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Dazzling debut: Jake Heaps shines in Blue's spring game win

8 wins --well you lived up to your name = PSYCHO!

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Dazzling debut: Jake Heaps shines in Blue's spring game win

The game was a set-up just like last year to make the #1 QB look good.
There was no pass rush on Heaps. It is easy to sit in the pocket and check out all the receiver options when there is no pressure. Reminded me of Crist in last years game.

There was a pass rush constantly against Cummings, but Heaps was hands off - not a guy within 3 yards on every play.

Still with no pass rush I thought Heaps looked very ordinary.

The game was a very boring and Wies did nothing special to entertain the fans.

At the Nebraska Spring game. they did drills like having the linemen trying to catch punts. The fans loved it. The KU spring game was very vanilla and was just a typical practice scrimmage.

Also I was wondering if Wies is hard of hearing. The PA system was cranked up so loud before the game it was ear piercing. The guys next to me said, "Springsteen would not even want it turned up that loud"!

The KU band was great though!

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Opinion: Dismal KU football season featured players and plays to celebrate

Turner Gill -- After losing his first 4 games at Liberty, Gill turned it around and went 6 - 1.

Gill won six of his last seven games ---he does know what he is doing.

KU paid him 5 million to leave town and he did.

But no reason for you KU cheerleaders to badmouth Gill.

He is a winner, has always been a winner and would have been a winner at KU if patience was showed.

So we move on to a 1 - 11 season and the cheerleaders want to believe there has been progress. Yea Right!

Just because Wies can talk a good game, does not mean he can judge talent (example: Crist).

At the end of the day badmouthing Gill is in poor taste, especially when the new guy went 1 - 11.

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Four KU football players earn second-team All-Big 12 honors

What Sims accomplished without a quarterback and passing game is truely remarkable.

Also good to see Jimmay Mundine get some ink. I was very surprised all year that Wies did not use Mundine more in passing game.

How hard is it to throw a ten yard pass to the tight end?

Jimmay hopefully will be used more next year and will show all that he is a very talented player.

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KU running back James Sims says NFL can wait

I mean no disrespect to Sims --he is a great guy and a great player....

But I do not think Wies can judge a quarterback....

He kept thinking all year that Crist could play and starting Crist on Saturday was a complete trainwreck.

The way Wies ran the offense gives little hope for the future.

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KU running back James Sims says NFL can wait

You say 7 -5 ---you must be from MARS?

Here is the schedule --who is KU going to beat?

At best 2 wins.

South Dakota at Kansas
Kansas at Rice
La. Tech at Kansas
TT at Kansas
Kansas at TCU
Oklahoma at Kansas
Baylor at Kansas
Kansas at Texas
Kansas at Okla. St.
West Virginia at Kansas
Kansas at Iowa State
Kansas State at Kansas

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KU running back James Sims says NFL can wait

Weis also said that Crist was good...

Weis cannot judge talent.

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Opinion: KU can't compete with a pass D like this

Wies cannot judge talent....

He never learned all year that Crist could not play...... Starting Crist on Saturday shows that Wies is not very bright.

Wies said Cummings has a cannon for an arm ---- HMMM Wrong again....

Now Wies is touting Heaps as hif next savior.....

During the 2011 season at BYU, Heaps started the first five games of the season. During those first five games, Heaps threw 3 touchdowns and 5 interceptions and failed to garner a QB rating higher than 116.3.

KU is doomed!

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Final goodbye: West Virginia 'gross mismatch' for KU in seniors' last game

I have never seen so many KU Cheerleaders...

It took Wies 6 games to finally figure out that Crist could not play. He then said Cummings had a cannon of an arm. Wrong again.

Wies play calling was horrific. No quick passes to tight end, no swing passes to backs, no reverses to slow down pursuit.

You guys keep on cheerleading and paying Wies $3 million per year. What a nice gig Wies has going,

$3 million for 1 - 10 record, and most of you people think KU has improved, only in America.

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Former KU coach Mark Mangino on Colorado's radar

Webb has one more year....

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