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Hiawatha football recruit Peyton Newell picks Nebraska

Hard to stand out when your getting double teamed on every play!

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Hiawatha football recruit Peyton Newell picks Nebraska

??? No longer a major player?!?! Uh... I believe they won their side of the Big Ten conference and finished 2nd overall in the Big Ten last year. They also played in the Big Ten championship game and played in a upper tier bowl game.

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Recruit Kaleb Tarczewski says picking Arizona over KU came down to 'gut feeling'

Dark days? Are you kidding me?

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No offense taken: Jayhawks futilely founder along

When they don't owe a coach and his staff $8.8 million. KSU wasn't dumb enough to pay Ron Prince way too much money to come from BUFFALO!?

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Another sorry trip to Austin

Gill has $6 million coming after Dec. 31 of this year, and his assistants, signed through June 2013, are guaranteed $2.8 million combined.

I bet there are $8.8 million reason TG will be back next year!!

We give crap to MU for going to the SEC, but where exactly would the Jayhawks have ended up if the conference went away?

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Another sorry trip to Austin

Umm.... what kind of recruits are going to come to KU after watching this years team? I can't see to many excited to come play here!!!

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Realignment Today: 1:51 p.m. - Circus atmosphere surrounds Big 12 once again

Exactly! All the other schools, including KU have no options so they go along with what ever those two schools decide! MU at least has options, I didn't see anyone beating down our door when OU & UT were trying to move out west!

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Mizzou who? WVU’s nice too

Humm... I didn't know KU was being looked at by any other conference. When OK and TX were flirting with leaving to the west, taking OKST and Tech with them, KU and KSU were going to be left hanging. The SEC wasn't even going to be an option for KU, so maybe we should get off our high horse with Mizzou going to the SEC

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