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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

Gill is a heck of a lot better coach than Weis will ever be. Too bad Zinger wasnt smart enough to figure that out. What we saw today was the first couple drives were scripted and once that was done, so we're the Jayhawks. Weis couldn't coach his way out of a wet paper bag. He was totally out coached today.

Zinger needs a little different note left on his car letting him know the mistake he made when he replaced Gill with Weis. Just sad and pathetic to be stuck with Weis.

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A sour ending: KU collapses late in 87-85 overtime loss to Michigan

If there is any question as to what play was called on that last possession, go back and watch Withey and Young's reaction when EJ was driving it. They were both crashing the boards. Even if EJ missed, Withey would have had an easy put-back. EJ just completely choked that last play. Coach Self is just being nice in the post game.

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KU’s Elijah Johnson grows into Jayhawks’ clear leader

Great article, Matt. Very well written. Whether it's football or basketball, you always do your homework and deliver.

Here's hoping Elijah shows us the Iowa State Elijah from here on out. I think he will, especially in the big tournament.

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Charlie Weis foretells drastic overhaul for second spring

OK. Fair enough. Weiss better get some wins this year and have his players playing better than their ranking or expectation coming out of high school or Juco, or he needs to start being held accountable. I realize it is a re-building job, but he needs to at least show that he can coach up some players.

Going back to Notre Dame, I have never seen any sign of Weiss being an over-achiever, which is what we need for this football program. All he ever did was ride the coat-tails of two hall of fame head coaches. As a head coach himself, he has only failed. We'll see soon enough.

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Charlie Weis foretells drastic overhaul for second spring

“Last year, I was just trying to figure out what we had,” Weis said. “And in a couple of cases, we were putting square pegs in round holes. Now, a year in, you start adapting what you do to who you have, and it gives you a much better chance to get round pegs in round holes.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Wow. You burned a whole year trying to figure out what you had? Definitely not a statement you would hear coming from a real coach at the D-I level.

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Notebook: Jeff Withey says morale 'pretty low'

It was sink or swim time for EJ. Coach Self defended him in the media after OSU saying "he is our guy" and in return EJ gave a sinking effort. It's a tough situation to be in where your point guard goes away half way through the season. This is exactly why Self doesn't hand the team over to a freshman one-and-done point guard. They could hit the wall half way through and then you are toast.

The plain fact is that EJ is not a leader and never has had leadership qualities as a player on the floor. It will be super interesting to see how Self handles this going forward. I say make the switch to Tharpe now and let him work through some of his poor decisions. At least Tharpe WANTS to lead this team. Either that or go bigger at the point with one of the wings or KY. Tharpe is probably the much better choice. Then again, we don't get to see them at practice to see what the other players can do.

Interesting year for sure.

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Kansas, nation struggle to score

Good points, Jaylark. And Coach Self went to his bench very early in the WV game, on the road, just to make sure we didn't blow them out early and not learn anything from that road game. Self is a master at orchestrating the game so he can create some of those anxious moments on the road that the team has to fight through to get the victory. He knows those experiences are priceless come tournament time.

Roy's teams at KU were so used to trying to run the other team out of the building that in March when they had an "oh sh#t" moment, and were forced to play a grind out half-court game, they didn't handle the pressure well.

Sure, Self would like to have the bench guys come in and keep or expand the lead, but he also sees the value in the case where the game becomes closer and more tense.

This team is super tough and fun to watch.

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Flat in Lubbock: KU overcomes energy woes in 60-46 win over Texas Tech

What? No article on how awful the point guard play was from KU? That was the story of this game. Elijah was horrible at leading the team and also horrible at running the point. Tharpe wasn't much better.

With Coach Self directing all of his comments at KY's lack of energy and trying to get him to step up and lead, I think he has already given up on Elijah to be the leader of this team. That might explain Tharpe getting so many minutes at the 1.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Tharpe logging more minutes than Johnson in another week or two. And that's not a good thing. Elijah needs to step up and lead.

Self is really searching and almost pleading with KY to lead. It makes you think back to when Self was threatening to start KY at the point. Just a threat but also a challenge to Elijah, which he obviously has not answered.

No leader and mediocre point guard play.... only Coach Self could coach and motivate his way through this issue. He will earn his $ this year.

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Tad Boyle's offensive freedom a blessing and curse for Colorado

Jesse - just a minor detail, but that is Wes Eikmeier guarding Dinwiddie in the photo. Eikmeier was a former Iowa State guard who transferred to Colorado State.

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Final goodbye: West Virginia 'gross mismatch' for KU in seniors' last game

If "Zinger" hadn't gone off half cocked, Gill would have had them in a bowl this year. Pretty sad. Weis has never proven himself to be a decent head coach. He certainly throws up a lot of smoke and mirrors with his rhetoric. Even Tait was eating out of his hand all year. Hopefully Charlie will quit and not make us fire him and pay for his next retirement without working along with Notre Dame.

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