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No. 3 Kansas earns tough win over No. 16 West Virginia in Big 12 opener

Duke, UK, and UNC have more games available only via stream than we do. It's not like this is unique to us.

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Kansas basketball games on Big 12 Now/ESPN+ a new source of frustration for some KU fans

You can pause, rewind, etc. I turn it on at game time, pause it for a half hour, then start watching it so I can skip the delays. The only thing that frustrates me is that fast foward or rewind doesn't show the game when you're doing so (so you can't tell when you've went far enough to avoid the commercial break for instance).

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Early loss to Duke may have refocused top-ranked Kansas

Next two games will give us a good indication of how much we've learned and how great of a team we really are. Two ranked teams on the roadright around Christmas (when we typically lay an egg). If we can win both of those, we're the real deal.

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Early loss to Duke may have refocused top-ranked Kansas

One benefit that can pay huge dividends later in the season is allowing the bench to get more minutes. The last game was a prime example where many of them got 15-25 minutes when they normally get half that.

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Improved activity on both ends leads to season-high 21 minutes for KU freshman Christian Braun

How much are you willing to wager on that?

Sorry, it's a nice thought but it's not going to happen. We'll drop at least 3 games in conference and being #1, losing, and still being #1 almost never happens.

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Big Dave's big day: No. 2 Kansas crushes Kansas City behind career-high from David McCormack

It was nationwide. ESPN released a statement/apology about it. It was just this game.

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Notebook: Despite final result, Colorado coach Tad Boyle enjoys return to alma mater

There were rumors from the moment he committed that he'd never make it on campus. Nobody really said "why" but it was said quite a bit and now it seems they were on to something. 15 year old kids are certainly far from predictable.

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Dynamic duo: Dotson, Azubuike combine for 60 points to lift No. 4 Kansas past Dayton in OT

No, they just said Dayton had played better than any other team so far in the tournament and that they are no joke and would push the Jayhawks, all of which is true.

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Quick recap: No. 4 Kansas outlasts Dayton in overtime to win Maui Invitational

KU just won the tournament and all you can do is bitch and moan. What a pathetic life you must live if all you can do is find things to complain about.

Nobody is forcing you to watch something you hate so much. Matter of fact, I think most of us would prefer you stop watching and stop posting here.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson breaks ankle, expected to miss at least 3 months

Losing a guard and replacing him with another big (who we've already got too many of if we're going to be better playing 1 big at a time) isn't going to help anything. If Mitch was a guard, absolutely.

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