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UConn adds top prep to haul

Of course, Self's 3 elite eights and national championship clearly show he's got what it takes to deal with the pressure factor.

But of course you're right that some coaches don't have the kind of success that Self and Calhoun have in the tourney.

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Senior shoots out of slump

You also said that you "would like more production from a starter" - presumably kcglowboy's point is that Brady has been plenty productive - besides his three point accuracy and good defense, he's making assists and not turning the ball over.

And as to your claim that he should be shooting more 3s ("I say let it fly") - presumably one of the reasons he's been hitting 50+% from 3 lately is because he is being selective about taking the shot only when open, his feet are set, etc.

If he starts jacking up a lot of threes when he's not open or set, his percentage will go down, and this will hurt the team, given how well we shoot the ball inside on a consistent basis.

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Kansas-Texas hoops battle looms; what makes Longhorns different from last year?

What about Travis Releford? Is he too slow or injured to guard Hamilton? Although I don't think he'll start, I suspect he might see some time on Hamilton.

The other way to go for short stretches might be to have both twins plus Robinson on the floor at one time - then Marcus could take a shot at guarding him and we'd still have two strong interior defenders.

But I don't think Self will change the starters just for this and so I suspect we'll see either Taylor or Reed on Hamilton to start, and then if it starts looking bad try Marcus or Releford or Little or Brady on him - in some combination.

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FINAL: Hot-shooting Jayhawks rout Baylor, 85-65

Anyone else think it unusual that only three of our players even attempted a free throw? When was the last time that happened?

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Previewing Jayhawks in NBA for 2010-2011: Ailing Collison must start season on bench

I count 12 - if you add Josh and Marcus, that would be 14.

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KU’s Self predicts lottery for Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry

I see where yahoo says that Daniel Orton apparently told some NBA folks in pre-draft workouts that "he'd wished he'd gone to Kansas rather than Kentucky..."

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FINAL: Fired-up KU takes down A&M, 79-66

Anyone got a non-ESPN 360 link?

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KU returns to No. 1 in both polls

I notice that the RPI rankings are now:

1. Kansas
2. Syracuse
3. Georgetown
4. Villanova
5. Duke
6. Kentucky

The RPI is not perfect, obviously, but I think it reflects something about how good the teams are that the top teams have beaten (and lost to) - and like many of the commentators, has Syracuse at 2. Kentucky is down at 6, in part because of a bad loss and the fact that some of their so called quality wins don't look so great because those teams (e.g., UNC) have a lot of losses...

Of course, the voters usually vote on how good they think the team is now - perhaps ranking in order of who would win if teams played now on a neutral court, not just on their actual history of quality wins and loses.

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KU coach Self: Temple toughest test yet

PItt is crushing Syracuse in the second half - they're hot from 3-land, and 'Cuse is missing badly - looks like there'll be one fewer undefeated team soon.

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