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Tom Keegan: Playing for an Eddie Sutton disciple prepared Marcus Garrett for Bill Self

I have watched Marcus Garrett since early in his Junior season and loved his game from day one! DId you all know he was the Gatorade POY in Texas last season-yet somehow he was rated as a 4*, not a 5*, which is what he should have been! I think he will be a 3 year player!!!

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New KU hoops point guard Devon Dotson unselfish to the core

First and foremost, I hope they not only find his friend, but that his friend is totally fine! Prayers! From everything i have read and seen about Devon, he is a very Matured, Intelligent, and upstanding young man! As Coach Self would say: This is a really good 'Get'! Rock Chalk, Devon Hawk!

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Kansas Athletics official says none of Bill Self's pay comes directly from Adidas

DidnInjust Read ‘98%’??? Are you friggin, kidding me! Somebody should have smelled ‘foul play’, on that, from the start-or stupidity on the part of the administration of Louisville! WOW! By the way, Coaches getting paid for so speaking engagements and camps is nothing new-in fact, it is quite normal, so there is nothing to worry about on that. This article does not exonerate any of the KU Coaching Staff, but I would be absolutely shocked if any of this scandal hits us! Coach Self has total integrity, and I believe the same of our Assistant Coaches! Rock Chalk, Baby!

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Brandon Schneider eyeing culture shift for KU women's basketball

I know Coach Brandon’s history, it is outstanding! And he has the right mentality for the game! I can’t wait!

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Tom Keegan: Paranoia haunts cheating college basketball coaches more now than ever

I believe KU is not involved in this scandal because everything I know about our assistant coaches, makes me believe that they have 100% intregity! Also, look at how long some have been with Coach Self, and they are darn good recruiters, and I believe one of th m has been rated the top assistant coach/assistant coach recruiter in the Nation. Does any know if any Boosters are named in the case? Now that could be a different story, but I think that would just make them lose all privileges, and any player would have to pay back any Money received!

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Tom Keegan: Brandon Schneider has game-changing recruiting day

Brandon can coach. If you know anything about basketball, you know when someone takes over a program that is struggling, you are gonna take your lumps until you get your players in! And it normally is in Year 4, when you see the big turnaround (and it is especially difficult in a League as strong as the Big12)! They were lacking on really good ‘Bigs’, and needed a better supporting cast at the ‘guard spots’! They now have those players, but it is going to take time for them to get fully integrated into our system!

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Kansas Athletics monitoring charges against Adidas exec; feds have not contacted KU

I wondered how Deandre Ayton, after KU was the only team recruiting him when he was really young, and by most accounts was pretty much 100% Kansas, then all of a sudden, picked Arizona! We will have to wait and see if there is anything to that-but Arizona is one of those schools! And about Cliff Alexander-his mom got a ‘LOAN’, that was not legal for her to get (per NCAA guidelines)- the place she got the loan was required to make it a ‘Public Record’! She obviously did not do what all of the parents of our Athletes are told to do, which is to check with the University Staff, before doing anything like that. And obviously, whoever guided her in that direction, which I think may have been someone who wanted to ultimately be Cliffs agent, was not forthcoming with her-but it’s still her fault! So let’s state facts here, and not spread rumors! I believe our Assistant Coaches are 100% clean, and have total Integrity!

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2018 big man David McCormack says coaching staff, tradition made picking KU an 'easy decision'

Welcome aboard David! Zimmerman, All of those people who don’t like Coach Howard/it isn’t about his Recruiting abability. He made a mistake and they can’t let it go. It isn’t like they haven’t made mistakes. I’m not excusing what he did, but he isn’t going anywhere (and I’m glad), so they need to accept it. Anyway, those people have no idea what goes into recruiting, and how much of a Positive Impact Coach Howard has. A lot of what he does behind the scenes, is never put out to the public, just like wiith the other assistant coaches. Some people think Coach Self does everything, burn he can’t do it all Rick Chalk, Howard Hawk!

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PG Devon Dotson, Devonte' Graham bonded during recent visit

Actually Jerrance Howard is a great Recruiter. I'm not sure why anyone would say that since Jerrance is recruiting someone, we don't have a chance for them. Maybe it is because Jerrance had an incident, and someone does not like him because of that. I'm not excusing what Jerrance did, but he is Human, and those who throw the first stone, probably have a lot of skeletons in their closets! Again, Steve Zimmerman, Jerrance is a great recruiter-However, the odds of any 'one recruiter' getting a great player to sign, are not great, because there are so many other great recruiters, and great programs, and many other factors! So it's easy for someone, who doesn't like someone, to make certain kinds of ludicrous statements-trying to make themselves look intelligent, but not so much! And if someone doesn't like what I say, they can get mad, and get their happy butt glad! LOL

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