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Longtime Jayhawk Montell Cozart looks to finish career with Boise State bowl win

I’m really happy for Montell. A nice young man, and a total ‘Team Player’! And he can ‘Pass’-he just needed the right system, and scheme! He will always be a Jayhawk, to me!

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Tom Keegan: Sam Cunliffe realizes the year-long wait made him more ready for prime time

Silvio would be a game changer at the defensive end, because he would be a good rim protector from day one. He will also help tremendously on the boards! I’m not worried about his offense-it will come, but from what I have seen, he will be able to score! And I wish people were not so negative-give Cunliffe a chance before you are so critical-he is not Newman/and, oh, by the way, Newman will be fine!

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Hectic Sunday also brings three additions to KU football's 2018 recruiting class

I would like to know how many ju-co players we will have on the roster next season. If it isn’t a ton, stop criticizing Coach Beaty for picking up some of those commitments! By the way, I believe we are getting closer to having our full allotment of Scholarships, starting next season! It does matter, Recruiting, if you don’t have a Scholarship to offer kids! That being said, we do need to see a big overall uptick, next season-and I believe we will! And I really wish people would stop being so hateful here. It shows Immaturity!!!

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Jayhawks eager to try to solve Syracuse's 2-3 zone

Teams don’t normally rebound well when they play Zone-Udoka could have a monster game on the offensive glass! Ball movement is also a big key, as Tony Bandle said! And definitely hitting shots and passing out of the ‘High Post’! I agree with Steve Zimmerman that Lightfoot might be a good option at the High Post, because he has great range and is a good passer!

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The loud emergence of quiet Lagerald Vick

Fantastic article, Matt. As for Andrea Hudy-you just can’t measure her worth!

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Notebook: Injury to Stanley could mean change at QB; Beaty's message to fans losing patience

Because of Charlie Weis, we still do not have our full allotment of Scholarships/not even close (I thought we would this season but wasn’t wrong)! WItthout those Scholarship players, we don’t have the depth we need, and it also affects our ‘Special Teams’! I’m not giving up on Coach Beaty! It takes a Football school at least 4 years to turn their program around when it is In shambles! I know it’s difficult, but I’m not going to give up on Coach Beaty!

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KU provides more details of NCAA-mandated basketball review, enlists law firm to help

If I was a betting men (and I am-LOL), I would lay long odds that our Coaching Staff is completely clean, and there will be no wrong doing by the University of Kansas! Rock Chalk, Baby! But I would venture to say that there’s are going to be a few surprises! Yep!

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Tom Keegan: Playing for an Eddie Sutton disciple prepared Marcus Garrett for Bill Self

I have watched Marcus Garrett since early in his Junior season and loved his game from day one! DId you all know he was the Gatorade POY in Texas last season-yet somehow he was rated as a 4*, not a 5*, which is what he should have been! I think he will be a 3 year player!!!

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New KU hoops point guard Devon Dotson unselfish to the core

First and foremost, I hope they not only find his friend, but that his friend is totally fine! Prayers! From everything i have read and seen about Devon, he is a very Matured, Intelligent, and upstanding young man! As Coach Self would say: This is a really good 'Get'! Rock Chalk, Devon Hawk!

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Kansas Athletics official says none of Bill Self's pay comes directly from Adidas

DidnInjust Read ‘98%’??? Are you friggin, kidding me! Somebody should have smelled ‘foul play’, on that, from the start-or stupidity on the part of the administration of Louisville! WOW! By the way, Coaches getting paid for so speaking engagements and camps is nothing new-in fact, it is quite normal, so there is nothing to worry about on that. This article does not exonerate any of the KU Coaching Staff, but I would be absolutely shocked if any of this scandal hits us! Coach Self has total integrity, and I believe the same of our Assistant Coaches! Rock Chalk, Baby!

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