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Notebook: New Orleans prep re-opens his recruitment

Hope these guys stick.

On another note, this is the coach that Arkansas is getting because they made a change: Morris, 49, had a 14-22 record as the coach at SMU, but his team's performance had improved dramatically over the past three seasons. The Mustangs went 2-10 in his first season in 2015, 5-7 in 2016 and 7-5 this season.

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KU football players react to hearing David Beaty will remain head coach

I couldn't agree with you more!!!! Quality coaches don't lose to inferior opponents.

Too much emphasis on players here. We would win games with a quality coach.

I hope I'm wrong, but we'll go 1-11 in 2018.

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Beaty apologizes to Oklahoma, KU fans, Big 12 and college football for captains' handshake snub

Mike Hunt: Not my job. That is for an AD. My job is to delivery performance for my business. Do you think that if I was trusted by my company to run a multi-million dollar, extremely high profile organization, I could go into a 4th year with terrible results and eroding customer faith. I assure you, Mike, I couldn't.

I am not questioning David's character, just his performance... like any other business, you can't be terrible and keep your job.

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Beaty apologizes to Oklahoma, KU fans, Big 12 and college football for captains' handshake snub

Nice guy that is over his head and doesn't know what to say/do because the train is off the tracks.

KU deserves a coach that can deliver wins and not an out of control team that resorts to stunts.

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Tom Keegan: KU's undisciplined football showing grants chancellor chance at mulligan

Good coaches win games against inferior talent... mostly win against teams with equal talent and.... occasionally win against superior talent.

This coaching staff seems to bring in respectable recruits - given the lack of recent success - but are unable to win games.

We need to recruit well, but must have a coach that can get the most out of their men and win the games they should, win most of the games that are toss ups and occasionally win games against teams the "shouldn't"!!! Then we will be able to get great recruits and vie for championships.

Progress must be seen in wins!!!! Beaty has not won. He must go!

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Analysis: Understanding the legal case building against the college basketball world

Adidas has the best looking and most comfortable shoes on the market. Check out their stock price.... up 200% in 2 years while Nike is down 30% and UA down 85%... So not being naive here, fellas, but Adidas is where it's at right now.
Plus you think some 18 year old with a new set of agents is going to stay loyal to a company that gave his mom 20k when there's a lot more on the line... I don't see the translation into the NBA... Let's hope the Hawks were clean...

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Aldrich signs with Clippers

Dude played his butt off for NY last year!!! Show some respect for the man that shut down Psycho-T!

I got books with hooks and it looks like rain. Would someone from the Knicks please drive the lane?

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Column: Cliff Alexander learns a difficult lesson

I don't care if you don't care about how much I admire you, Rodney, but I do just the same.... who am I kidding. I would love to have you give me one of your smiley faces! please...

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Former KU center Sasha Kaun makes history with Olympic medal

Congrats Sasha!!!! It has to feel great.

Such a great and loyal Jayhawk. I've seen you at move KU games than any alum... ever.

Might I suggest that you put some padding on that wooden beam in the background. Concussions are a serious issue, sir.

All the best!
Timmy the Jayhawk!

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