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KU coach Self lauds Booths for buying Naismith's rules

The $4.3M went to charity. Take your class warfare elsewhere.

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Nebraska to announce move to Big Ten

They only would have wanted MU for the STL market, not KC. MU already has annual contests with UI.

I am just devastated by what is happening. I guess that some of the oldest traditions/rivalries in sports are less important than a couple million a year in revenue. While the B10 has a much higher payout now than the B12, the potential for the B12 to renegotiate the tv contracts means more revenue in the future. I think that the academic "prestige" of the B10 probably sealed the deal.

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Students’ halftime exits disappoint Jayhawks

The problem with KU (a University that I deeply love) is that there are a bunch of self-entitled, whiny little brats that attend and don't care about anything other than getting drunk/laid. When I still lived in Lawrence, I attended every home football game EVERY year--never leaving until the outcome was well decided. I left the 2002 64-0 KSU debacle with 1 minute left, like many of the devoted old-school fans around us.

Any program needs a fair amount of the bandwagon/big money types (often not the loudest fans) to give the program enough financial backing, but it is really a shame for the STUDENTS to claim that they have something better to do on a weekend. Guess what, the 11am games are an indication that our Hawks are finally on TV, which is a big improvement. Rolling out of bed, sobering up while jumping up and down for a couple of hours, then proceeding to celebrate victory/drown out loss is a perfect expenditure of 6 weekend days per year.

If KSU and TAMU can continually fill the stands, there is no reason that KU cannot as well. There is no more picturesque setting in college football, and the team on the field is EXCITING to watch. Sure, the defense is lacking, but it should be a point of pride that the team isn't merely eking out victories over the Montanas and MoStates of the world any longer.

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Dallas TV station to report Darrell Arthur allegedly may have benefited from academic improprieties in high school

Oh, and his hug of his grandmother. There are a lot of folks cheering for this kid. I don't care what he got on a HS math test.

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Dallas TV station to report Darrell Arthur allegedly may have benefited from academic improprieties in high school

If DA got illegal assistance, that is really too bad. We have enough problems with the public (and private) schools not actually educating the kids. However, those things have nothing to do with KU. The championship that we won was legitimately earned, and nothing will change that. DA's hug of his mother (and Darnell's, and Mario's) will rank of one of my favorite highlights of all time. The HS should be held fully accountable, as should be the coach, but this has NOTHING to do with KU.

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