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No-man land: KU’s zone not popular with players

I wasn't reading whining into it. What I "heard" was that the players know Coach wants them to play man to man and they want to work harder and get better at it – because they believe that is how Kansas Basketball is supposed to be played. They practiced the triangle and two, and when Coach called for it, they ran it and made it work. So it's not as if they refused to do it, or as if what they want over-rules what Self wants. I'd be MORE concerned if they said, "yeah, we stink at man to man and we give up on that. Let's quit trying to guard the hard way and just play zone instead."

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The Day After: Simply put, one of the best games in Allen Fieldhouse history

The discussion is specifically about games played in Allen.

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Tom Keegan: Bill Self too secure to worry about freshmen minutes

I agree that "Jayhawks" is best, but how about the Santa Cruz "Banana Slugs!" Gotta admit that's unique …

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Wayne Selden's hustle, passing stand out in rout

He was sick.

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Kansas defense not living up to Bill Self's standards

So if interior defense is key … let's see more minutes for Mickelson and Diallo!

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Big minutes?: Callers question playing time

Entirely different issues, obviously. But with all due respect … you (and others who occasionally mention the "BB Gun" incident) might simply want to keep the facts straight. We can all agree that facts should matter on this board.

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Big minutes?: Callers question playing time

And for the record, there were no BB guns. BB guns shoot metal pellets that can put an eye out. They were AirSoft guns. They shoot little rubber balls that will not cause injury. Huge Difference.

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Far and away: Wayne Selden Jr. leads Jayhawks to Maui title

Not too worried about Seldon's missed free throws at the very end. He played all-out for 40 minutes, so he was probably gassed.

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Cheick Diallo 'can't wait' to play for Jayhawks

How does Cheick say it?

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KU senior Perry Ellis might be used more at the 3 (that's small forward) this season

I don't think this was about Wayne, who's got a bad ankle anyway. Perhaps it was more about telling Brannen and Svi to up their defensive games or they'll see their position replaced by an extra big.

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