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Tom Keegan: Nudge in right direction awakens Malik Newman

Where is Malik projected to be drafted? How much could he improve his stock with another year at KU?

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Top-seeded Jayhawks motivated, aiming to enjoy 'playing every minute' of NCAA Tournament

All season long there's been worry about the short bench leading to tired legs by season's end. If anything, it appears all those games with little rest have just made these Jayhawks tougher. Look at how hard they competed the second half Saturday in their third consecutive game of the Big 12 Tourney! Now it's just two games per weekend with a day's break between. Piece of cake for these hardened players.
P.S. That piece they did on TV about Hudy's "electro-shock therapy" for their leg muscles was fascinating. She's the best of the best.

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Report: K-State leading scorer Dean Wade likely to miss Friday's Big 12 semifinal vs. Kansas

I still like adding W's to our overall record … gaining ground on Kentucky, stretching our lead over UNC.

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KU guards can compensate for Udoka Azubuike's absence by attacking glass

No! Not Bill Walton! Don't even SAY that!

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Kansas center Udoka Azubuike injures knee and will not play in Big 12 tournament

And didn't Haase finish the season with a broken – at least cracked – wrist?

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Sophomore Udoka Azubuike tops ratings on Senior Night in victory vs. Texas

For whatever reason, walk-ons have never been part of these ratings. It's no knock on Clay, it's just how Keegan has always done it.

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Tom Keegan: Bob Huggins' frustrations erupt in late-game ejection

Doesn't Huggins have bonuses in his contract for beating Kansas? It must've hurt to see all that money slipping away ...

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Everything, including chemistry, awry for No. 10 Kansas in loss at Baylor

Dirk clearly wrote "all the top teams but TT also lost today." So he was coming at you with his facts straight.

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Freshman forward Billy Preston signs with European professional team, ends KU career

Once again … NOT a BB gun. It was an airsoft gun. A BB will put your eye out, kid. Rubber airsoft pellets, not so much.

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West Virginia forward Wesley Harris publicly reprimanded by Big 12

The law of unintended consequences.

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