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Former KU athletic director to join Free State football staff

I agree with Dirk and Gary. I recall many fans mentioning "Family Over Everything." Here's a guy who could make a lot more money elsewhere, but wants to spend time with his son while he can. I admire that.

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KU coach Bill Self still plans to meet with Lagerald Vick about future plans

Other than Europe, D-League, and KU, what are Vick's options? Can he transfer to a DII school without having to sit out a year?

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Notebook: KU's next starting point guard following footsteps of greats

Was his jersey "retired" meaning his old number is no longer in use? Or is it just hanging in the rafters?

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10th Rock Chalk Roundball Classic just one event in busy charity weekend

It's worth the price of admission just to see Walt Wesley. He's in his 70s, so if he's going to play, I want to see that.

For those of you younger than a certain age, Walt played at KU in the 60s. I believe he was drafted in 1966. That's over 50 years ago! (Yeah, I'm good at math.)

Walt came back to KU in the late 70s after his NBA career.. Not sure if it was to get his bachelor's or a master's degree. I saw him walking to classes almost every day one year.

Matt, I'd love to see an article or interview with Walt while he's here.

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Tom Keegan: Charlie Moore leads with confidence

"Moore music, Les Nessman."

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All three quarterbacks still have shot to win job

Starks played in the spring game of 2017. He threw several helicopter passes. Possibly the worst passer I've ever seen. He might have been a good running back or wide receiver, but not a QB.

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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick pulls name from NBA draft pool

Alan and Lawrence, thanks for the clarification.

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Former Jayhawk Lagerald Vick pulls name from NBA draft pool

A few years ago, didn't Nadir Tharp announce that he was leaving KU, then try to come back? And didn't Self say no?

I would love to see Vick return and bolster up our inexperienced backcourt, but I'm skeptical that it will happen.

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Top Class of 2020 Kansas basketball target playing in Lawrence Saturday night

These highlights remind me of a 5' 7" point guard buddy of mine from high school who got caught on a switch and had to guard Ed Nealy in the paint "Had to foul him. Hard."

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NBA Combine 2018: Jayhawks jump in front of the camera

Ugh. Adidas should pay them NOT to wear those.

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