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Getting to know: Texas Tech basketball

Good catch, thank you!

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How KU women's basketball went undefeated in nonconference play after dropping exhibition opener

It is basically KenPom for women's basketball. Like KenPom, you have to pay to use it though.

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KU football opens as 14-point underdog against No. 11 Baylor

They took the line down Sunday night/Monday morning, and I assumed it was because of Brewer. The line was posted again Monday afternoon, when it was announced he was good to go. So this line is based on Brewer playing.

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KU's defense must fix issues against mobile quarterbacks ahead of matchup with OSU

I think he's a faster than the previous three quarterbacks from what I have seen on tape, and he's not someone that is going to run defenders over like Ehlinger.

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Kansas QB Carter Stanley performing well against different types of pressure

So much this! But also, I wasn't able to chart the Texas game, and they used a lot of 5+ blitzers from what I saw when watching live. I'm sure Stanley's numbers were good in those situations as well.

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Pick 6: Bets bets for Week 9 of college football

Haha you have a fair point. I'll always take being at least 55% ATS though, especially since we include the NFL every week and that is the toughest sport to bet on.

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Pick 6: Best bets for Week 3 of college football

Thanks for reading! That Kansas State game was the toughest college game for me to pick, so I can definitely see your point.

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KU's offense should attempt more deep passes to avoid stacked boxes

Most deep throws in the video I created are simple 3-step drops for Carter Stanley. He throws to his first read on the final step. Not every deep pass play needs a bunch of time.

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KU's offense should attempt more deep passes to avoid stacked boxes

He only played 28 snaps the week before, per PFF. That doesn't necessarily explain his lack of usage in Week 2. But I'd guess that formations used and lower number of pass attempts factored into this more than anything else.

September 10, 2019 at 6:47 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU's offense should attempt more deep passes to avoid stacked boxes

Good point. Yeah, I didn't keep track of what downs the deep passes took place on. But that Parchment bomb in the Indiana State game was on first down, and then Stanley also tried to hit Parchment on the first play of the game against Coastal Carolina. It certainly makes sense to take a shot on first down when the defense is expecting run.

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