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Kansas basketball coach Bill Self exploring idea of pulling redshirt off freshman guard Ochai Agbaji

I have mixed feelings about this. Only Self knows the possibilities of the kid actually being able to contribute in a meaningful way. If he doesn’t think he can, then he remains redshirted. Based on Self’s comments so far, I believe he is leaning toward not bringing him out. I believe he’s concerned it’s not fair to throw him into conference play without the benifit of the full season to learn and adjust. Also, the player and his parents have to be on board with it. It’s anyone's guess as to their thoughts on it. With DeSousa it was not as important because he didn’t project to stick around for 4 years. With Agbaji, he might want 4 full years.

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KU center Udoka Azubuike out for the season

No! Terrible news for Doke! I’m sure he is heartbroken! He obviously can come back from this, but terrible news for him neverless!

Bill was going to need to do a heck of a job to get this team squared away before this. Now it will take the coaching job of his life.

I hope someone on this team can find a way to be the leader that is currently lacking. Still a lot of basketball to play. Rock Chalk!

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Vick earns Big 12 player of the week honor

I hate to think what the outcome would have been the last two games if Vick didn’t perform as he did! Very happy for him. Hope his senior year is everything he wants it to be and more.

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New Adidas lawsuit emerges as KU reviews its options with apparel company; civil suit alleges KU coaches knew of payments

Law schools theses days certainly don’t teach ethics my ever humble opinion. This is sad, pathetic and disgusting! I’m certain not a damn thing will ever be done, but our legal system is irretrievably broken and should be completely overhauled!

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New Adidas lawsuit emerges as KU reviews its options with apparel company; civil suit alleges KU coaches knew of payments

It never stops amazing me what people will sue over. Take money, which you know you should not do, get caught then blame everyone except yourself! Poor guy! Unbelievable...truly unbelievable!

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It's official: Les Miles becomes KU's next head football coach

Very excited and happy about hiring Les. There is simply no reason in my mind that we can’t have both a high caliber basketball program and an extremely competitive football program. KU is a wonderful place and I’m so looking forward about our prospects moving forward. I think it speaks volumes that Miles could have almost made the same money not coaching, yet he chose to do this! I believe he will give it everything he has and I’m confident he will be successful! RCJ!

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Tom Keegan: Coaching change would energize fanbase

I certainly hope all the folks throwing around theses rumors are correct! Any step toward turning football around is way overdue. Beaty has failed epically and it does not matter what kind of human being he is. He has been paid handsomely and failed! The first step simply must be firing Beaty. Everything short of that step has been done and it’s time for progress to begin. Whether that step alone will put fans in the stands really doesn’t matter. When that happens it should be immediate and complete, no keeping him around to coach the remainder of the season! Heck, I would be pleased with Daffy Duck as an interim as long as the Beaty era is officially over!

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KU now refuses to share info with public on $1.5M in Adidas payments; last week it said lack of personnel was reason for delay

So the reason for not disclosing has changed... interesting! Seems to me someone is trying to hide something. My guess is LJW’s next move is to sue, which I believe would be appropriate!

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Chancellor won't say whether he still has 'complete confidence' that KU follows recruiting rules

“The first to go will be Coach Beaty, of course.”

Goodness gracious I hope so!

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'We good?' 'Always': Texts between Self, fixer presented in college basketball corruption trial

This is not actual proof Bill Self knew about money being paid, but in my mind it sure looks like he did, at least he shoukd have known. My guess is the NCAA won’t think to favorably about these exchanges either! I’m not surprised, but I am disappointed.

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