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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

And trust me when I say Rio doesn't give to flying Frisbees about you either.

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KU freshman Rio Adams to transfer

We will see about that. Hahaha

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Young Jayhawks face rough slate in 2013-14

Hahaha, i do agree that I am a troll on this site. A KU fan by default and my guy Rio is going to transfer. You heard it first!! Bye KU and thanks for all the good and bad memories.

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Young Jayhawks face rough slate in 2013-14

Rio if you are reading this, I think you should set that meeting up with Coach Self asap, so you can get your release and move forward in your career. Although KU is a great school, I personally think you would be better off going elsewhere. Your style of play does not fit into HCBS system. If you stay at KU you are setting yourself up to be another EJ.

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Freshman Milton Doyle to leave KU men's basketball team

Wow, I'm extremely disappointed in some of you KU fans. None of you guys know the exact reason as to why this kid choose to leave KU. If he feels that its in his best interest to go to a school that fits him then so be it. KU is not for everybody just like KSU is not for everyone. Nobody on this site is in the locker room with these kid. Nobody knows the FACTS about being a player at KU so to see all these terrible comments sucks!! The crazy thing about it is if Bill Self choose to leave kansas he would get bashed also. How about we just say "Thank you for considering a school like KU and we wish you the best Milton". Come on people why be so harsh. To be honest with all you KU fans, I know the truth why he left the school. I know the truth about the coaches at KU. You gotta be a tough minded kid and be willing to be treated like a dog in-order to be successful at KU. But like I said before, KU is not for everyone!

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