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First 4 episodes of 'Miles to Go' debut on ESPN+

I hope Coach Miles's arrogance and swagger translate to the football field! Lol. What a personality! Rock Chalk! Go get 'em boys!!

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Former Jayhawk Aaron Miles joins Golden State Warriors' coaching staff

Way to go Aaron! Rock Chalk Nation is proud of you and the great way you represent KU as a successful, hard working alumni! Keep it up!

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Jayhawks demolished by Red Raiders in worst conference loss under Bill Self

Don't be fairweather like this posters! Yes, that game was hard to watch, yes, that wasn't like the Jayhawks, but KU's constant success isn't normal. It's extraordinary. This team has lost three of its top players, is extremely young, and is arguably doing they best they can (they still don't get it though). Yes, they looked like absolute doo doo last night, but you gotta root for your team and support them regardless IMHO and give Tech credit! Their defense was amazing and they weren't missing, a la Villanova last year in the FF. Kansas is in the top 25, is in the top three in their conference and has 20 wins. Do you know how many teams would kill for a season like that? Just once? The many Kansas fans that act like the world is falling right now are the reason a lot of people think KU fans are snobs. We are spoiled. Kansas beat Duke in the elite eight last year. Memories are short. Love you all, but come on. They're kids and I'm confident that losing hurts them more than it hurts all of you. Even though it does seem like they don't care that much. Rock Chalk always, not just when it's convenient and popular!

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Notebook: KU freshman Ochai Agbaji shines in starting debut, scoring team-high 24 points

Does anyone else feel that Ochai is the only player on this team that actually cares, shows emotion, or gets upset when the Hawks are losing? The post game comments from our other starters are all so ho-hum. It seems like none of the players have any pride for the uniform and could care less if we win or lose. It's hard to see a Kansas team that has no pride or emotion. Coach Self doesn't even really seem that concerned lately. I'll always have faith in coach Self, but has he just given up on this team being competitive or does he just have to act supersensitive with them because they are all immature? Vick should definitely not start ever again. Rock Chalk through thick and thin, we are spoiled as fans, no doubt, but it's hard to watch right now.

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Notebook: Jayhawks have become a regular on Big Monday for good reason

Mike Morris, that is a valid point. I know Fran does the best he can, I suppose he does repeat those facts for people that aren't watching every game. He could still mix it up a bit though! Lol. Maybe people wouldn't find him so annoying if he didn't have to call seemingly every single Big 12 Kansas game! I wish ESPN would just switch it up a little bit and give other announcers a chance to call the games. I'm sure good announcers from all over would jump at the chance. Another point on this thread is well taken: Fran is nowhere near as bad as Bill Walton. Bill Walton is unequivocally the worst, I mispoke when I said that about Fran. Walton doesn't even know where he is half the time. They'll be whole stretches of a game he calls where he's not even talking about basketball, he'll just start talking about his philosophies and travels. Then he'll start praising the players out of nowhere. Obviously from a stat sheet. I feel sorry for Arizona and UCLA fans that have to listen to him call games all of the time. I also feel bad for his announcing partner that has to corral him in from pointless rants constantly and act like he actually likes him. I do love Holly Rowe though as well! She's the best. She knows her stuff! Rock chalk! Beat Kentucky!

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Notebook: Jayhawks have become a regular on Big Monday for good reason

I agree about Greenberg as well. He is a HUGE KU hater and doesn't even pretend to be impartial. I'm not going to say that he doesn't have just cause to be down on the Jayhawks at times, they are definitely their own worst enemies, especially on this team, but the guy is definitely a KU hater at all times. Jelly.

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Notebook: Jayhawks have become a regular on Big Monday for good reason

The Spectrum ad is covering up the ability to click the "Read More button" to continue reading this article. Also, Fran Fraschilla is the absolute WORST. He constantly repeats the same facts about Kansas over and over again during broadcasts (Kansas basketball fans had to listen for years about how Devonte' Graham was originally going to go to Appalachian State and how Frank Mason was originally offered a scholarship to Towson. Those are just two of many examples of his ridiculous repetitive nature) and only brings up points on how other teams can beat Kansas, not what KU can do to win. You can almost hear him salivating when KU gives up leads. Especially when Kansas is playing OU. Why does he have to do all of KU's 12 games? The fans deserve better.

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Jayhawks claim 10th consecutive victory over Longhorns with 80-78 win

Yes Jay Scott. I meant to type alleviate, not elevate. Darn autocorrect, only works when you don't want it to! Ha! Better free throw shooting would alleviate some of the late game drama by hopefully increasing the Hawks lead and negating some of the hot shooting/comebacks the other teams are throwing KU's way. I also think KU can guard the 3 better, but that's just wishful thinking on my part.

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Notebook: Per report, KU officials to ask NCAA to reinstate Silvio De Sousa

Joe and Robert, do you guys work for the NCAA? So defensive! Talk about whining and boo-hooing! Ha. This is a forum for discussion, no need to take cheap shots fellas! Bill Self has said repeatedly to the media this season that he contacts the NCAA EVERYDAY asking about Silvio's eligibility and that they always reply with, "we're working on it." He has also said repeatedly that Silvio is a stud teammate, has done everything right and that he is crushed. Yes, the university has just now gotten OFFICIALLY involved, but the NCAA has known about this the whole time. To imply that they haven't known would just further prove their inadequacy. They move as slow as molasses in matters such as these. Always have. The university getting officially involved seems to me more like a push to influence the NCAA to actually get the ball rolling rather than a first contact regarding the situation. I.E., the more the story is in the public eye and the more it is "official" and on the record, perhaps the faster this will be resolved. If you look at the processes of players like Cheick Diallo and Billy Preston (different situation admittedly) you will see a genuine pattern of the NCAA's futility and lack of concern over resolving these cases. I'm not even saying that Silvio shouldn't be kept out of playing for what transpired by his guardians, but it seems they should at least make a ruling. The facts are out there, what's the hold up?

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Jayhawks claim 10th consecutive victory over Longhorns with 80-78 win

I trust Coach Self implicitly in all facets of the game and there were many positives to point out tonight (Garret's great play offensively, Vick's hot shooting, Lawson coming up big again in crunch time, and definitely the way KU took care of the ball), but the Hawks need to focus and put teams away when leading at the end of games. They have repeatedly allowed teams to make it close at the end of games this year. Texas played well down the stretch, credit to them, but if our boys can't focus and guard shots (especially the three ball) down the stretch, i'm afraid of some heart wrenching losses coming. What do you think Matt Tait? Can they fix this? Better free throw shooting would definitely eleviate some of the drama, to be sure.

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