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Opinion: Jayhawks set at QB for future

Plus, they can't even be depended on to get basic information right -- T.J. Millweard came from Colleyville, TX (not 'Coffeyville' which is a town in Kansas).

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Jayhawks lament lack of consistency

Amen, Ralster! We may not have the 4 or 5-Star recruits that the 'big boys' attract; however, given our NFL coaching pedigree (Weis, Grunhard, Campo), we should absolutely out scheme and out-'smart' our opponents . . . NO EXCUSES!

Unfortunately, the O-Line stinks (hey, wasn't that supposed to be an area of STRENGTH with all the huge 'hosses' we recruited a few years ago?); however, our coaches should be figuring out a way to mask our weaknesses while getting our playmakers the ball, so they can be ATHLETES.

I posted this the other day and will highlight it again here -- we need to think more like Northwestern, Baylor and TTech and spread out the offense, so that we can get our playmakers some 'space' to operate. Lining up and trying to slug it out in the 'trenches' will just not work with this OL. These schools have figured out how to compete/win when the recruiting wars do not favor their side.

Jumping offsides, missing downfield blocks and generally looking 'dazed & confused' is no recipe for success. Our NFL-caliber coaches need to step up, or step out as the COLLEGE game is flat-out different and, consequently, WE need to show up 'different' in order to maximize what talent we have. The way we started the TTech game gave me a sense of hope that Charlie & Co. were moving in the right direction . . . then, Cummings came in with a 'run' package?! Gee, I'll be TTech didn't see THAT coming.

C'mon, man!

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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities


Now, I am someone who 'drank the Kool-Aid' and predicted a 6-6 season -- Believe it, or not I stand by that prediction given the Big 12 is way down this year (I said that before Week 1 and it's even more true today); however, this is ONLY possible IF we shake things up offensively to get the ball into the hands of our great playmakers in 'space', so they can be ATHLETES and not put our faith/hope/trust into an OL that clearly is not ready to compete at a D-1 level (see S. Dak., Rice & LaTech game film for all the proof you need).

Our Defense and Special Teams have come a long way so far and I believe are now ready to help us win; however, we've got to get our Offense going to put points on the board and/or sustain long drives to keep the Defense off the field. Given he is both Head Coach AND Offensive Coordinator/Play Caller, this is Charlie's job to do and, oh by the way, he is paid handsomely for it. This is what is known as ACCOUNTABILITY (ask Lane Kiffin who couldn't even win with an NFL 'Pro-Style' Offensive with USC's highly ranked recruiting classes).

I am as patient and loyal as any of you Jayhawk Football Fans on this board; however, I want to see a PLAN that can work within the context of our program limitations -- we have a great school, great facilities (now), a great coaching staff and plenty of available playing time for attracting more/better quality recruits; however, we have to install the right scheme on Offense to give ourselves a fighting chance to win on Saturdays.

Then, success will breed success (like it has done at TTech, Northwestern and Baylor to name a few -- not to mention K-State right in our own backyard) and we'll be raising money for our much needed stadium renovations and winning recruiting battles for higher ranked HS (first) JUCO (second) athletes to sustain our success into (dare I say it) a 'respectable Football Program'.

It can all start TOMORROW with TTech . . . Go Hawks!!!

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Weis fired up for Homecoming weekend’s festivities

bmsmith is 'dead on' -- I was (and remain) a fan of his hiring because of his NFL pedigree/accomplishments/contacts/etc.; however, we have to be honest with ourselves, Charlie's 'Pro-Style' Offense does NOT work in today's college game UNLESS you have the talent to run it. Despite having two experienced former 5-Star HS QB's, we clearly do not have an OL and supporting cast of WR's, TE's, etc. to make it work like they can at the NFL level and quite frankly, most college programs don't either.

So, what do THEY do....they find what works for THEM (see TTech's spread passing game, which has thrived with less talent than UT, TAMU, etc., or Northwestern's fast-break offense -- which ironically is actually predicated on Run first/Pass second based on what the Defense gives them, or Baylor's unique offensive sets, etc.). What do WE do? We keep trying to pound a 'square peg into a round hole' and wonder why it doesn't seem to 'fit'?!

While I am not a Mangino apologist by any means, we don't have to look any farther than our 'glory days' when Todd Reesing (an undersized, relatively unheralded QB came in and took over an Offensive scheme that spread people out, leveraged our strengths and masked our weaknesses. It was fun to watch, tough to defend and very (very) successful, right? Why did we walk away from it? Turner Gill? Maybe so. However, I really thought Charlie was much more 'creative' offensively with his schemes, formations and play calling than what I am seeing from Kliff Kingsbury -- a former TTech QB who has NO NFL credentials. Or Pat Fitzgerald at Northwestern, who was a former Linebacker at NU, but was smart enough to realize that for them to compete/win in the rugged Big 10, he had to figure out an Offensive scheme that would work for his program and he has stuck with it over the years. Finally, look at what Art Briles has done at Baylor in 'raising it from the ashes' as a former laughingstock program in Texas to one of the most prolific offenses (without RGIII) in all of college football. It CAN be done at Kansas because it WAS already done at Kansas (see Orange Bowl and Insight Bowl victories for proof). That was FUN, wasn't it?!

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Hanna, Foth lead KU men’s golf

I get South Carolina as golf is huge down there, but really . . . UMKC and Austin Peay? C'mon, man!

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Breakdown: An example of KU's offensive line getting out-physicaled by Rice

I totally agree with ATL as I watched several plays and simply marveled at how 'manhandled' our OL looked -- and all we have heard in the off-season was how "Holsoppled" everyone was. Plus, with the leadership of Coach Grunhard, I expected a lot more out of this unit -- at least against teams like Rice (pretty good, but not GREAT).

That said, I also saw our WR's and RB's do a very poor job of downfield blocking -- the difference between breaking what ended up being a 5-7 yard gain into a much bigger run. Similar to Rebounding in Basketball, Blocking in Football is a combination of proper technique/angles AND good 'ol fashioned 'Want To' -- you've got to 'Want To' hit someone in front of you (preferably the defender you are 'supposed' to hit; however, at list hit someone).

I don't know how many times I saw a lineman quit on a play (i.e., make their first move/block and kinda stand around watching the play end). Other times, I saw some of our big 'ol 'Hosses' running right at Rice LB's/DB's and then unexplicably run right PAST them . . . really?!

One more thing -- I've watched a lot of Football so far this year and what I find curious is how our DL 'allows themselves' to be/stay blocked; whereas I see how physical other teams' DL players and blitzing LB's are in 'fighting off' their blocks to get to the ball carrier. Why is that?!

I believe we have the right Strength Coach and OL Coach to 'build' a better quality of Line Play (on both sides of the ball); it all comes down to Executing Fundamentals and 'Want To!'

Let's see if we can build on the tape of the Rice game and make adjustments to improve against LaTech in order to get ready for the upcoming Big 12 schedule as it only gets tougher from here . . .

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13 things we'll find out about KU football during the 2013 season

Tait -- those are exactly the same questions I have and -- if they get answered in a satisfactory manner -- I believe we will end up with a 6-6 record. Can't put too much stock in opening game performances; however, based upon what I saw I have us beating Iowa State and K-State, but losing to Rice on the road.

Do I think we SHOULD lose to Rice? No, but they showed me a lot in the A&M game to be worried about and we are not (yet) a good bet on the road; whereas both ISU and KSU showed me they regressed from last year and may now be considered 'winnable' games for us . . . again, only IF these questions are indeed answered in a satisfactory manner.

Could TTech on Homecoming be our 'surprise' victory that you mentioned?

Regardless of record, I hope we are both highly competitive and entertaining in every game we play -- continuing to build upon a foundation of excellence that will pay dividends over time as we (finally) build a sustainable PROGRAM at KU that will be taken seriously on both the Big 12 and National stages. It won't happen overnight; however, it CAN happen as we've seen from our lil bro down the road and others who are moving in that direction (e.g., Baylor, Okie State, TCU).

I can't wait to see how this season unfolds -- beginning with SDU on Saturday.


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Why James Sims shouldn't be a workhorse running back for KU in 2013

As they say, there are 3 kinds of Lies: 1) Lies, 2) Damn Lies and . . . 3) 'Statistics!'

Folks, there are simply WAAAY too many variables/moving parts to draw this type of definitive conclusion. Unfortunately, it's not a true 'scientific' exercise as many other posters have pointed out; rather it amounts to nothing more than mental masturbation that makes for an interesting read (at best).

Those of us who watched most, if not all, of KU's games last year could clearly 'see' who the premier running back was . . . James Sims -- with the other backs mentioned playing roles suited to their respective skill sets and game situations.

Yes, Jaybate is right . . . 'Strategy' plays a huge role in the outcome of events. 'Statistics' represent the results of those outcomes and, in some cases, can indeed help predict future events and outcomes; however, ONLY if the information collected is used properly.

Otherwise, you might have an explorer who sets out to find India and ends up discovering . . . the Bahamas!

Anxious to see how this season plays out as we ended up very one-dimensional last year -- with Heaps an upgrade at QB (Please!) and more/better Receivers to throw to (who can catch?), a stable of high quality RB's (inside/outside runners and pass catchers out of the backfield or slot) and more imaginative sets/play calls, we should be much more difficult to defend this year to where Mr. Sims doesn't HAVE to be a 'workhorse' -- I think that really is the whole point, right?

F.O.E. > P.O.E.

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Chiefs brain trust puts stamp on roster

Wow, that's too bad as I thought McDougald had made the 'final' cut . . . guess I was wrong -- how extremely cruel to be sooooo very close?! Good to see Opurum make the Chiefs Practice Squad, but I hope McDougald lands somewhere with a chance to play as I think he deserves it.

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Mental fitness at core of KU football’s workouts under Holsopple

A couple of observations while watching the opening weekend of College Football (can't bring myself to say NCAA):

1) K-State looked pathetic on offense, which is to be expected given they lost Klein and are starting a Juco transfer who wasn't bad -- he just wasn't great; however, it was their defense that totally wore down on the final drive as they just don't seem to have the 'studs' they have had in years' past. NDSU is absolutely legit as a 2-time Bowl Subdivision Champ, but they should not have been able to invade BSFS and overcome a double-digit deficit in the second Half on Opening Night in Manhattan against the reigning 'B12 Champs' . . . right?!

2) 'Johnny Football' is a First Class 'Jerk' in every sense of the word -- I guess I don't remember that attitude last year when he was en route to winning the Heisman. So tired of hearing people sticking up for him as he comes from a good family and, regardless of his relative youth (everyone in the 'spotlight' playing D-1 sports has advisers/handlers to help out), he should know better. Especially after getting a 'free pass' from the NCAA after his autograph signing fiasco by 'negotiating' for only a 1/2 game penalty. You know, it is the A&M student body and alums who should be upset that he violated their beloved Aggie Honor Code. Humility, character and sportsmanship should be a hallmark of a Heisman Trophy winner -- in addition to outstanding athleticism, statistics and playmaking abilities.

3) In that same game, while A&M pulled away late, Rice played much bigger/better than I expected -- their big Tailback and tall, rangy Wide Receiver may give us fits when we play 'em down in Houston in a few weeks unless our Campo-led Defense shows up big time. Our Defense definitely improved last year and -- according to many sources -- looks to have improved some more this year during Spring and Fall camps, so we'll see soon when the 'real games' begin if that is indeed the case.

4) I said in a previous post, the Big 12 is 'down' this year -- not bad, just not great = DOWN (see K-State & Iowa State losses; WVU barely won and many others who did so, did not do so very impressively); so if we are going to show 'program' improvement by sweeping our Non-Con schedule and winning a few Big 12 games, then THIS is 'our year' to show some progress. With outstanding QB play and better skill position players on Offense, a stout Defense and at least serviceable Special Teams play, I would take nothing less than 6-6 and a minor bowl game -- yet playing at a competitive high level in ALL 12 games to continue to be taken seriously as D-1/Big 12 Football 'program' and build on the foundation CW has been laying thus far. This progress, plus what I expect to be an announcement on Memorial Stadium renovation/expansion coming soon (once Rock Chalk Park is well underway), will result in better recruiting and even more success next year . . . and beyond!

We CAN do this . . . ROCK CHALK!

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