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Report: KU officials to ask NCAA to reinstate sophomore forward Silvio De Sousa immediately

The NCAA could force KU to vacate last year's result regardless if KU ever claimed SDS ineligible. I believe the resolution is coming sooner rather than later. I'm hoping this is all part of a joint solution that allows SDS to play and for KU to not have to vacate wins.

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Tom Keegan: Count on Silvio De Sousa rebounding from scandal

A little off topic, but I'm curious why we are we not hearing anything about tax evasion charges from the IRS? It is hard to believe that:
1) These major shoe companies have representatives with annual budgets in the millions for covertly distributing millions of dollars to the families and representatives of these athletes without issuing 1099's or withholding taxes.
2) The FBI has proof that several of these payments were made.
3) And given the first two, the IRS has not shown up at the accounting offices for these shoe companies with warrants to confiscate all records.

We spend so much time and effort trying to adjust the rules to the current environment. But if CEO's and CFO's were held more accountable for the illegal transactions of their companies, we wouldn't be in this situation. What CFO could honestly say he or she has reviewed the annual budget and expenditures of a department like this and then claim they weren't aware of how 90% of the budget was being spent?

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West Virginia forward Wesley Harris publicly reprimanded by Big 12

The SEC fines a school $250K if the football field is rushed. And those visiting players are huge and wearing pads. $25K for storming a basketball court is a joke. That's about as effective as fining everyone $25 for speeding. If it cost a school $250K to storm the court, my guess is there would be a larger number of security personel on hand.

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Self says Billy Preston's status unchanged

Starting to have some doubts. At first I assumed that Coach didn't find out about the incident until late Monday or early Tuesday and there just wasn't enough time for the compliance office to contact the right people. But two days later and still no answer?

Let's just assume someone (presumably living in Florida) co-signed the loan for Billy. If it was a family member, that should be easy enough to prove. If it was a "friend of the family" that lives thousands of mile away, then it would take time to prove this person wasn't in fact working for or with an agent. Lots of wealthy people with vacation properties in Florida put Florida tags on their vehicles to avoid paying property taxes. Some of these people are called agents or donors.

Billy Preston could come from an upper-middle class family. He could have a wealthy uncle.
I have no idea and am not about to make any assumptions. But I have always assumed that someone from the staff is responsible for looking out for potential gifts to players. Therefore, I assumed that things like cars (new or used) were reviewed prior to the season for all players, but especially your highest recruit.

Not pointing fingers and I certainly want Billy to play soon. But I've got to think that Coach Self is frustrated with some of his staff for not covering this prior to this incident. I mean what if Billy's hadn't damaged his car until two days before KU was to play in the Final Four?

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Report: 2 KU basketball players allegedly involved in car vandalism case

So Vick and Jackson were allegedly outside the Yacht Club and Vick was damaging a car while Jackson watched. Meanwhile, no one at the Yacht Club was interested in filming a star basketball player smash a windshield and kick a door. But a man (refusing to give his name) says that this is what his daughter told him happened to her car.

If I call the Journal World and tell you a friend told me that none of this is true, will you post that as a story as well?

True or not, the Star and Journal World are not exactly setting good examples here of responsible journalism.

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NCAA fines, reprimands KU coach Bill Self for damaging scorers table in NCAA Tourney

And it only took the NCAA 3 months to issue this judgement on something that was trivial, televised and uncontested. Things sure are speeding up at the NCAA.

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

Forget MU. But I would like to see us play Saint Louis University regularly. Play them at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis and AFH or the Sprint Center in KC. This might help us build on our success recruiting St. Louis.

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Bill Self: Jayhawks’ defense needs work

Love HCBS!

He is a perfectionist on defense and seems to motivate by never letting the players think that they don't have a lot more potential. I can't imagine HCBS ever saying something along the line of: "Our defense is right where it should be. We can now concentrate on our offense."

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Ex-KU QB Webb to start for Colorado

I believe it is because he earned his degree. Similar to the Notre Dame players that transferred to KU and can play right away.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

“At one occasion law enforcement had Mr. Villeareal this basketball season at the Sprint Center sitting behind the KU basketball bench with a number of the players,” she said. “So we know that he had probably not only a personal relationship with them but a professional relationship as well.”

I don't get this comment at all. If he is sitting "behind" the KU bench during a game, how can he be sitting "with" a number of the players? And how would a rationale person conclude that anyone sitting behind the bench has both a personal and professional relationship with the players on the bench? Couldn't it also mean simply that someone with great seats (presumably part of KU's allocation of seats) sold their tickets?

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