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Tyrel Reed relishes chance to play at camp

You're really going to jump on this board and tell everyone that Baylor has better facilities than KU basketball? That is literally a joke, I worked at KU athletics for two years and you obviously have never seen the practice gym/locker rooms/player lounges/brand new weight room. Not to mention that little place called Allen Fieldhouse. Having seen a game at every Big XII arena I can tell you that Baylor definitely has the WORST arena, by far. The only thing I will give you is that Jayhawk Towers are pretty old and not as up to par. But everything else at KU is top notch, and recently renovated.

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Allen debut awaits K-State coach

By the Numbers

Elijah Johnson Conference Stats
6.1 PPG
35% - Home FG%
26% - Away FG%
28 %- 3 pt FG%
26/37 A/TO

Marcus Smart Conference Stats
16 PPG, 5.6 RPG, 3.9 APG, 3.6 SPG

Ben McLemore... Conference PPG- 17.1... Conference PPG (Minus 33 pt Iowa St game)- 13.8

Markel Brown... Conference PPG- 16.9

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Allen debut awaits K-State coach

Top Five Impact Bench Players
1. Tyrus McGee, Iowa St
2. Phil Forte, Oklahoma St
3. Thomas Gipson, Kansas St
4. Aaric Murray, West Virginia
5. Naadir Tharpe, Kansas

Top Five Best Players Overall
1. Pierre Jackson, Baylor
2. Marcus Smart, Oklahoma St
3. Rodney McGruder, Kansas St
4. Ben McLemore, Kansas
5. Markel Brown, Oklahoma St

Top Ten Seniors
1. Pierre Jackson, Baylor
2. Rodney McGruder, Kansas St
3. Jeff Withey, Kansas
4. Romero Osby, Oklahoma
5. Will Clyburn, Iowa St
6. Travis Releford, Kansas
7. Korie Lucious, Iowa St
8. Steven Pledger, Oklahoma
9. Tyrus McGee, Iowa St
10. Elijah Johnson, Kansas

Top Ten Juniors
1. Markel Brown, Oklahoma St
2. Melvin Ejim, Iowa St
3. Cory Jefferson, Baylor
4. Shane Southwell, Kansas St
5. Jaye Crockett, Texas Tech
6. Will Spradling, Kansas St
7. Aaric Murray, West Virginia
8. Amath M'Baye, Oklahoma
9. Brady Heslip, Baylor
10. Dejan Kravic, Texas Tech

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Allen debut awaits K-State coach

Here are a few lists I compiled about the Big XII season so far.... enjoy

(Disclaimer... these are my opinions and I would be happy to debate anyone who disagrees)

Top Five PG's
1. Pierre Jackson, Baylor
2. Marcus Smart, Oklahoma St
3. Korie Lucious, Iowa St
4. Angel Rodriquez, K-State
5. Elijah Johnson, Kansas

Top Five SG's
1. Markel Brown, Oklahoma St
2. Ben McLemore, Kansas
3. Tyrus McGee, Iowa St
4. Will Spradling, Kansas St
5. Jabarie Hinds, WVU

Top Five SF's
1. Rodney McGruder, Kansas St
2. Will Clyburn, Iowa St
3. Le'Bryan Nash, Oklahoma St
4. Travis Releford, Kansas
5. Sheldon McClellan, Texas

Top Five PF's
1. Melvin Ejim, Iowa St
2. Romero Osby, Oklahoma
3. Cory Jefferson, Baylor
4. Georges Niang, Iowa St
5. Shane Southwell, Kansas St

Top Five C's
1. Jeff Withey, Kansas
2. Isaiah Austin, Baylor
3. Amath M'Baye, Oklahoma
4. Deniz Kilicli, West Virginia
5. Jordan Henriquez-Roberts, Kansas St

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FINAL: TCU stuns No. 5 Kansas, 62-55

OKlahoma St didn't beat Michigan.

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FINAL: TCU stuns No. 5 Kansas, 62-55

Spark? Tharpe went 2-15 from the field.... lol.

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Paying heed: Travis Releford hot from three in KU's 89-57 rout over American

Just an idiotic post..... obviously they aren't on scholarships and anyone who decently follows the team knows this. Do they really need anyone else to help them win? They have one loss all year.

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Rock shop Jayhawk: KU men relish shopping excursion

Sherron lead the team in scoring in 09-10... just lettin ya know.

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Buffs' coach: Kansas 'manhandled us from start to finish'

Caught my first live game of the season today at AFH... needless to say the Phog was in midseason form and the crowd definitely helped the team gain all the early momentum. Also gotta hand out props to all five starters for playing with great chemistry and intensity, especially Kevin Young who played arguably his best game as a Jayhawk.

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KU women's basketball not thrilled by 52-36 victory

A&M won the national title two years ago... wouldn't call them a bottom feeder.

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