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The Day After: A three-point takedown at Texas Tech

I really enjoy these pieces and look forward to them, Matt. Thanks!

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Kansas moves up one spot to No. 8 in Associated Press college basketball poll; Iowa State No. 11

I believe that the first sentence should read: "Kansas was ranked EIGHTH in the Associated Press college basketball poll released today …" not ninth, as it currently says.

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Column: Better late than sooner for KU

Brannen Greene

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Chenowith one of Jayhawks’ biggest fans

Saying that someone is a great "quote" is a journalist's way of saying that a person expresses him- or herself in open, interesting ways. That's the opposite of people who are always very guarded about what they say and how they say it, so they're no fun to quote.

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Jayhawks take annual Christmas shopping trip

Do we really know how Evan Manning will do? Do we attend practices, or have we seen him for meaningful minutes on the court – other than in scrub time? I'm guessing Self has a better concept. Maybe once Evan's had a few opportunities for in-game time with the big boys we'll have enough information to make educated comments about whether or not he's "the guy" …

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KU overcomes late Tennessee push to advance in Orlando

To Jack: My statement below isn't an argument with you. For most of the players, I agree with you. I'm just glad that today anyway, Oubre was pulled!

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KU overcomes late Tennessee push to advance in Orlando

When the lead vanished in the first half, Oubre was on the court. Same thing in the second half. And in both cases, once he was on the bench the Hawks rebuilt the lead. Of course his presence wasn't the sole reason in either case, but I'm glad Self has a fast hook. I'd love to see Oubre develop to where his court IQ catches up with his athleticism ... but today the Hawks couldn't afford to let him "play through" his mistakes.

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Self hopes camp made Jayhawks tougher

That's "Jaybate Speak" for Posting Hall Of Fame. Even though Jaybate is no longer around to hand out the award, getting a PHOF is a good thing.

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KU hoops target Mitchell Ballock talk of town

Maybe you know this … but what you see above is only part of the photo. Click on it and you'll see the entire shot. That will answer your question.

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