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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

You seemed to miss the main point I made regarding Heaps and his play - he looks completely uncomfortable in the pocket. To reiterate, he has "happy feet", holds on to the ball way too long, and has limited mobility. This is not the analysis we were fed over the past year. We can provide multiple excuses as to why they didn't perform last night, but I'm sick of the excuses. New players or not, we need to execute. I was led to believe that execution was not going to be an issue with this team, but it has become painfully obvious that this is the case. Unless major strides are made in the next few weeks, we will resemble last year's team in far too many ways. BTW... I thought Heaps underperformed in his first outing against a weak FCS team. Kuddos to the defense, though. They've looked much improved thus far.

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Lone-star letdown: Offense disappoints in KU's 23-14 loss to Rice

Watching Jake Heaps fidget around in the pocket all last night, I wondered what the LJW staff saw in practice over the past year to inspire the praise they "heaped" on him (pun intended). The predictions made by the bloggers and writers for this publication seem ludicrous. Was it Tait that predicted thousands of passing yards, 20+ touchdowns, and a high completion percentage from our second retread QB? I fully understand that this was only the second game of the season, and Heaps hadn't seen game action in nearly two years. However, he looked uncomfortable in the pocket all night. He had "happy feet", clearly doesn't know when to throw a ball away, and has absolutely zero running ability. Where is this accuracy and zip that so many articles were devoted to throughout the summer? I also understand that many of his receivers dropped catchable balls, but Heaps tossed many poor passes. And, many of these catchable balls were either wounded ducks or in difficult positions. What is the point of all of this? As a graduate and fan who lives in Wichita, I don't have the opportunity to see the team play until the season begins. I follow all reports of Jayhawk football closely, read the LJW daily, and base my expectations on the analysis of the objective reporters who have access to the athletes and the program. Well, you've set me up for disappointment again, LJW staffers. Your summer analysis of Jake Heaps is not translating to the fall. He looked more like Dayne Crist than Todd Reesing last night, and it was your analysis over the past year that suggested otherwise. It is obvious to me why he lost his starting job at BYU - a program I want the Jayhawks to exceed in success.

On a side note - We gained more yards laterally than we did vertically. For some reason we play the game side-to-side. Poor play calling from a poor offensive coordinator?

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Hiawatha football recruit Peyton Newell picks Nebraska

I noticed a brief reference to Blake Bell in this thread, and I believe this deserves more attention. Blake Bell is arguably the best Quarterback to come out of a Kansas high school in many, many years. He may also have been the most sought after recruit for a really long time. KU and KSU were beating down his door trying to sign this athlete out of Wichita Bishop Carroll High School. However, just like Newell, Bell snubbed the in-state schools for the glamor of a high profile program. Look where it got him. He will continue to toil away on the bench for the Sooners. While he will get looks in the "Belldozer" package, his true talents will not be on display this year or next (the starting job went to a freshman). Had he selected either KU or KSU, Bell could have been a four year starter. I know this is pure speculation, but I don't think it's a reach either. I only hope for the best for Newell; however, there is a strong chance he goes the way of Bell. Our highly recruited high school football players need to think long and hard about their futures. KU and KSU offer gifted athletes an opportunity to play and play early. These athletes will be able to showcase their talents on the field while demonstrating the growth and maturing process that takes place over a four year period. KU and KSU have also proven that, while not national powerhouses, we place our share of athletes on NFL rosters. Again, I hope for only the best for Newell. However, he'd better be prepared to sit for a year or two, or in the case Blake Bell, his entire college football career.

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Opinion: KU can't compete with a pass D like this

I'm excited for a few of the big name JUCO recruits that Weis has received commitments from at this point. However, a few are still going on visits to other colleges. The ultimate goal now is to keep these studs.

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Opinion: KU can't compete with a pass D like this

You cannot blame Campo (a proven defensive coach at the NFL level) for the poor play of the secondary. The reason we played 10 yards off of the ball at the corners is due to personnel issues. We do not have the speed at the corners to run with Big XII receivers, nor do we have the speed at the safety position to help over the top. In a bump-and-run scheme, a corner would have to jam a receiver and turn and run with said receiver. Without matching speed, our corners would get burned every snap. Playing 10 yards off of the ball keeps the receivers in front of the DB, and in theory, allows them to break on the ball and make a play. Again, a lack of talent didn't allow this to happen consistently. Campo did what he could with what he had. The Big XII games in which we didn't get blown out is a testament to our defensive coaches making the most out of a truly bad situation. With better personnel, I believe we will see the impact that having a coach of the caliber of Campo can have on a defense.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

Season ticket sales are at an all-time high, students are staying the entire game, and the 2013 recruiting class is shaping up to be one of our best ever. I would suggest that this is infusing life into a fledgeling program. We are four games in, and we have had an opportunity to win all four. Granted the outcomes have been less than desirable, but I see an improved product on the field. This gives this KU alum and fan reason for hope.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

I've posted something similar on another comment board, but we cannot blame Mangino's firing and the hiring of Gill on the current administration. ADSZ infused life and hope into a fledgeling program with the hire of Weis. Give the man more than four games before we start calling for his head. We have a few nice pieces to work with, but Weis, as a whole, is working with athletes that are inferior to what they are about to face and what they faced in the TCU game. While the QB play is atrocious, the rest of the team looks much improved from last year. Always remember, Mangino won only 2 games his first year in Lawrence.

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Déjà ewww! KU falls apart in 4th (again)

Jordan Webb vs Washington State - 29/42 (69%), 345 yards, 2 TDs, and 1 INT. With this stat line, we beat Rice, NIU, and possibly TCU.

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

To be fair, our current administration had nothing to do with the firing of Mangino and the hiring of Gill. However, your point is well taken. How Lew Perkins is not in federal prison is beyond me. Give ADSZ a chance before you completely write him off. He has done some good things in his short time at KU including the Weis hire. This hire energized our fan base and gave us something to look forward to instead of dread. We are just a few plays from being 3-1 or 4-0. Most of the blame for our 1-3 record falls on Crist and some suspect game planning by HCCW. However, had Crist made the plays, we are easily sitting at 3-1 heading into Manhattan.

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Keegan: Dayne Crist’s miss costly

I think you're right on with your post, however, moving on with a different QB would not be "giving up on Crist". Crist has played his way out of the starting spot, and HCCW would be lauded for his commitment to success by replacing his most beloved son (and yes, I know that his own flesh-and-blood is on his coaching staff).

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