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After heavy freshman feel in 2018-19, Kansas basketball likely moving back toward a veteran lineup

So in an era where small ball and a scoring versatile big man is prevalent, like the devastating Villanova teams and the Golden State Warriors, Self will go with a traditional big man in Dok who has no shot outside of 3 feet, a 4 man in De Sousa who has no shot, a 3 man in Garrett who has no shot, a 2 guard in Obaji who can barely shoot, and a PG in Dotson who is a driver more than a shooter.

What the hell is going on? KU is a dumpster fire

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Kansas point guard Devon Dotson to make, announce stay-or-go decision Wednesday

Dotson is gone. Bill Self has destroyed this program, no one wants to go to KU, it's really sad to watch. Whoever thought Hampton would choose KU after Self has destroyed every guard that had legit NBA prospects were fooling themselves.

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4-star forward Jalen Wilson requests release from Michigan, reopens recruitment

Recruits are avoiding Self and KU like the plague. Self is washed up and wrecks NBA prospects. The longer he stays, the worse the program will get

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Top-10 big man Matthew Hurt chooses Duke

Bill Self has made Kansas a laughing stock around the country, what a joke

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Big recruiting week ahead for Kansas basketball

Kansas is in a similar position as OU was a couple of years ago under Bob Stoops. It's a program on a downward decline and in deep trouble, luckily for them Bob chose to step aside because they would never fire him. But Self is still here and is driving KU into the pits of hell. There is 0 reason for optimism, recruits are avoiding Kansas like the Plague. It hasn't been this bad in many many years

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Benton Smith: Jayhawks not dwelling on negatives after 4-guard lineup comes up short

Smh, this sounds like a AA meeting, there is absolutely no reason to be positive or hopeful. This team sucks, they’re retarded and cant shoot. I expect a first round loss or definitely second round

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This Is The End: Kansas overwhelmed by Oklahoma, ending KU's quest for another Big 12 title

The streak will technically have ended last year when the NCAA comes down on KU for playing De Sousa. Hopefully at that point Self is fired and Kansas can start over with a coach who knows what the hell he is doing, like Jay Wright. This is the worst collection of weak minded players I have ever seen. They have no pride and really no confidence at all and Self deserves a lot of blame for that.

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Quick recap: Kansas dismantled by Texas Tech in 91-62 defeat

Vick leaving the team was a great bonus but also Garrett not playing helped too. I knew that once Garrett was available Self would throw him right back in there even though he can’t play worth a damn. I’m over Self, maybe the NCAA will do what the school won’t

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Game Day Breakdown: No. 11 Kansas basketball at Texas

This team is a f*cking shame, Bill Self needs to be fired. Every game gets more and more disgraceful and embarrassing, Self pays for players but couldn’t pay for one that could throw a pebble in the ocean. I’m not going to watch another game, this is a sh*tshow

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Quick recap: No. 5 Kansas suffers 77-60 loss to Iowa State for first Big 12 defeat

This is literally the dumbest team I’ve ever seen. The individual players are low IQ players and always look like they have no idea wth is going on. Bill Self needs to be on the hotseat, there hasn’t been a fun team to watch in many years. They all turn the ball over and make dumb plays

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