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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

What I saw was that he trapped it between is leg and elbow a split second after it hit the ground. It was an incredible effort, and if he had caught it, we probably win the game.

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Opinion: Jayhawk fans can take over at Rice

You don't get CBS Sports Network? That is the channel they are on this week. Next week it is on Fox Sports 1.

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A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field

Yes, it will be on ESPN3

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Weis announces Jayhawks' Week 1 lineup, position switches

Yes it does. You may have to search using "Kansas", but it is there

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Charlie Weis: Early bye nice

It always starts Labor Day weekend...just that Labor Day is early this week.

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KU walk-on kicker surprises

As has been mentioned before, he can't play for any other D1 team this year. Because he attended practice at KU, it would be considered a transfer and he would have to red-shirt.

Everyone is assuming it isn't actually a family emergency. Seems we should let it play out before we jump to that conclusion.

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Taylor Cox puts red-shirt on back burner

He started off red-shirting, but they burned it ...I think it was the Colorado game.

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Jayhawks adjust autograph policies after A&M investigation

While I agree with what you are saying, they also aren't allowed to work during any semester in which they participate in a sport. That means basketball players can only work to earn spending money in the summer.

Things like dates, fun activities away from school/sport tend to cost money. If they have no money to do these things...

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KU to appear four times on ESPN's Big Monday

Actually, every game include either Kansas or Oklahoma State!

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With eye on recruiting, Weis schedules future series with Hawaii

The rules actually state "have a winning record", so it might mean you have to win 7

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