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Self: KU needs Tharpe to be irreplaceable

And don't forget Ryan Robertson. When he stepped in for Jacque Vaughn, I think the team actually did better. He wasn't as flashy, but he had a phenomenal assist / TO ratio.

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Shot star, Kevin Young to hold cube-off at Kansas Relays

It's certainly starting off that way!

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This KU player should thrive against Michigan's defense, plus a Trey Burke quirk to watch out for

I prefer playing teams that have one really great guard, because we can put Releford on him for a one-man doubleteam!

This matchup has me eager, worried, excited, nervous... We have the decided advantage inside. We need our guards to be at their best today!

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Self, KU prep for evenly matched battle with Michigan

The national title is extremely important. No one here disagrees with that. But the team getting the national title wasn't necessarily the best that year. In the NBA, they have a 5-game or 7-game series so it's more likely that the best team wins. In a single-elimination tournament, anything can happen. And does.

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Five plays that show how Releford shut down Bullock — and how KU's 'D' forced UNC into 'one bad shot'

Wow, Jesse. Just wow. Great stuff.

And wow, Travis. You always put up so much defense to drool over. I couldn't keep my eyes off your defense during our last K-State game! Just, wow!

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Self not worried by McLemore’s scoring slump

Fired up, after he regained consciousness... He looked really groggy the rest of the first half.

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Self not worried by McLemore’s scoring slump

Neither are school and learning...

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Opinion: Seeds say KU in toughest NCAA region

I laughed, too - because it would be sooo exciting for both fan bases: WIN THIS ONE, AND WE CAN PLAY KU! Woohoo!

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