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NCAA leadership lacking when college athletics needs it most

The Supreme Court just dealt another blow to the NCAA by not stopping a hold on student athlete benefit disbursements to collegiate athletes.

This not only flies in the face of recent sanctions against KU and other notable programs, but when taken into context with Oklahoma vs. NCAA (1984), strengthens a university’s authority to negotiate its own terms - with media and with their players.

Why must KU wait and be a follower when we can instead be a leader in this fog of uncertainty?

Aren’t Kansas public schools returning this month? Aren’t KU students returning for fall semester already required to be tested?

If coaches/staff and players want to play, why must the program wait for permission?

Why can’t universities independently schedule willing/able opponents and compete? Perhaps even negotiating big media deals for television rights since the conferences and NCAA are refraining from action.

The issues surrounding this pandemic must be resolved regionally based on individual circumstance, rather than a nationwide “one size fits most” policy.

People seem to be acting as if NYC/Chicago and Lawrence, KS are the same place.

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Former KU standout Frank Mason III named 2019-20 G League MVP

It’s refreshing to see a man like Frank Mason III, with his talent and character, get recognized. You better believe he’ll be in Orlando with the Bucks!!!

Shooting 42.5% from beyond the arc would put him #7 in the NBA for 3pt % so far this season.

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

I think there are issues with the IARP, which KU notes when the case was referred over to this newly created enterprise.

“The Complex Case Unit includes both external investigators and advocates with no school or conference affiliations as well as one member of the enforcement staff.”

Advocates for KU, or advocates for the Infractions Referral Committee?

The NCAA enforcement is there, but KU is not provided representation?

“The Independent Resolution Panel reviews the allegations issued by the Complex Case Unit and the school’s response to those allegations. It then conducts a hearing, decides whether violations occurred and prescribes penalties.”

This is the NCAA setting up its own court, outside the legal system which has the power to levy penalties directly impacting university revenues.

“Decisions issued by the Independent Resolution Panel are final and are not subject to appeal or further review.“

This is the crux of the issue.

KU and HCBS were given two options:

1) Accept the current NCAA process.


2) Offer a written response, and then roll the dice w/ an NCAA infractions investigator & non-affiliated schools.

As my understanding, the IARP is not an actual court - but people with “legal backgrounds” whom “generate” a panel.

We’ve heard/read the NCAA’s spin on this. Here’s mine.

Call me crazy, but it seems to me that KU’s program and HCBS’ legacy has been held hostage by corporate profiteering that has led to our Jayhawks being offered as a sacrifice on the altar of the NCAA as nothing but an attempt to retain its power and influence - the money and licensing. This lawsuit begins the process of calling the NCAA out.

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

Dane Pratt, I think this adds leverage to the “independent review”.

The NCAA declares that the review panel decision can not be appealed. The notification of intent to sue provides notice to the NCAA that both KU and HCBS intend to make sure whatever ruling can, in fact, be appealed in some form or fashion.

As to the perceived lack of support for HCBS outside of KU, put yourself in the shoes of the face of an athletic program that currently isn’t involved in any NCAA probe. You’ve now seen an “FBI sting”, widespread NCAA probes shaking down other programs, and players under microscopes. Very few athletic programs have the community and financial support to endure a defiant stance should the NCAA decide to come audit or levy an allegation because a player is a big into style/image.

Also, I think the support is definitely there....

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

I stand with Bill Self and the University of Kansas.

The NCAA tried to “follow the money” against KU, only to find that “institutional control” prevented athletes from playing until they were either approved by the NCAA or decided to transfer away (which might explain the high rate of transfers under HCBS).

Rather than throw these kids under the bus, HCBS/KU discreetly helped these kids save face and either get approved to play or have them find other opportunities. KU did not disregard NCAA policy, nor did KU attempt to mislead or swindle the NCAA. KU followed the rules, despite how unjust they may have been (Silvio De Sousa).

The Kansas basketball program handles itself with class and confidence - which triggers haters whom see the program as either a blight on academia in general, or envious fans of rival programs whom perceive class and confidence as “self righteous.”

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

Here’s a tip for anybody wanting information about where this going...

Look at the timeline of events:

- Adidas/Under Armor/etc. make massive gains domestically against Nike

- TPP legislation to empower China manufacturing (including apparel companies, of which Nike DOMINATES overseas production)

- Nike CEO & Obama meet

- FBI launches “probe into collegiate basketball”

- NCAA targets Gassnola (Addidas) & Gatto, as well as assistant coaches who took bribes from a felon money launderer turned informant to sway athletes away from school sponsor (Oklahoma State & TCU)

- Simultaneously, media & Nike darling Zion Williamson gets caught red handed but a Florida court says he doesn’t have to testify b/c North Carolina is going to claim his first agent wasn’t registered w/ the state. Duke/Zion & Nike get off.

That is why Bill Self’s attorney has told the NCAA to preserve and provide all documents and correspondence related to the NCAA/FBI investigation; a decade record of NCAA rulings; and is accusing the NCAA of contract tampering (between KU & Adidas).

Bill Self’s personal lawsuit opens the door to a whole world the NCAA does not want revealed - it’s internal communications.

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Kansas coach Self threatens legal action against NCAA regarding handling of infractions case

This is going to get a whole lot more interesting, folks.

Get your popcorn ready.

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KU asks NCAA to hold separate hearings over alleged football, basketball violations; independent committee still to decide whether to hear case

Lamont Evans from OSU was the assistant coach and recruiting coordinator for Oklahoma State. He was caught red handed taking money and steering active players towards bribing agents, provenly unbeknownst to OSU and supposedly behind the back of apparel sponsor Nike. None of it taxed. This is why he is now a felon that may actually get deported. The players involved all saw playing time, and that’s why OSU got the post season ban.

No member of KU’s basketball or university staff is accused of taking any money or bribes. Any player allegedly involved in self enrichment either never committed, never played, or served self imposed suspension - the latter two providing direct evidence to institutional control over the men’s basketball program. Yet, the NCAA wants to crucify HCBS & the KU program.

The only comparison between Ok State and KU is how the NCAA is now arguing that the universities it once claimed in federal court were victims, are instead actually complicit in their own victimization - per NCAA rules. That is a bureaucratic paradox with pungent hypocrisy. The NCAA would rather damage itself than concede it can not monopolize nor regulate industry and therefore must adapt.

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Where Wilt ranks: Sorting out former Jayhawk Wilt Chamberlain's place among the game's all-time greats

Wilt Chamberlain is the “Secretariat” of basketball. There will never be another 100 pt performance w/o a three pointer.

There will never be an NBA player average 50+ pts and 30+ rebounds over the course of an entire season.

Wilt was, unquestionably, the most dominating player to ever step foot on a basketball court. He statistically dominated his contemporaries.

He caused more rules changes than Jordan has championship rings.

On the basketball court, Wilt Chamberlain could slam a revolving door.

Wilt Chamberlain is #1.

Michael Jordan is #2.

Chamberlain had no help until his later years, and Jordan’s crew developed alongside him. Anybody else who wants to be on any such list had established “All Stars” or “Hall of Famers” play with them during their most productive years.

LeBron James:
- DWade
- Bosh
- Irving
- Anthony Davis

Kareem Abdul Jabar:
- Oscar Robinson
- Magic Johnson
- James Worthy
- Jamaal Wilkes

Kobe Bryant:
- Shaq
- Pau Gasol (all Star)
- Odom (All Star) & Karl Malone (HOF)
- Ron Artest (aka - Meta World Peace; aka - Dennis Rodman wannabe).

Bill Russell:
His list of Hall Of Fame teammates is enough to make an entire team.

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