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Tyshawn Taylor and Thomas Robinson (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews)

Dear KU this. You dont have to be quicker than someone, you can pass faster than your opponent can move.

EJ and Teahan, drive and dish. Fake shot and pass, pass and cut..

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Taken by storm: Cyclone fans swamp floor to celebrate win over KU

Easy, tell this team to stop jacking up threes. Bench Teahan, he isnt driving, he isnt making the shots and that turnover yesterday swinging it was horrible.
KY should be first off the bench, he has by far the most upside. I say play Merv Lindsey before teahan or tharpe. He I think has some hidden talent and might be able to contribute. Its not to late to give him some time and develop him. KY will get better with time, he just needs more time and at least he has some size quickness, athleticism and passes good.

Tell, teahan and EJ that they better start taking it to the hole. I mean, EJ is one of the fasted kids on the court. Whats the aversion to driving and dishing? Teahan shot us out of the game...

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Road test exposes Kansas’ thin bench

Bench Teahan. He isnt driving, he isnt cutting he isnt playing defense and he turns it over. Anyone can throw up a three and he isnt even making them. He is a liability. Tharpe just jacks up shots with tons of time and turns it over, he isnt strong with the ball. He shot us out of the game..

You have to keep EJ in just, just tell him to drive instead of jacking up threes.

Kevin Young has the most upside and Wesley at least plays defense. Plus KY has had some great passes. In my opinion, we need to go deeper on the bench and expore other talent.

as for a seventh man, I see merv lindsey as someone who can contribute. He is 6'7 and looks like he might be able to score. Give that kid 15 min one game and see what he can do.

K Young is sixth man, Merv is seventh.

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