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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Love it. Ford's eyes look like they're crossed...

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Opinion: Jeff Withey, Trey Burke keys tonight

Anybody catch Mark Titus' "5 Sweet 16 Predictions, Friday Edition" for the games tonight? #5 is some funny stuff.

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Notebook: Bill Self on Bruce Weber comment: 'Our players definitely knew about it'

Chinchilla may have been bad, but Musk-burger was absolutely horrid. He kept trying to make a storyline out of the foul count discrepancy. I thought Franny did a good job of trying to put it to bed saying they looked at some of them during the commercial breaks and timeouts, but didn't see anything that he would change. I was very surprised Johnson didn't get a call on his block of Gipson, but when they showed the reply it was absolutely the correct no call. An awesome block! Pretty much the same scenario with Traylor on McGruber.

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Opinion: Can KU keep on streakin’?

So is Gonzaga going to finish second in the Big 12 standings this year?

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KU men's basketball to be on ESPN's Big Monday four times

I'm surprised no one has commented on having 3 top ten assistant coaches. Or maybe it's not that big of an honor from Hoop Scoop?

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Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

Totally f-ing agreed. What made it even worse was the fact it seemed Dean Smith was instrumental in letting it happen. I was absolutely dumbfounded.

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Four-ward! Believe it — KU in Final Four

I guess we traded Larry Brown for Dean Smith. All good with me.

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Ian Naismith, grandson of basketball inventor, dies at 73

Can't believe Jordan was awarded a sportsmanship award. That's unfortunate. One of the biggest trash talkers and whiners in the game.

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Heels’ Jerod Haase seeks ‘opportunity’

Wow, fantastic article. Very well written. Thanks for posting. Any other good articles like this on recruits?

Unfortunately I would tend to agree with one of the points made in the article that KU will have an abudance of bigs for 2012-2013. I think if Parker chooses KU we'll be seeing somebody transfer after next year.

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Elijah Johnson comes up big for KU

Say it ain't so Coach, the Hawks only have 6 losses, not 7! Don't be prophetic and give yourselves a loss in the next game!

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