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Friday forecasts for Saturday college football games

Mike Leach could have come to KU about 8 years ago. Darn.

Tom, I love your Urban Meyer quote.

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Can KU football lay another streak to rest?

I was at that Baylor game last year. Even took out of town guests to show off our campus (which impressed them) and attend a winnable game (not so impressed). Baylor started almost all freshman last year and still beat us more than soundly. I think that's a strategy we should have pursued. Regardless, can't wait to see Saturday's game.

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Tom Keegan: Pooka Williams as flexbone QB?

Bring back Cromwell as coach!

Or, how about Bud Moore?

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Tom Keegan: Growing KU football fan club includes KU basketball

Good to know that Mike Lee is a big fan of himself.

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Early to bed, early to rise: Boot camp off and running for Kansas basketball

Does anyone remember which player it was from a few years ago whose photo they put on the barrels? I think he was a walk-on. Was it Bechard?

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Early to bed, early to rise: Boot camp off and running for Kansas basketball

Getting to bed a 3:00 am. Ah, the difference between being in college and the work world (for most of us). I think it would be cool if students/fans (probably on their way home from... wherever) would line the entrance to the Fieldhouse to cheer on the team as they walk in each day to start boot camp.

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Tom Keegan: A comparison of KU's 98 games under Mangino to the 98 since

Bring back Fielding Yost!

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David Beaty maintains vague stance regarding Pooka Williams' availability past this week

I have to believe that in this situation, all Beaty can tell us is what the administration lets him tell us. While I think he's not very good with the media, this time it doesn't seem to be his fault what he can and can't say. .

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KU football offense not perfect, but much cleaner through 2 games

I didn't see the CMU game, but against Nicholls State, Bender looked good when he wasn't getting pummelled by the opposing defense. His passes were on target (with 3 being dropped by Sims), and he scrambled for at least 2 first downs that I remember. Without the sacks, he would have been our leading rusher. He's definitely the QB who gives us the best chance for winning.

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KU football's ball-hawking defense key to successful road trip

Good to see the defense get some love. With all the talk about Pooka, it's easy to forget that the defense only gave up 7 points. Defense definitely won this game for us.

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