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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

See below - Izzo gets by without a true center. The you have to have leapers and guards that keep players out of the lane.

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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

We are not that much different than an Izzo or Patino team, but we miss their key ingredients - guards that command the game, and undersized guys that get rebounds. Remind you of WSU? Some of that might be physical talent. Some of that might be "moxie" that you were born with. But I think it is coaches getting into the players heads that they may not be the best player on the floor, but no one is going to out tough them. Think Bob Huggins. Think a Brady Morningstar with athleticism.

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Column: KU’s 2015-’16 outlook uncertain

It's still a bitter pill - those back to back teams that lost to NIU and VCU were legit Final 4 teams. Yes, it's a crap shoot, but if you're going to be knocked out at the upper level, it's got to be to another major program. The NIU game was just a coaching anomaly - the team was flat and no one stepped up. The VCU game reminded me of Roy's game against Rhode Island years ago - our guards simply could contain the perimeter and other players couldn't raise their game to match the moment.

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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

Too few vertical leapers.

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Shockers end KU's season in Round of 32

Baker was too short coming out of HS. Van Fleet signed with WSU before the KU staff noticed him. Cauley-Stein was not high on the AAU circuit nor apparently in Kansas. WSU, nor any Big 12 school sought him. Not sure how UK found him. Remember, Self thought that Embid would be a project his first year and off the NBA radar. I'm more concerned that Self as a former guard is not all that good at identifying guard talent. The school that is really missing out on its talent though is Illinois.

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Kentucky and 15 lesser teams that could win it

I hate to see a list with two stars that KU should have corralled. Paige and Cauley Stein. UNI has a good shot if MSU is out of the way. Neither UVA or Villanova play big. UNI will play a patient offense that UVA forces teams into. MSU took care of UNI when KU couldn't. MSU knows how to muscle when muscle is required. Realistically, I think ND and AZ are the only teams that can beat UK straight up. Duke, UVA, etc have to have their A+ games, hot shooting. Duke loses a foul shooting contest between Okafor, Towns and Cauley Stein.

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Second chance: No. 2 seed KU headed to Omaha

I'd like to think we can win, but WSU has a much bigger chip on their shoulder than we do. They were jobbed both in the matchup and the game against UK last year. Yes they are missing Early, but we are missing Wiggins. We had a far better team that lost to UNI from the Valley. This WSU team is better than that UNI team, as this year's UNI team is also better. Neither of these are the one dimensional Creighton teams from the past in the Valley. Anything less than our A- game and we lose. I haven't seen consistent defense that forces other teams we play into their C games. ISU first half game plan was a joke, it was nothing we were doing. They wised up at half.

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Kansas earns No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will tip off vs. New Mexico State at 11:15 a.m. Friday

I think ISU has to best path to the Elite 8. Baylor can cause trouble because of their defense. Drew is a decent game coach. A lot for both teams depends on height matchups. The Big 12 was not a post dominated league as is strangely most of the NCAA this year. WVU will be fun to watch. Higher seeded teams can self destruct with T/O's - KU/NIU, KU/VCU. KU's problem is that we have matchup issues, and we don't really create any of our own. We seasoning, Oubre and Greene would easily create matchup problems. But the rest can pretty much be defensed straight up. We have no one to guard a good wing player.

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Kansas earns No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will tip off vs. New Mexico State at 11:15 a.m. Friday

The potential KU-WSU matchup reminds me of the WSU-UK setup last year. UK was by no means as low as an 8. They wanted to set WSU up early against a name program with talent. It's rare but it does happen that the committee under seeds a team in order to get the desired match up down the road. They could have flipped KU and ND, and then raised WSU's seed to a 6, still to meet KU. The committee was simply stuck with KU's insane RPI and didn't want to violate their selection criteria.

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Kansas earns No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will tip off vs. New Mexico State at 11:15 a.m. Friday

Not sure that's accurate. I think we were always a few wins behind UK. We were both racing to be the first to 1,000. KU's 66-69 teams did nothing to weaken that. I recall '70 was down, but '71 was a Final Four. It was under coaching the talent that finally did him in. The '78 team was flat out loaded, but the tournament loss to KSU cost KU the Midwest seed. After that recruiting seemed to fall off, and his coaching style seemed to be dated. But look at Norm Stewart - who under coached their talent more?

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