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Kansas basketball rookies getting workout

Lucky you.

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Kansas basketball rookies getting workout

Cari appassionati di Angelico Pallacanestro Biella. Hai una buona tra Mr. Robinson. Lui è veloce, può guidare, è un grande giocatore difensivo e un buon tiratore. Vittoria a Angelico Pallacanestro Biella! Vittoria a Mr. Robinson. Viva Italia.

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T-Rob’s stature growing

He got shut down when he was double or triple teamed. Until the opposing coaches designed defenses to stop him he was the number one player in the NCAA. I didn't see many Kentucky games, but Davis never did get double teamed in the games I watched. They had too many weapons to double up on any single player.

I think T-Rob is probably 6' 61/2" to 6' 7" in socks with an honest tape measure. Standing by other KU players in a huddle he looked about that size. Only Jeff Withey looked what the programs said his height was and that may have been about an inch too much. I hope Jeff can do next year what he did this past year without T-Rob there to draw most attention. He seems to have the ability and determination. I was trying to think when KU last had a 7 footer as good as he. I think he may be better than Ostertag who was no slouch. Would you believe Chamberlain? probably not.

T-Rob should be a good power forward in the NBA. His strength and confidence, as well girth, should compensate for being a little shorter than opponents. Hopefully he will be another Charles Barkley with a less flashy demeanor.

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A Self-ish team: KU coach proud of, thankful for maximum-effort squad

Imagine what Withey is going to be like next year!! I put him on the All American team already.

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A Self-ish team: KU coach proud of, thankful for maximum-effort squad

Good Luck TT, I will miss you. Same to you TRob. You didn't win the NCAA tournament, but you won the hearts of KU fans everywhere.

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A Self-ish team: KU coach proud of, thankful for maximum-effort squad

Resign yourself to the fact you shall never know the true height of any of the players unless you have a chance to measure them yourself. Short of the latter you can try to judge their height when they stand next to each other. Even then it's a guess because of the angles. There's little doubt that Withey is between 6'11" and 7'1". Other than that at best you can make an educated guess regarding next year's Jayhawks..

The powers that be, usually coaches, start fibbing in junior varsity and do so all the way up. I played at 6'4" and measured 6'1" and not for a major conference team like KU. I bet TRob is 6'6" or thereabouts, not 6'9" as sometimes advertised. His greatest ability is his upper body size and strength. He also is a pretty good jumper. He will be an excellent rebounder at the next level because he can use that strength all the way. He also moves well and will be taught how to get position better than he has been despite Danny's outstanding job. He will either be a Paul Silas, remember him, or another Charles Barkley with out Charles disgusting bite. Silas was mostly a rebounder but Barkley was a scorer as well. Neither was all that tall for the ability they possessed in getting the ball off the backboard.

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A banner day: Jayhawks excited for Danny Manning, Barry Hinson

I hope you're just not dreaming. Brown would be a major stroke, but I doubt he wants to be anyones assistant. Remember this guy is the elite. He was at KU five years and with a few better breaks could have won two national titles instead of one. He's a basketball genius and anyone would want to have him no matter how old he is.

Good luck to Hinson and Manning, but I sure hate to see them go.

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Big Easy come ...

Braggart! Yet, this I believe. You do have a propensity for taking advantage of wounded quail. If readers have followed your multiple criticism they know.

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Who has been KU's most valuable player in the NCAA Tournament?

I cheated. I voted twice. Once for Johnson and once for Withey. This kind of poll is the pits.

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Weis’ ways evident as Jayhawks emerge for spring football

At last another coach who will kick As*. Not exactly the reincarnation of Mangino, not fat enough yet, but headed in that direction. Better yet he has recruited some very good players, a few even excellent. Win the BB national championship and let's get football underway!!!

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