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Jayhawks schedule men's basketball home-and-home with Temple

+1...Kentucky anyone?

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KU men's basketball facing tough nonconference slate

As before, just happy to see that my earlier statements align with Thomas Robinson's quote about playing the best. As to HCBS, you don't lose your job losing games against Duke and Kentucky. Any good coach would agree that your losses teach you more. Tyshawn, get the quibs out now and get ready to head up this team. I can hardly wait to see the new guys develop! Rock Chalk!

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Tyshawn Taylor recovers from second-half cramps in KU victory over Georgetown

The best is yet to come. We haven't even tipped the iceberg for offensive output. It's going to take longer for this team to gel, so if that's a black mark in your book, so be it. We're playing some great talent and I'm happy to see us making mistakes and learning. It's a crucial part of the season journey that we haven't had in past seasons. Maybe offensive output looked better in previous seasons when we only played what were essentially JuCo teams. I'm excited for a heck of a ride, and I am a fan of Releford for what that's worth.

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Bill Self: UK could be top team

I was happy to see UK on the schedule. Of course I hoped for a win, but the best part about getting kicked in the teeth is that you learn how to avoid getting kicked in the teeth. As far as all the recruiting "talk" goes, the young guys on this team (Tharpe, Wesley, for example) will all have some real experience by soph/junior year.

I agree with those that are pointing to Ellis and McLemore joining the ranks as a means of feeling confident about winning. What I see is that all the talent we need for this season is there. From the outset, no, we don't have four guys on the bench that are battle-tested. Guess what we're doing now? We're battle-testing them against some top-tier teams! I like it. I'll take the lumps and keep rockin' the holy Chalk. Worst case scenario, in my opinion - we're going to have to do away with the Classic University of Kansas tenure/PT system and be ready to play some green guys. Who knows? By the end of the season, maybe Tyshawn will get back to his late-last-season self, and Elijah and Travis will get some confidence on D and behind the arc. Withey looked like he got a lovin' spoonful of the good life at his altitude. I think there's great things to come, and this article just confirms what I already knew - getting kicked in the teeth teaches you how not to get kicked in the teeth.

Rock Chalk!

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Bill Self: Practices leave thin Jayhawks ‘gassed’

This post makes absolutely no sense to me, so please help if you can. Are you sure you weren't reading Mizzou's fanboy boards?

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Bill Self: Practices leave thin Jayhawks ‘gassed’

I absolutely love that Self is not bringing in people who won't be on the bench for games. Always take the pessimistic approach with conditioning, and assume you have further to go to be game-ready.

Question - Do Traylor and McLemore lose a year of eligibility, or does their "partial qualifier" status have them treated as a redshirt? Looking forward to a reply from the many sages on the board.

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KU coach Bill Self: Elijah Johnson might 'blow up'

(flipping through instruction manual) Let's see, insert the hose here, connect to liquefied meat pump here, and flip the power switch to the "on" position. Allow cycle to run for several days until the desired result of Jeff Withey weighing 240 pounds is achieved. Repeat as necessary. Use under the care of a qualified strength coach.

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KU coach Bill Self: Elijah Johnson might 'blow up'

Absolutely correct. Where's the Tony Hawk "moon physics" cheat when you need it in real life? Thermodynamics be damned...Elijah, come on. It's not like we're asking for the *entire court.

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Travis Releford shrugs off Kansas’ losses

Releford's time has come. Let's do this season! Can't wait to see some punishment dealt from Travis' hands this season!

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KU coach Bill Self: Elijah Johnson might 'blow up'


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