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Tom Keegan: Big 12 basketball race heading into home stretch

Tony Bandle, great post, however, your 3nd paragraph, kind of contradicts your first paragraph! I say this because you are absolutely right in saying the conference UCLA played in was not as good as the.Big12! I would also add that KU is doing things with ‘one coach’, and there is a lot more parity in College Basketball now, than during UCLA’s streak!

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Tom Keegan: KU turning into Juco U in football recruiting

I expect better results from our football team, and fully believe that will happen this upcoming season. We did have a lot of injuries last season, and I believe we willl finally have our full allotment of Scholarships this season. We all have our opinions, but if you are writing articles, make sure you are not trying to undermine the coach! You obviously didn’t get your way-get over it, move on, and write something Positive, for a change!

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Is today the day for De Sousa or Preston news?

But where are we in line, Daniel Parker? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha This is too dang funny! Don't make me smile when I'm pissed off! LMBO

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Hello, Newman: Kansas sophomore's breakout performance fuels win over ISU

Sometimes, KU fans are as negative as UK fans! As I have been saying all along, Newman will be fine. He has had to learn a completely new style of play, especially since he is, for the first time ever, playing on a team where he is not asked to do everything. And he sat out a year, and if you have ever played basketball, almost everyone who has to sit out an extended period of time, whether it is for an injury, or a transfer, it takes time to get used to playing with the 1st team, and to get your confidence back, in your stroke! Once Newman is playing like I have always expecting him to, on a regular basis, those of you who have been so critical, will either be back on the Band Wagon, or really quiet! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk, and Rock Chalk, Newman Hawk!

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Hello, Newman: Kansas sophomore's breakout performance fuels win over ISU

Definitely the Shoe. LOL

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2017-18 KU free throw issues an eye-popping part of recent trend

Matt Tait, I think that when you shoot a lot of ‘3’, you shoot less free throws! It also seems that in most of the games we have played, teams may be milking the shot clock more, which leads to fewer possessions! Mike Auer, When I’m watching Udoka go up for dunks, I see kids who are intimidated by his raw power-and I know from playing against really big, powerful guys, that sometimes the person that commits the foul, feels the pain created by the brute force, of a much bigger guy! I also believe many teams don’t believe they can stop Udoka from going up and making dunks, even if they foul him, because they simply are not strong enough. However, I do think we are going to see teams start wrapping him up, before he goes up, so he had better work harder on his free throw shooting!

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De Sousa and the rest of the Jayhawks arrive in Lawrence ready to roll

If people would look at some of Silvios mix tapes they might find he is a lot better than a few minutes here and there. He will be a major factor. as a rim protector, rebounder (at both ends), and he can score, pass, and has a nice handle for a ‘big’!

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Longtime Jayhawk Montell Cozart looks to finish career with Boise State bowl win

I’m really happy for Montell. A nice young man, and a total ‘Team Player’! And he can ‘Pass’-he just needed the right system, and scheme! He will always be a Jayhawk, to me!

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Tom Keegan: Sam Cunliffe realizes the year-long wait made him more ready for prime time

Silvio would be a game changer at the defensive end, because he would be a good rim protector from day one. He will also help tremendously on the boards! I’m not worried about his offense-it will come, but from what I have seen, he will be able to score! And I wish people were not so negative-give Cunliffe a chance before you are so critical-he is not Newman/and, oh, by the way, Newman will be fine!

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