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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

The NCAA is “PETA”.

Duke/UNC are “Carol Baskin”

KU & other blue bloods are “Joe Exotic”.

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

Adidas is an apparel company within an industry that exists outside of NCAA control.

It hosts AAU tournaments, various events (camps, meet & greets, etc.), and it markets itself on social media...all things the University of Kansas and the NCAA itself does. The difference is that Adidas, KU, and NCAA each advertise for themselves. Nike, Under Armor, Russel, et. al. all do the same thing. Sometimes, those industries intertwine and partnerships and sponsorships are formed.

Any Adidas payments made were not made on the behalf of KU, but on the behalf of Adidas. That’s certainly not the action of a “booster”.

Make no mistake - this is all about NCAA losing control over their universities, in the very same way that professional sport teams have lost leverage over pro athletes because of sponsorship deals.

Bottom line - this is the United States of America. I was under the impression one’s talent and work ethic is supposed to be rewarded, rather than stifled and controlled.

...that’s what socialism and fascism leads to because it is required to ensure equity of standards. The KU men’s basketball program is literally the birthplace of the sport, so it’s fitting that the KU men’s program will be “hero” to young basketball players of future generations when they are considering where to commit. ;) There is a reason KU and Bill Self are confidently defiant.

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NCAA response highlights 'egregious' conduct, 'defiant posture' in alleged violations by KU

The NCAA is absolutely right when they claim that there is precedence regarding this.

NCAA vs. Oklahoma Board of Regents, 1984.

The Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA, claiming the NCAA’s rules were a restraint of trade. I’d say multi-million dollar sponsorship deals certainly have something to do with “trade”, although I’ll admit that I am no expert.

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Marcus Garrett: 'We felt like it was our year'

Marcus Garrett, I can safely say that you are by no means the only person that also felt like we could actually win it.

All the polls believed it, too.

- #1 team in every poll
- All Time NCAA FG % leader
- Big XII conference POY
- 2x (unanimous) First Team All Americans
- Big XII Defensive POY
- beat #1 (@ time) Baylor, @ Baylor, in a high stakes game
- 2 of the top 3 candidates for Wooden Award
- 1 of the top 2 candidates for Defensive POY

KU has the only legitimate claim to be the NCAA COVOID-19 Season Champions.

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KU men's basketball players express frustrations over abrupt end to 2019-20 season

Kansas is the unanimous #1 team in the country going into the NCAA tournament, and since the season was ended before a champion could be declared I sincerely think KU has a legitimate claim to the COVOID-19 season title.

What is the NCAA going to do - sanction and take it away from us? *laugh*

I’d buy the championship gear...unless online sales are shutdown to when co-void19 goes “viral”.

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NCAA announces upcoming basketball tournaments will be played without fans in attendance

What’s the next?

Are they going to make the tournament a “Pay-Per-View” event?

Will the NBA follow the NCAA and blow up their industry?

That would be tragic if BOTH my Jayhawks earning the top overall seed so they get to play nearby, and my OKC Thunder going from “tank” to “potential home court playoff advantage” are squandered by fear mongering sensationalism.

The NCAA (and NBA) knows fans will still watch.

Regardless, not even the coronavirus can stop Dok.

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Bill Self believes Jayhawks will remain focused in wake of KU's response to NCAA allegations

This squad is taking a 28 - 3 record into post season play, despite the NCAA violation allegations.

The only things that has changed is the official response by the University, which completely reaffirms its program and players. This should only bolster and further motivate a team that appears primed to compete for a title.

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In response to NCAA, KU argues evidence does not support allegations of violations

I wonder why the NCAA is dragging its feet when it comes to the other schools that we were told were going to get hit with major infractions. Didn’t the head of the NCAA’s infractions claim 6 or 7 schools were going to get hit with major penalties this season, and as of now there are only 3 or 4?

That suggests that the NCAA knows their arguments are about as solid as the DNC’s case for impeachment was.

The NCAA is “too big to fold”, but this battle will set a precedent that will ultimately either empower the NCAA or be the official “beginning of the end” of the NCAA as we know it today.

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Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

The Jayhawks will continue to do what they have always done - “fight” the competition on the scoreboard and stat lines, unless they are attacked by Kansas State.

This is all being blown out of proportion, and anybody comparing Silvio De Sousa to either Carlton Bragg or LeGerald Vick is only doing so because it is politically opportunistic to do so. Carlton Bragg and LeGerald Vick were trouble, and both were ultimately removed by HCBS and the KU athletic department. Silvio De Sousa was victimized by Gassnola and was forced to sit out by the NCAA, then responded inappropriately to being punched and shoved to the floor.

Silvio deserves to be suspended - he picked up a stool as a weapon (though he did not use it). McCormack deserves to be suspended because he kicked a defenseless player while he was on the ground. KState got off relatively easy because they are not a perennial powerhouse that gets almost every home game televised. Neither Silvio nor McCormack deserve to be “kicked off the team”.

Now - lets out this behind us and focus on Tennessee and the Big XII/SEC showdown.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

Silvio was going to be made an example of, no matter what because of the stool.

What I find revealing about the whole situation is the difference in KU and KState’s responses.

HCBS held himself accountable while making no excuses and taking immediate action, and following up with fans via official statements and social media AS they waited for penalties from conference officials.

Bruce Weber said that he was saddened by the whole thing, while claiming responsibility due to his position and making excuses that his players didn’t listen to him (in case we didn’t know).

The KState players were the players that left the bench and started the fight in the crowd.

The University of Kansas embraced responsibility and took immediate action.

Bill Self leads, while Bruce Weber follows.

...which entity “lacks institutional control”?

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