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Former prosecutor: KU not in clear yet, but one past case provides hope

I tend to agree - KU is not a law enforcement agency and therefore has limited ability to verify/investigate a player's eligibility. They surely ask every player to report anything that might be a violation, but what else can they do?

It's kind of like flying. When you check-in, the ticket agent asks if you are carrying anything for another person that asked you to take it on the plane. You say "no" and they have to believe you. Now the TSA agent at the security check point can scan you, pat you down, take you in the other room for a full body cavity check, etc., because they are law enforcement. The ticket agent is not. If something bad happened on a plane, they look for the perpetrator and how they got thru security, they don't go back to interrogate the ticket agent or hold that person accountable.

Assuming Bill and the KU staff knew nothing about the alleged payments, it would not be right to hold them accountable. It's also not right to blame Silvio, if he didn't know about it, for anything other than accepting help from a guy he couldn't really trust. Of course, this is the NCAA and fair doesn't always matter.

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Employee of apparel company illegally paid 2 KU basketball players' guardians, federal indictment alleges

I could live with a system of paying the players, provided that it's equitable across all sports and all D-1 schools, adjusted for the local cost of living. Then I would do away with the free tuition, room & board, medical treatment, etc. and have the players pay their own way, just like any other student. Treat their role on whatever team as their on-campus job. My wife worked for the UDK while in school and used the money she earned to pay rent. I worked at Dillon's and did the same thing. Pay the players a reasonable hourly rate and let them pay their own way to school.

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Family Fun: NCAA pays family travel expenses for Final Four participants

I'll be in San Antonio this weekend to see the Hawks win it all. Dok's mom or Silvio's parents are welcome to stay with us... oh wait, THAT is a violation!. The NCAA doesn't allow a good Samaritan to help the family of a player, but the NCAA can make a token gesture and get lots of good publicity.

I wonder if the $3,000 includes a ticket to the games or do they have to pay for that on their own?

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