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It smells like a skunking on the way for Big 12

What this points out is "why are we playing these other bowls?" And, the Big 12 sure gets second fiddle to a lot of crappy bowls.

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Column: Jayhawks plagued by lack of size

Yes and no. We did get Alexander while Duke got the best big man (we got the second best out of Illinois). Would Anthony Davis have been as good at UK had Patterson not stayed the extra year? We had a big kid out of Texas a few years back, but concussions ended his career. I tend to recall that the big at AZ was also high on KU's list. And if I recall, Withey de-committed from AZ and that's how we got him. Yes, it is a recruiting war of one and dones, but if we had some serviceable guards, we'd also have a couple more final fours. For god's sake, it was a 10 second count.

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Column: Jayhawks plagued by lack of size

I still remember I think it was Dick Vitale's (or Billy Packer's) comments long ago before the KU-VA NCAA game. I believe it was Ostertag, as a shot blocker. VA's big men were much smaller. The advice - get into the chest of the shot blocker to neutralize him. Traylor and Alexander can take up space, and they need to.

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Column: Jayhawks plagued by lack of size

The VCU game comes to mind?

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Olathe native Cauley-Stein not heavily recruited by KU

Sometimes you just miss one. If WSU had him, they'd have gotten by UK and then? It was Stein that altered the last shot. I'm more upset losing in-state guys to Duke and not recruiting guard pairs that can play together.

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Kansas basketball recruiting target Zimmerman nets MVP

I agree with Larry Brown. Why do the NBA players want the one and done? What's in it for them? You'd think they'd prefer to play with seasoned players.

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NBA’s one-and-done rule draws mixed reviews

So this is a players' union doing? I'm confused. Also, I fail to see how a one-and-done thinks he has a right to "use" a college team for exposure and not be obligated to the rules that the NCAA and NBA adopt. The player can always go to Europe, continue to play on his
AAU teams or develop his own league to give him exposure. Seems like he's taking the good graces of ESPN for granted.

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Top basketball preps ‘package deal’

Apparently no one is bothered by this AAU "team" straight to college trend.

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Myles Turner to announce college choice on April 30

Comments about the OAD's - that's why last year's loss to UM was really bad. That was a younger team that had a shooter willing to take (and hit) critical shots he had missed earlier in the game. We committed critical guard mistakes, missed a reverse that should have been a dunk, and let a guard drive straight to the basket. You just aren't going to get Withey's year back in the form of another big man all that easily. Of course I'm sure that AZ and FL fans are saying the same thing - that sort of chemistry is hard to repeat.

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Myles Turner to announce college choice on April 30

I'd like some comments about my theory that Turner is waiting to see what Parker at Duke is doing. If Parker unexpectedly stays, there is no roster spot for Turner.

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