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Prep Ingram to pick Monday

The fact is that we need to secure our local talent. In the recent past, we've overlooked a few. The names are well known. This year there seems to be fewer big names in the Midwest, or Texas for that matter. It's always going to be KU up against a kid's region schools when we recruit.

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Top prospects to meet at Summit

But it's getting to be that you recruit in bulk, like UK, or recruit the AAU team, like Duke. Will anyone remember Wisconsin? Or that Izzo molded a 7 seed to the Final Four? Or that Gonzaga is fun to watch because they play like a team? Or that ND had its best season in decades with a team with only one NBA caliber player? It's clear that if we are going the OAD route, we need two impact players - THAT PLAY. Or you better have 4 seasoned players that all can score and hold onto the ball. The days of having a winning team with the just the same 2-3 scorers every night are over. You've got to have 5 guys each capable of double figures on any given night, and you have to have 3 of them produce.

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

I do. We beat Dean and UNC in KC that Christmas.

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

Back in the Owens era, his top recruiter went east to bring us Sam Bowie. We got Victor Mitchell.

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

I get all the technicalities here. But this puts Cliff and others like him in a no-win situation. Maybe he should have demanded to keep his scholarship and KU can never play him out of fear of the NCAA. He can't force the NCAA to declare him eligible because he would have to turn over documents to the NCAA. Everyone is being legal, but very Kafkaesque. There was a QB at Illinois in 1982, David Wilson, that filed for injunctions each week against the NCAA so that he could play. I wonder if the NCAA learned something from that event.

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

Nothing changes so long as the NBA, CBS and ESPN make money. It will take a president or a lawsuit by some abused college player to counteract the profit motive that turns a blind eye to the downside. Maybe Cliff should have gotten himself a good lawyer rather than an agent. Why should the NCAA declare him ineligible because of his mom's actions? Doesn't he have at least some protectable interest in his athletic scholarship?

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KU's Perry Ellis receives report from NBA committee, continues to consider pro options

Not to be critical, but the picture says a lot. Ellis has 2 inches on Dawson - where's the vertical?

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Ranking KU basketball's one-and-dones

I still can't forget the layup the Ben missed late against Michigan. We need more guys that own the rim, not just shoot well. Ben made that team better, buy Tyus Jones and Grayson Allen took their team to the title.

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Bragg battled nerves at McDonald’s game

That's not a stretch. MSU didn't win the conference and look where they are. Nor did Duke for that matter. I hope the combination of ISU, WVU and Texas speeds up the game in the conference. KU's problem on the national stage is intensity and quickness.

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Bragg battled nerves at McDonald’s game

Maybe no loss there. Kaleb looked good as a freshman, but I didn't see any improvement this year. He was lost in the Wisconsin game.

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