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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

Facebook will soon be MySpace. Then what? Such visionaries!

I really want to thank the majority of posters who made the comments section fun (and provoking) and from time-to-time the comments were better than the articles themselves.

One day, people will wake up to everything they've given away from a privacy standpoint, but sadly, it will be too late. Not going there.

Stay thirsty, my friends. Rock Chalk!

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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

Actually, I thought that comparing someone to the anti-Christ, Mizzou, is the worst thing you can say (laughing).

(And for all of the other posters, I wasn't comparing Mangino to anyone. I was just pointing out that the rapt fascination that people have with someone at the beginning can't make you blind to their serious, shall we call them "flaws", and their subsequent failures. I liked Mangino, thought Perkins was way out of line, but Mark's program had peaked and was spiraling down, and I think the recruiting abyss started in his last year or two. Same thing happened to Bill Snyder in his first term at K-State, but he folded, let Prince rebuild the recruiting, and then came back when the cupboard wasn't so bare. Maybe Mark would be successful after someone restocks the cupboard. Perhaps. Just a thought.)

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Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement

"If we are changing the line ONLY now . . . . "

What website have you been reading? The coaches have been displeased, modified, and changed the OL after every game so far. And yeah, it's definitely coaching (insert sarcasm font). They are coaching centers who amazingly get illegal procedure AND holding penalties, incorrect snap counts, and spray their hikes across the width of the field.

Matt nailed it on the head that this starts and rotates around the performance of the OL, and all of the creative play-calling in the world are just band-aids. Leach emphasized great linemen, and they are still reaping benefits because of their legacy of OL recruiting and red-shirting. As much as we hate to see it, it is going to take time and recruiting to overcome all of the damage done by the last 4 years of recruiting linemen, and then not fully developing them. It's ugly and brutal to watch at times, but it is a reality that we're just going to have to work through, regardless of who the Head Coach is, or who is calling plays. It's still better than the coaches (Gill) who act like "all is well."

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Key fumbles by key players doom Lousiana Tech

While Higgins' fumble and the subsequent touchback were a gift, the Dixon fumble was caused by an extraordinary effort by our defense. Reynolds, on his back, clawing away until the last second, and Stowers and the rest of the team fighting like crazy for the recovery. Those guys earned that.

Reminds me of the loose ball in the NCAA tourney against Michigan where if McLemore or anyone could have gotten on it, we probably don't lose. Just illustrates that the difference between winning and losing is a very fine line at times, and this team, while it is rebuilding, has virtually no margin for error.

A great effort in turning today's battle into a victory, Hawks! Rock Chalk!

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KU shuffles O-line to overhaul toughness, not chemistry

Perspective check. He's 35-27 before he takes the rebuilding job at Kansas.

Nice "I'm not on the Fire Charlie bandwagon yet, BUT" (which means ignore everything I said before this.)

Noted. Got ya down on the bandwagon. (Or at least an abuse of stats.)

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Jayhawks aware of Rice QB’s talent

. . . . O . . . . . K . . . . . . . ?

Reminds me of a joke that my brother brings up from time to time:
When Ringo would write a song, the other Beatles would go "hey, look, Ringo wrote a song . . . isn't that nice and special? . . . . . let's go over and pin it up on the refrigerator . . . . nice job, Ringo!"

Sorry, Jayhawk_Unto_Death, at a little ribbing, but I'm not sure where you were going with your quote. It was amusing though!

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Sharing the load: Jayhawks' stable of backs successful in 31-14 win over South Dakota

You mean the Texas Tech team that struggled in Week 1?

I think our 2nd game against Rice is much more difficult than playing a dead Texas statesman. While we all would have liked to have seen more points yesterday, the schedules aren't really comparable.

Too early to foresee what path we're on. Let's see what unfolds in the next 5-6 weeks first.

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13 things we'll find out about KU football during the 2013 season


What? One of your "things" isn't about Pearce Slater? (I'm just trying to preemptively mention it before someone who doesn't read all of the articles asks about him. Total sarcasm. He's becoming like the old "Francisco Franco" joke on SNL.)

Second. Very impressive when you have your own sponsor: "Dale Willey Automotive". Sounds like a sponsored segment on SportsCenter. Getting close to the big time! Congratulations!

Excellent article, and you sound like all of us who are truly looking forward to the season. Rock Chalk!

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Pierson, Coleman held out as precaution

It still falls far short of the all-time leader: Do you know that James Naismith is the ONLY Kansas basketball coach with a losing record? (No. Really? I have NEVER heard that! Geez.)

You can always count on that and it would make a great betting line in Vegas about how much time has elapsed into a national broadcast before it is mentioned.

Of course, the football equivalent is how long into a telecast before the announcers reference "Notre Dame". KU fan gatherings could have one of those scoring grid betting pool sheets like you use for selling squares for football scores at the end of each quarter, and now you have the rows and columns split up my minutes of each hour, and you reward the first four times "Notre Dame" is referenced. (Of course, I'm not sure what you do after the quota has been reached by kickoff.)

Or blog gaming equivalents:

Articles referencing the stadium atmosphere before someone goes off about the track.

Articles where someone uses "Kansas University" as opposed to "University of Kansas".

Articles of brevity by Jaybate that don't include "PHOF".

Can go on forever here. Someone else's turn.

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The Sideline Report with Marcus Jenkins-Moore

Jesse, as always, thanks for the article and your inclusion of different links.

Especially cool was the picture that Nick took with Coach Weis and the blurred players, which was unique and fascinating (great photographic eye on coming up with the concept; plus the facial expression is outstanding!) Nice job!

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