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No. 2 recruit Julius Randle chooses Kentucky

Can please remove the picture and headline over to the side (minus the picture) and put our 5 starters and or coach up on the front page instead?

We are still focused on THIS YEAR and not next year like UK. Thank you kindly.

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Jayhawks in the NBA (May 6)

yeah good stuff. Harlan always talks about KU and Reggie always gets annoyed by it.

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Prep Muhammad taps UCLA

Travis did on twitter: @T_2RELEFOUR "My bro isn't going anywhere so stop makin up ****."

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Weekend roundup: Paul Pierce plays 1000th; Markieff Morris fades; Drew Gooden rolls

"All-Everything teammate Kevin Durant" Too Funny. Broken record here, but thanks for the great write up.

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Julian Wright joins the D-League; Paul Pierce, Mario Chalmers and Markieff Morris take part in All-Star Weekend

Your write ups keep getting better and better. This one has tons of great info. Thank you for the vids and quotes!!

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Marcus Morris recalled from D-League; Cole Aldrich replaces Nick Collison for a night

Great to hear about Marcus. Another great write up...Thanks Nick.

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Jayhawks in the NBA

Theres a report that Selby went to the D-league. I'm sure Nick will have the full story for us today.

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Thursday/Friday recap: Paul Pierce an All-Star again; checking in on other KU pros

Great videos, thanks for posting them. Any word if B Rush will be competing in the 3 point shootout at All-Star weekend?

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Wednesday recap: Drew Gooden double-doubles; Markieff Morris to play at All-Star Weekend

Great stuff.. Finally a reason to watch the all-star game this year! Hope Mario can bounce back quickly and not lose his starting spot to Norris Cole.

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Brandon Rush scores 15 points in a quarter, leads NBA in three-point shooting

Great photos and thanks for the Other Notes section.

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