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Prep QB Tune describes KU as 'still in the picture' after Ole Miss offer, visit

I just got a job offer from GE. I'll be posting a photo of John Flannery and me on Twitter. If I get an offer from Facebook, I'll be sure to post a photo of Mark Zuckerberg and me... but probably not on Twitter. Oh, what the heck, maybe on Twitter too. I'll be sure to report on the back and forth offers in public as often as I can. Once I do make a decision, either in December or February, I'll hold a press conference in my back yard and invite as many of my former co-workers as possible. Who wants to bring the doughnuts?

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Notebook: New Orleans prep re-opens his recruitment

Daniel, I agree with you that no good players should join our team. Thanks for your stellar support. (Please insert sarcasm font.)

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Lindsey Scott Jr., brings exciting possibilities at quarterback

Heck with Brock Purdy. How about Brock Berglund?

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Former LSU QB and NJCAA national champ Lindsey Scott Jr. considering KU football

I thought Starks looked horrible in the spring game. He has a strong arm, but throws a really ugly pass. He had multiple helicopter passes.

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Danny Manning signs lengthy contract extension at Wake Forest

Danny's not much younger than Self. He was a senior in '88, so he was born in approximately '67. His current contract takes him through 2025. According to my rudimentary arithmetic, that would make him 58. He might be ready to retire by then.

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KU football players react to hearing David Beaty will remain head coach

Nothing would make me happier than to see this team be successful - as in bowl eligible - next year under Beaty.

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Notebook: Zenger endorses Beaty in rebuilding process; Wise and Armstrong will weigh NFL decisions

Armstrong and Wise both have great potential, but I have a tough time seeing either of them getting drafted... this year.

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Jayhawks still preparing to play without freshman forward Billy Preston

Diana, I love the idea for recruiting a player from the football team. Anyone remember Clint Normore?

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Unfriendly Affair: Despite inspired start, Jayhawks can't keep up with No. 3 Oklahoma

Back to the game...

In listening to the first three series on the radio, multiple missed opportunities kept us from leading early.
Dropped interception by one of our defenders that could have been a pick 6
Dropped third down pass by one of our receivers that would have resulted in a first down
Missed tackle of Mayfield by Dineen that resulted in OU's first touchdown

That's the difference between ok teams and bad teams. The guys are playing hard, they just can't seem to execute. It seems we need to learn the basics before we'll have a chance of winning.

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KU says benched basketball player hit curb on 19th Street, damaged tires; university still mum on 'financial picture'

At the end of this "investigation," if Preston is found to be innocent of any wrongdoing, are all you condemning him willing to publicly apologize?

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