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KU freshman Zach Bradford breaks 36-year-old record at Kansas Relays

Um, what was the old KU record? What was the old Kansas Relays record? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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Breaking down what's left in the Big 12 race for KU, K-State and Texas Tech

"Lose either game and the streak is over."

Not mathematically. KU could still lose one game and share the title, if TT and KSU each lost both of their remaining games. Not likely, but mathematically possible.

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Kansas coach Bill Self on the Big 12 race: 'K-State is in the driver's seat'

You sound like the @$$hole to me.

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Electric encore: Vick drops career-high 33 points in KU's 89-76 win over Louisiana

Vick's season so far should serve as an illustration to underclassmen contemplating turning pro early of the good things that can happen if you decide to come back to school. (Are you out there, Malik Newman?) Newman and Vick could have been carving up opponents jointly this season. Instead, Vick and Doke are reaping the benefits of an extra year's seasoning.

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Notebook: Udoka Azubuike still not a shooter, but working on his free throws

I could've solved Azubuike's free-throw problem in a week's time, simply by tying one hand behind his back and having him shoot them one-handed (that is, if he refuses to adopt granny-style, which seems to be the case, despite the lip service he's paid to that approach). Have no idea why the coaching staff has let this problem linger for years. It doesn't take a genius to understand that having your big unable to pot a free throw is going to bite you in the butt, and sooner rather than later.

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Report says Romeo Langford's father had issue with KU being mentioned in FBI investigation

Craig Carson, please point to a single news story that made this implication and failed to report the truth. Just one. I'll wait patiently.

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Is KU big man Udoka Azubuike nearing a decision?

On SI's draft board, I think it was, Malik was listed as the 58th pick. He's declared already, of course, so he's definitely gone, but are you saying he couldn't have improved that position of 58 if he had come back for another year and dominated the league, much like Buddy Hield? The way he was playing at the end of the year, he might have averaged 20-plus for us next season, vaulting himself well into the first round.

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Is KU big man Udoka Azubuike nearing a decision?

"said her and her son were discussing..."? Her said what? Her said that her was discussing it with her son? Did her really say that?

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