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Realignment a matter of perspective

Matt easy for you to say this until it all blows up and then a year from now you say OOOPs I was wrong, SORRY.

The cowardly and easy path is to do nothing, not control your own destiny and beg for table scraps which I believe is exactly what our brilliant new AD will do.

Sorry not trying to be a downer but you have look at this situation realistically and the best indicator of the future is past performance and events. It is clear that the Big 12 will not last 5 more years if even one more year. Don't kid yourself if Missouri somehow gets the chance to leave for the Big10 or the SEC they will not stand pat.

We should make a move that best serves The University of Kansas and it's student's past and present.

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Prospect Perry Ellis trims list to four schools

Well as I'm sure you have ascertained I am close with the WSU program but I am a huge KU fan as well. So let's say I have a good pulse on the WSU program and staff and yes I think it is 50/50 KU-WSU. I would be happy either way but without having the perspective of the history of the WSU program and what kind of importance it has to the City of Wichita I'm sure 99% of the REAL KU fans on here could not even fathom that Ellis would seriously consider this.

Regardless I'm just ready for some NFL and then shortly thereafter some college basketball. Have a good weekend.

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Prospect Perry Ellis trims list to four schools

I'm going to love it when Ellis picks Wichita State and I get to see the chorus of "We didn't want him anyway" on this board.

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A&M to SEC getting serious


like our federal deficit

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

I believe the dots have something to do with the weather forecast per the farmers almanac

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How many games will the Kansas football team win during the 2011 season?

When you lay down the crack pipe you'll see 2 or 3.

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KU basketball team down to two Kansans

Ok maybe I didn't take my meds either :)

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KU basketball team down to two Kansans

Jaybate the great percentage of time I enjoy your posts and ramblings and I am a supporter of yours but as someone who grew up in Wichita I think it's appropriate to say.....

F you and the horse you rode in on.

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Kansas overpaid Bonnie Henrickson

Hopefully Turner Gill read your post and now he can use that excuse for the next 4 years.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

REhawk the first two paragraphs of this are quite exquisite in my humble opinion and I couldn't agree more.

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