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What caught my eye at Day 14 of Fall Practice

Hey Matt how did the number 2's look? Hows Omigie looking hes a big target for the qbs to hit. I can see him winning a bunch of jump balls if he goes and gets the ball.

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What caught my eye at Day 5 of Fall Practice

Matt you maybe asking for a raise thanks for the pics and the updates its like we are there

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What caught my eye at Day 4 of Fall Practice

Im excited to see and hear your take on the coming days secondary wr battles it seems like we have the coaches in place to get the fire going for both groups

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What caught my eye at Day 3 of Fall Practice

I was at the spring game this year and I actually feel like the #14 qb for the opposite team had a very live arm and was throwing a good ball. The same guy you were praising Omigie in the other article dropped a few balls that were on the money. Heaps looked good throwing a flea flicker other than that Im not seeing the significant difference between him and Jablonski. Im wondering why we are getting more write up about heaps who wont play this year and baty who just got here. Id like to know how Jablonski and Cummings are looking compared to this spring. The comments from HCCW made it clear that Cummings has a cannon for a arm and can make all the throws he just happens to also be able run away from people in hurry. Those two guys have a advantage of being in the system longer than Baty but we don't have any information on if they are progressing at all.

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Total package? Coaches say QB Dayne Crist has all intangibles

I wonder how the rest of the quarterbacks performed this summer. Id love ot see the workout sheet and see who actually led the way for the quarterbacks. If Dayne is at 10% the other guys should be on target or better .

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Veritas Christian's Preston Randall will walk on for KU football

Harbaugh inherited a team that was turning the corner not taking anything away from him but Singletary had them ready. He needed a decent OC

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Veritas Christian's Preston Randall will walk on for KU football

You cant judge a coach on developing players in a 2 year span, Im sure you follow sports so im sure you know that the best squads hccw fielded were actually recruited by Ty Willingham while at ND

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Big 12 releases KU football schedule

I dont even think it was the defense 's conditioning but more the lack of ball control how many 3 and outs can they defend thats not a breather that problem plagues pro teams

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QB Turner Baty eager to compete

This spring game will show us exactly where Cummings is in regards to the pro vs spread offense. I will have to disagree that the kid is a run first qb have you learned nothing from the Heisman winner RG3 ? The threat of the run opens up the pass if you look at Cummings stats from high school i am seeing a more pass driven player jr and sr year compared to his sophomore campaign. If the kid shows up and plays to his ability and is named the starter Im thinking we will change our tune a bit. Lets face it even the kid we brought in from ND ended up on the bench and no invite to the combine so in the end we want the best player at every position Welcome Turner we are looking like a squad now lets get some sec d lineman please

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Weis looks to shore up QB reserves

Just hope this 'sponsor doesnt end up being one like Lache Seastrunk with Oregon kid has talent would love to see him in the blue

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