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Mario Little solid in Korean League

If he hasn't hired an agent yet … and if he still has any chance of remaining academically eligible … that may still be possible.

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Jayhawks' Greene declares for NBA Draft

Brannen's father's comments showed real class:
"He wants his legacy as a Jayhawk. We love the school and community. It was a great experience for him. He needed to be in an environment with a Bill Self-type coach, an elite coach not afraid to give him honest feedback. He needed that environment and had that at Kansas. "
We posters might strive to show as much class as we bid Brannen farewell.

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Wayne Selden Jr. declares for NBA Draft

Okay. I'm just more inclined to think of a point guard as being the most likely heir to "team leader" … but I'll respectfully leave that between you and Mike.

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Wayne Selden Jr. declares for NBA Draft

The weather's always perfect inside Allen Fieldhouse! Prediction: 98% Chance of Win.

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Wayne Selden Jr. declares for NBA Draft

Mike said "backcourt." That means guards. No mention of Lucas.

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President Obama picks KU basketball as champs in 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket

Very diplomatically said, Suzi!

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First class senior

Vote for Perry for the Senior Class Award:

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The Day After: Win No. 25 delivers Big 12 title No. 12

Current Top 4: Kentucky has 2199 wins, Kansas has 2178, UNC has 2163 and Duke has 2083. So far KU has gained 4 on Kentucky, 2 on UNC and 4 on Duke. Keep the wins coming, Hawks!

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Spark plug: Jamari Traylor making most of minutes

Every year I am amused by posters who in December proclaim "If (player) is starting in March, we're in trouble!" We've all seen those exact words a hundred times. There are always rationales based on perceived "ceilings", other players who "deserve" the minutes, etc. Oftentimes other players do surpass (player) and start instead. But it's not uncommon that (player) develops in ways that even knowledgeable fans could not have predicted in December and he turns out to be a key to success. Don't get me wrong. Those kind of statements are an interesting part of the give-and-take on this discussion board! It's simply the absolute certainty with which such December proclamations are made that makes me smile.

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Notebook: Svi Mykhailiuk comes up big off bench

Svi is listed at 6'8" and Brannen is 6'7".

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