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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities

I havn't liked some of the play calls or that we are not consistently better on offense.

I do like a head coach that say's what he is thinking. Believe it or not some of us have personalities that are not polished. Some of say what we are actually thinking, not what is cliche. Because I have a similar propencity I understood exactly what Coach Weis was trying to communicate.

By the way, Coach Weis was part of a winning Super Bowl team so even though your attempting to cast dispersions with the Super Bowl reference, it is still a fact of accomplishment for Coach Weis.

Bottom line your personal attack pushed me to support Coach Weis unconditionally.

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"Pay Heed" Season Finale Part 2 recaps 2012-13, looks forward to upcoming year

Loved this team. Can't wait for this next season. Hard to explain to others the pride and passion we have for the University and program.

Rock Chalk

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Loss of Combs far from devastating for KU football


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Dunk of Ages

I second AsadZ.
Thank you.

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Cliff’s Notes: Charlie Weis press conference, 4/9/13

111, several posters have reminded us that juco players made K-State a dominant program. As far a trash talking being unsportsmanlike, well, you're just naive.

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AP: Marcus Smart Big 12 player of year; Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore 1st team

Okie State paid attention to his buddy Forte. That was the clincher.

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KU coaching staff already comfortable entering Year 2

"For many of us, it's not fairweather fandom.......moreoever it's refusing to accept failure and humiliation as the standard of KU Football."

RJC has just summed up the passion.

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KU coaching staff already comfortable entering Year 2

I'm a late poster for this article, but ralster is spot on.

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Linebacker Huldon Tharp will not play for KU football in 2013

I really liked Tharp, and belive he was a good player.

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