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Jayhawks surge late to overtake West Virginia in OT

0 points and 1 rebound in 18 minutes for Carlton Bragg...while fouling out. He does not deserve to get any PT from here on out IMO. Might be the worst defensive rebounder I have ever seen from someone who is 6'10".

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KU basketball player Carlton Bragg accused of pushing woman down stairs, pleads not guilty; won't be allowed to play

Smiling in a mugshot after being accused of pushing a woman down the stairs after a drunk night is not a good look

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Perimeter-oriented attack carries KU past Georgia

It'd be nice if our 5* Sophomore could do something well. Also, if our two centers could stay out of foul trouble in the 1st half that would help.

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KU's Jackson, Mason and Graham combine for 58 points in win over UAB

Good win, Josh finally doing Josh things. We're gonna need the frontcourt to show up at some point to take the pressure off the guards, however.

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2017 PF Billy Preston picks Kansas

Another mis-...wait what???? But in all seriousness this is awesome. If we can add Duval and Wooten this will be a great class. Bill Self and staff really no how to shut people (me) up after slow starts in recruiting.

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Not this time: Jayhawks avoid OT, second loss by knocking off Duke

Good win given the circumstances i'll take a W all day. Front court and the refs still are a concern, but the guards all looked good. Landen still frustrates me to no end.

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Indiana outlasts Kansas in overtime

Man Indiana was lights out, refs were absolutely awful, and that court was slippery as hell. Tough game, but it'll help us as a team in the long run.

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Collin Sexton chooses Alabama over KU

Thanks Gerry and Glen. I'm not panicking at all, it's just frustrating seeing kids pick these mediocre schools over us over and over and over again, but that's the strange world of recruiting.

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Collin Sexton chooses Alabama over KU

Stupid question, but, anyway there is no Josh Jackson or Andrew Wiggins left for us to salvage this class. Billy Preston is the only one left that we have a chance with.

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Collin Sexton chooses Alabama over KU

I never said it was ..

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