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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Really like what I saw from Embiid in that game. Could be similar to Withey defensively but with more athletic ability / higher ceiling. Withey worked hard to get better at KU. Embiid could be special if he puts in the work and is becomes a 4 year guy in our system.

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KU signee Joel Embiid praised for defense at Jordan Classic

Nice story / pic. EJ is a Jayhawk for life. Rock Chalk!

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Danny Manning hired as Tulsa's head coach

Tulsa just became my second favorite College Basketball team...

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Perry Ellis selected as McDonald's All-American

I think our starting 5 next year are:
Ben Mc

Why do you think Releford is a 2 guard next year? Love to speculate on this stuff and always like to read your take.

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Victory over UCLA sets up meeting with Blue Devils

Sloppy Journalism to say the least.

Note to - Hire some KU J-School students to be Keegan's editor.

It's not like LaTroy is pitching in irrelevance - just pitched in the the NLCS.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Bill Self look to build off UK game mistakes

TT's comments alone are more mature than what he would've said in the past. And he did battle until the end, which I liked seeing.

This will be a rare rebuilding year and not up to our standard. I'm confident they'll get better. They'll learn from the Kentucky game. No use talking about the past teams and comparing them, Jayhawk Nation will have to embrace THIS team and give them our support and trust Coach to coach.

That being said - next year's class looks fantastic already. We have a 3 (Ellis), 4(Peterson) and 5 (Lucas) with size, skills, brains and they're not OAD's IMO. Will also have McLemore at the 2. And I think we'll add a couple more top 50 guys and have a stud class of 3 and 4 year guys to go with Naadir, Elijah, Releford and Withey.

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Thomas Robinson named Wooden Award preseason candidate

T-Rob may end up top 10 by end of year. He and Tyshawn have opportunity to dominate.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Board of Regents to discuss future of Big 12

It is a more favorable, appealing partnership to all these conferences. Pull off the blinders.

I'm not an MU fan...but there is a reason they danced with the Big 10 a year ago. There is a reason they now are a front runner for the SEC.

IMO. MU has a better alumni base, has better educational appeal to a major conference, and they have been more competitive in football on a consistent basis in recent years.

And don't forget - this is all about money and MU would bring the STL market.

There is not a single major conference out there that would consider KSU over MU.

I would like to see KSU and MU in the Big 10 with us, but I'd say our chances are better tied in with MU - without a doubt.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Board of Regents to discuss future of Big 12

In the realignment game, there is no payoff for partnering with another school, unless that school has leverage. K-State has ZERO leverage.The only schools with any power are Texas and OU. Our leadership is absolutely crazy if they think there is ANY payoff aligning ourselves with K-State if we want into a major conference. This is Zenger's opportunity to shine and prove his loyalty.

That being said, if we come to our senses, assuming we can't get tied up to OU or Texas (both of which I think are Pac 16 bound), our best option is to let the dust settle. KU and possibly MU will be the only schools left from the Little XII with any clout and all remaining conferences will be looking to round out to 16 teams.

At that point the Big Ten would be looking hard at us...we would fit very nicely - 2 bitter rivals with geographic appeal, football fan base (MU) and elite basketball needed (KU). MU and Illinois are already rivals. KU adds prestige basketball season playing Indiana, Ohio State, Michigan State every year. Rivalries with Nebraska are renewed. The Big 10 picks up two top 30 TV markets in KC and STL. That is my dream scenario, and also makes a lot of sense.

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