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KU's athletic director wants to build up football program, 'dig out of hole,' before tackling stadium

Um, I know Mr Long is new and everything but someone should tell him that our football team has been in a hole more or less for a hundred years. A nice updated stadium is actually doable though so let’s just do that. And don’t forget to level the east side and rebuild it closer so we can have the stands right next to the field. Mahalo.

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New York Yankees scout Darryl Monroe back in town as featured speaker

Former Oliver Hall dorm mate. Glad he’s doing great. Followed his baseball career in the pros for a little while and was disappointed he didn’t make it. But great to see he made it as a scout. He always seemed like a sharp kid.

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Jayhawks intent on recovering from disappointing season debut

Incredible resilience by these athletes. Never give up! Never!

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KU acknowledges having received federal subpoena in ongoing FBI investigation into college basketball

No way this guy plays for KU again. Hopefully the fallout from this won’t be too devastating but it probably will be.

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Tom Keegan: Next football hire will determine new AD Jeff Long's KU legacy

Are some of you actually comparing Les Miles to Charlie Weis? Not even close. We would be so lucky to have Miles. Not going to happen because he could do much better. Please don’t hire Brady Hoke. I still have hope that KU could win a few games this year but maybe the season is already a throw away if the conclusions this article make are true.

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David Beaty reacts to firing of Sheahon Zenger

Zienger seemed to be a solid leader, but the Weiss hire was just absolutely devastating. He probably should have weathered the storm and let Turner Gill have another year. If/when that didn’t pan out he just needed to hire anyone else.

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Tom Keegan: Billionaires latest to hear Matt Baty's stadium-renovation pitch

The latest fad us to fire the athletic director. Zenger certainly blew it with Weiss but I don’t see how firing him will help us now. As far as the stadium is concerned, if they don’t wreck the East side and eliminate all of the huge sideline space this project will a completel waste of time and money.

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KU's Lagerald Vick announces intention to turn pro

Very good player but this may be a big mistake. Hope he ignores his mom and keeps the option to return intact. He may not even get drafted.

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Jayhawks well represented on 2018 edition of One Shining Moment

I thought they tried to pack too much in it this year. The scenes were flashing so fast you couldn’t even really see anyone. Sister Jean deserved more than a third of a second. But yes KU was well represented.

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Tom Keegan: Will seven be enough for Kansas in the NCAA tournament?

Out of all of the 1 seeds we’ve had under Self this team has the least chance of making it to the Final 4. I’ll cheer faithfully though and be happy if we survive the first weekend.

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