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Notebook: Despite final result, Colorado coach Tad Boyle enjoys return to alma mater

There were rumors from the moment he committed that he'd never make it on campus. Nobody really said "why" but it was said quite a bit and now it seems they were on to something. 15 year old kids are certainly far from predictable.

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Dynamic duo: Dotson, Azubuike combine for 60 points to lift No. 4 Kansas past Dayton in OT

No, they just said Dayton had played better than any other team so far in the tournament and that they are no joke and would push the Jayhawks, all of which is true.

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Quick recap: No. 4 Kansas outlasts Dayton in overtime to win Maui Invitational

KU just won the tournament and all you can do is bitch and moan. What a pathetic life you must live if all you can do is find things to complain about.

Nobody is forcing you to watch something you hate so much. Matter of fact, I think most of us would prefer you stop watching and stop posting here.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson breaks ankle, expected to miss at least 3 months

Losing a guard and replacing him with another big (who we've already got too many of if we're going to be better playing 1 big at a time) isn't going to help anything. If Mitch was a guard, absolutely.

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KU freshman Jalen Wilson breaks ankle, expected to miss at least 3 months

The NCAA doesn't care about a judge's injunction. What jurisdiction have over NCAA rules violations? None.

So they will play him and the NCAA will ban them from post season play, and make them vacate all wins he plays in.

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Marcus Garrett takes top spot in ratings after tough loss to Duke

Why are you surprised Braun played more than an injured Moss who was not on the active roster?

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No. 3 Kansas commits 28 turnovers in 68-66 loss to No. 4 Duke in Champions Classic

Yes, and he wasn't here over the summer and hasn't practiced since late night so he's likely way behind in terms of developing him into a KU type player, and in terms of getting reps with his teammates.

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Full Squad Ahead: KU rolls to 102-42 win over Pitt State

I agree about Dotson needing to set up the bigs. He seems to have no interest in driving and throwing a lob for the bigs (which is something KU guards of the past excelled at).

Enaruna is the least pure shooter of the 3 big Freshman wings. He shot it well last night though.

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NCAA board approves athlete compensation for image, likeness

There is nothing about their announcement that means anything significant. They've already listed enough stipulations that it shows all they are really doing is trying to hush the critics while also creating a whole new book of rules for everyone to follow while not really allowing much of anything as far as payments go. Basically nothing thus far.

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KU won’t release report it cites as evidence against NCAA allegations

Cry me a river.

This quote: “It’s strictly the university’s choice to do so, which makes it difficult for the public to challenge or verify the circumstances surrounding (the NCAA’s) investigation.” says it all. Why the he** does the public need to challenge the circumstances surrounding the investigation? Oh that's right, they don't. So everyone get out of the way and let the big boys fight it out.

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