicago area I was able to watch KU and WSU at the same time. WSU lacks height this year, but they display a lot more quickness. The other thing obvious is watching how Van Fleet and Baker run their team compared to our group.
On the bright side, Self needs to adopt the pressure for 40 minutes. Hard to know whether K-State was easy pickings because they were down a starting guard, but using pressure at least keeps our guys moving.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

Our guys are too nice. I'd like to see Selden punch someone, or Mason get in someone's face. A good hard foul early in a game. Self needs Relaford and Robinson as assistant coaches. How did we go from the uncoachable Morris twins to this?

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

I want to see how Louisville plays against UNC. They play mean, and have a dominating big man. Texas AM hasn't been on TV enough, but their game stats look good.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

But both Hield and Van Fleet were highly rated guards. Van Fleet was rated the best in Illinois. It's not like Self is opposed to short stature guards. I'm sure WSU alums think the same, what might have been.

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

This is the same team from last year, just older. Somebody had to have a breakout year to change things - didn't happen, or Diallo was going to have to be a Okafor/Davis type game changer - not. These are recruiting mis-calculations from 3 years ago. Not to knock Perry Ellis, but he was already the mature man when he came on campus. Physically he just didn't change that much, so he never developed into a true power forward at the rim. He very much benefits with another big in the paint. Can someone remind me again why we didn't sign Buddy Hield or Van Fleet? I'm still hung up on Willie Cauley Stein. The state of Kansas had a national title team with purely home grown talent.

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Jayhawks lose at Iowa State, marking third straight road setback

How are you supposed to recruit the next Svi or Dialo if you don't play the ones we have now?

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Ellis' huge day earns top spot after KU's comeback win over UT

We will see. This is simply last year's team, just a little older.

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The Day After: Lapping the Longhorns

Watching some national games it's clear that this year is all about who can shoot 3's. Only a few teams like MSU and Louisville have the muscle to out play the opposition. Iowa, IU and possibly Duke, along with OU have 3 reliable 3-point shooters, and they put up big numbers. KU right now lacks the muscle and lacks the gunners. And they aren't NC is terms of talent and execution. Not knocking them (too much), but this is simply last year's teams with a little improvement. It's not a team with 3 NBA draft picks in the starting line up. There is going to have to be some real magic going forward.

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The Day After: A Cowboy crumble

Guards, guards, guards. A team doesn't have to have the best guards, but a teams guards pretty much set the personality. Our guards must command and command respect. They must set the tone both on offense and defense.

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