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3 is enough: McLemore helps KU snap out of funk with win over KSU

The TCU arena has been half empty except for the game they played against KU. And that was only full because of all the KU fans there.

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Big 12 working on preferred bowl lineup, schedules

You are correct that NCAA keeps a large chunk of the money made on the basketball tournaments.

However, I think the money paid to the school/conference is based on how many games you play in...which is why the smaller schools actually want "play-in" games against each other (becasue one of them will get to play two games and thus make more money)

so..the further each team goes, the more money for the conferecnec

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New NCAA recruiting rules aim for 'common sense'

The airfare ticket was for a trip home for a grandmother's funeral (who also happened to be the main guardian for him). This was under Larry Brown...and one was one of the violations that caused rule changes.

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Kansas is new No. 1 in USA Today coaches poll, No. 2 in AP

Not only that, most of them vote without seeing much of the other teams playing. At least the sportswriters probably watch more of the teams play.

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Opinion: Small comes up big for KU

My favorite was when they kept adding points to the Texas score after we made a basket ---- I think it was up to 6 points before the removed the score temporarily from the screen :)

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Richmond coach Chris Mooney: KU 'every bit as good as advertised'

I think in early schedules, it was 8 pm (that is the time I put on my calendar)

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Opinion: Ben McLemore also stands out when blending in

I believe the 1 is point guard, 2 is shooting guard, 3 is small forward, 4 is power forward & 5 is center

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Kansas Athletics, Inc., board discusses Big 12 growth

Its not about the nostalgia of sitting on the hill during games....its about the commencement ceremony.....walking down the hill to graduate

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Lawrence, KU to rename two streets after Don Fambrough on Saturday

The streets were named for the states in order of admittance to the US.

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

While it would be fun to have Jacque back in Lawrence....Self needs a big man coach, not a guard coach

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