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KU signed Brent Dearmon to 6-year contract, guaranteed through 2021 season

I agree with you Brian Wilson. However, given how dynamic of an offensive guru he is supposed to be, In very surprised how low his salary is, compared to what Koenning was making!

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KU lands commitment from 2020 Indian Hills C.C. standout Tyon Grant-Foster

Ashwin Rao, He is a Pre-Season Ju-Co All American, and look at the list of teams who he has offers from! WOW

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Zone defense could be in the cards for Kansas basketball this season

Bryce, I’m not sure why you would make a comment saying for Coach Self to get over himself! That’s a pretty arrogant thing to say about someone who is simply talking about their options. Sometimes people are too Negative! Now, I have always wanted to play more Zone in certain situations. We have the length and athleticism to play a heck of a 1-2-1-1 full court zone press, and we could devastate people with a 1-3-1 half court trap!

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Matt Tait: QB Carter Stanley the big winner in KU's Brent Dearmon promotion

I’m really excited about the promotion of Dearmon! Can anyone tell me how many young Quarterbacks are still on the team, and are there any who fit the system that Dearmon runs, and who are really Talented? Also, do we have a young dual threat QB? Thanks in advance!

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Kansas makes final cut for 5-star forward Isaiah Todd

I just hope he doesn’t pick us, then decide to play overseas!

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KU's offensive inconsistency leads to 45-20 loss to No. 6 Oklahoma

Some people (not those posting here right now), don’t think that Special Teams Are Important! To me, that return at the end of the 2nd Quarter, was the play that completely turned the game in OU’s favor! 😡

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Khalil Herbert no longer member of KU football program

People can say what they want, but if you are gonna leave, you don’t do it after playing 4 games, travel with the team to the next game, and right before the game-Quit! He let his team down. As far as Pooka is concerned, anybody who knows football, would know that any coach would have wanted to get the ball in his hands, more than he had. And someone said this is like Basketball-it is not. It isn’t even normal in Football. The Transfer Rule normally means you have Graduated, and you normally Transfer at the beginning of the next season. He is weak for doing it the way he did, and I have no respect for him! That was a Scholarship we could have used on someone who wanted to be here.

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Marcus Garrett ready to handle backup point guard role for Kansas

Walker is a really good player, but he is a small forward. He has tremendous hang time, is a well above average shooter, a good leader and defender. He could work on his ball handling. I think he has 11 or 12 scholarship offers-all from really good programs. Memphis, Arizona, and Texas, to name a few! Of course Kansas and Arkansas have also offered! If he reclassified and enrolled with us at Semester, I’m sure he would Redshirt!

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Notebook: Kick-catch interference proves pivotal in narrow loss

My thoughts on the Rule is this-If the receiving team player would have his hand for a ‘Fair Catch’, then there is a penalty. He did not do that-he went for the ball, trying to out jump our guy, so he wasn’t even stationary, waiting for the ball to come to him-so their should not have been a penalty: Period! 😡

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