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Far and away: Wayne Selden Jr. leads Jayhawks to Maui title

Not too worried about Seldon's missed free throws at the very end. He played all-out for 40 minutes, so he was probably gassed.

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Cheick Diallo 'can't wait' to play for Jayhawks

How does Cheick say it?

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KU senior Perry Ellis might be used more at the 3 (that's small forward) this season

I don't think this was about Wayne, who's got a bad ankle anyway. Perhaps it was more about telling Brannen and Svi to up their defensive games or they'll see their position replaced by an extra big.

November 9, 2015 at 8:35 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

What, Self worry? Not about 3s

Defense limits Greene's time on the court.

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Self: Kansas ‘stale’ so far

I thought Brett was making an ironic comment about Rodney's post, not being pessimistic himself.

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How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Oct. 28, 2015

"Coach's decision" simply means that the DNP is not due to injury. There's nothing more to read into it than that.

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No letdown: Team USA finishes pool play with flair

A very generous and thoughtful perspective. Thank you for sharing!

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Brandon Rush an NBA champ

My experience has been that after the first answer, you're in. The rest of the questions are optional. They just don't tell you that.

June 17, 2015 at 9:40 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Jayhawks’ Mason turning heads

Wake up, people. This is just one poster's way of turning the thread from whatever the article is about to being about himself. It's sad.

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Graham working on three-point game

Good analysis of the "Fool's Gold" statement. At the time, I was unhappy about the apparent impact of that comment on the team's 3-ball shooting too. But I'm re-thinking that now. And of course now we know that Greene's injury was a big factor as well!

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