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KU to look into 'ways to improve' procedures for Late Night

Do this, and open the doors around noon or earlier. Rather than a flood of people, you'd get a trickle all afternoon. I can't imagine that a minimal staff would be that hard to maintain for a half of a day.

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Young Jayhawks face rough slate in 2013-14

Not that I see a problem in how he coaches, but your comment made me think about the situation and logistics of the game in Dallas. Could the configuration have led to the assistants not being able to make suggestions as easily as they normally would on a situation like the 10-second call? If I recall correctly, they were relegated to those chairs below court level while Self was all alone on the court. Seems like it might cause a disconnect that isn't usually there.

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Plans advance for School of Business building, `Rules of Basket Ball' museum, razing McCollum

Does anyone know where they are going to put the new business school if they are going to keep Summerfield? Also, if they are going to wait to tear down McCollum where are the new halls going to be built? Strictly curiosity, and I didn't see this in the article.

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Weis promises to explore all options before OSU game

You talking about the same Jordan Webb who has led Colorado to a 1-4 record? Not sure how many wins he would've led us to. Sure would be nice to have a decent QB though.

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Weis promises to explore all options before OSU game

I'd like to know this as well.

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Path to success: Former Jayhawk Russell Robinson shares advice with Naadir Tharpe

Just get the dolphin browser and in the setting change the user agent to desktop. That way all sites think that you are on a desktop not a smartphone. I'm not sure why anyone wants to go to a mobile version anymore, they are just generally harder to find what you want.

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KU's Andrea Geubelle takes third in finals of Olympic Trials, misses team cut

I'm unfamiliar with how these trials go so I have a question. If the top three triple jumpers did not make the qualifying mark does that mean the US will be unrepresented in the Olympics? Also, who sets the qualifying mark?

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High school guard Milton Doyle expected to visit KU on Monday

No offense to the kid, but it's a pretty strong statement to put him in the same recruit category as those guys you mentioned. According to Rivals TRob was ranked 31, EJ was ranked 24, Marcus ranked 29, Markeiff ranked 49 and Reed was 109. Doyle is a zero star. Pretty much everyone that has a shot at contributing is at least a 3 star. Merv, Quintrell Thomas and Royce Woolridge were our last three 3 stars, and none of them stayed.

Maybe this kid is a diamond in the rough, but if he chooses KU the path is steeply uphill I'd think. If he chooses us, the coaching staff must see something and I'll cheer for him like every other Jayhawk.

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Lawrence, KU to rename two streets after Don Fambrough on Saturday

How convenient to leave out the next line which goes to show the accuracy of the statement. "However, Carolina Street near Lawrence High School was added much later and Georgia never added." Not to mention that the list I showed clearly shows his quote is wrong.

Secondly, if you look at the town map on the link you provided there is no Missouri Street.

Third, he made that quote in 1855, before the civil war, bloody kansas, Quantrill's raid, or the University of Kansas. I hardly think he had a healthy dose of hatred for that state as of yet. If he was quoted after the civil war, he may have sang a different tune.

Also, there are precisely two lots with an address on the street being changed. Neither of them have houses. I'm sure the post office is going to be really confused by this "childish" change.

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Lawrence, KU to rename two streets after Don Fambrough on Saturday

Not sure where the myth came to be that the Lawrence streets were named as the states admitted from east to west. There are a few missing and I, for one, wouldn't mind Missouri being one of them.
Lawrence streets west to east, then states admitted (for comparison)
1. Delaware, Delaware
2. Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
3. New Jersey, NJ
4. New York, Georgia
5. Connecticut, Conn.
6. Rhode Island, Mass.
7. New Hampshire, Maryland
8. Massachusetts, South Carolina
9. Vermont, New Hampshire
10. Kentucky, Virginia
11. Tennessee, New York
12. Ohio, North Carolina
13. Louisiana, Rhode Island
14. Indiana, Vermont
15. Mississippi, Kentucky
16. Illinois, Tennessee
17. Alabama, Ohio
18. Maine, Kentucky
19. Missouri, Louisiana

And so on. Missouri shouldn't have gotten a street to begin with, let alone one that darn near leads to the stadium.

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