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Column: Svi can be a teen dream

Tough crowd this morning. "Brennan"? I don't know who he is, but I'm a "huge fan" of Brannen Greene. Details aside, I certainly agree with Gerry that NBA scouts probably know a thing or two about potential … since that's what we all know they draft on.

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Shooting guard Vick to begin KU visit

Lucas will be a fourth-year (redshirt) junior next year – not a senior.

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Shooting guard Vick to begin KU visit

I'm not convinced that Lucas is a "low ceiling" player. Self has said repeatedly that Lucas has the potential to be a starter. He played well last season even though he had a variety of injury issues we knew nothing about. When we see a healthy, experienced Lucas play next season, I'm hoping that we'll see the potential that Self has been talking about.

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Diallo’s progress draws applause

We've simply grown used to seeing posts very much like it that ARE serious. That, of course, is why it's so funny.

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Self: KU might ‘soften’ its schedule

Or it simply means that Coach Self knows far more about the player's potential than the average fan. I think I'll go with that answer for now.

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Self: KU might ‘soften’ its schedule

Coach Self has repeatedly said Lucas has potential to be a starter. Is he a troll? Or is your opinion simply uninformed?

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Self: KU might ‘soften’ its schedule

Agreed, Suzi. Lucas will surprise everyone but Coach Self who has been publicly touting Lucas as a potential starter for some time.

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Jayhawk-to-be Bragg wins state

Mason averaged 12.5 ppg this season, was our leading scorer eight times, and only had six games where he scored under 10 pts. That. Is. Consistent.

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The Day After: Scorned Frogs

Love Coach Self … but who wouldn't be nervous about shooting "Fools Gold"?

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Bill Self comments on being named coach of year, upcoming tourney

Or maybe Coach Self is looking at is as (potentially) three games in three days. And to win it, he needs to play everyone he has and grind through it.

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