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Logging big minutes opens up a world of possibilities for KU center Udoka Azubuike

Udoka is a monster, but teams (like Viillanova) will expose his perimeter defense. Also his FT shooting at the end of games is a weakness. KU has several weaknesses that could bite this team in the butt, the ones I mentioned with Udoka and perimeter shooting.

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Board of Regents member wants KU explanation on issues related to college basketball corruption case

My hope is that Self really does have evidence that Kentucky, Duke and UNC have done very similar things bc we know they do. When the NCAA comes investigating, show them the evidence and how prevalent it is and then they’ll back up bc they can’t afford to have all the blue bloods brought down

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KU now refuses to share info with public on $1.5M in Adidas payments; last week it said lack of personnel was reason for delay

KU will extend the contract with Adidas or else Adidas will release proof that the coaches were very aware of the payments to players.

In other news, it looks like Jeremiah Robinson-Earl is trending to Villanova. This mess is negatively impacting recruiting

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KU acknowledges having received federal subpoena in ongoing FBI investigation into college basketball

It's ironic that the year Self has one of the worst recruiting years ever is when the FBI launches an investigation into the program

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Reports: AAU director linked to NCAA bribery case, KU families pleads guilty

This guy is telling everything he knows, let's hope no one at KU, including Bill Self, had any knowledge of any of this. That being said, it's pretty sad that for all of this "cheating" going on that Kansas could never manage to get any really great recruiting classes

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Tom Keegan: Next season's Kansas basketball roster deeper, more balanced, greener

I'm so happy that Devontae Graham is gone! He was a Robin who Self asked to be Batman and it was not good. It was no coincidence that the only game in the tourney where he led in points was the one KU got the crap beat out of em. BUT as for next year, the roster does look good from a talent standpoint but the game is going more to small ball and if you look at Villanova, they have 5 players who can shoot. How can KU match up with that, especially when one of the guards (Garret) shoots worse than Udoka. I don't care about his defense if you can't shoot in this day and age you're a liability. Getting Langford would be huge bc he can light it up from three. Hopefully both twins can shoot it and De Sousa works on his jump shot and as for Udoka,he better be utterly dominant in the post or it will be tough to watch, on the defensive side he has no chance against a 5 man like Villanova has. Self was lauded for his adaptability this year but really it was just bc he failed in recruiting that his roster forced him to play small ball which was great for this era, now he'll probably go back more to high-low and fall further behind the curve. Jay Wright has made him look silly the past two times they've met

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Kansas survives close call vs. Clemson to advance to Elite Eight

Once again everyone ignores the fact that Devonte Graham tried to singlehandeldy lose this game, a total liability. Couldn't throw a rock in ocean and made terrible turnovers and fouls on top of that. He hasn't played well this entire tournament and hopefully he shows up on Sunday if KU wants any chance to advance. The Devonte against Oregon last year is showing up and it's vey terrifying

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KU offense crashes in road loss at Baylor

I don’t understand why Devonte gets such a pass by KU coaches and fans, he is a small, unathletic very average player. I guess it’s bc he plays so many minutes that any time he messes up or shoots bricks it’s bc he’s tired and has to carry the team. In this game when it was just a 4 point game at the end, he attacks the rim and gets blocked obviously. Then he loses his man in the zone, 3 points, then he doesn’t look back for the outlet pass from Svi, turnover then 3 points (his man). That’s 8 points in a critical point of the game. He’s not built to carry a team, I can’t wait for next season

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Sooners recover late to knock off Kansas

Devonte is tough plays a lot of minutes, God bless him, but I’m ready for him to go. He’s being asked to lead a team and he’s just not that good, once again he shoots brick after brick just like against Oregon. Trae Young made him look like an Appalachian St player

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