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KU coach Bill Self talks Silvio De Sousa, says something needs to be determined one way or another

To build on Jeff’s point, I think it’s a societal issue where America has accepted that public/private universities themselves, and large, powerful organizations (NFL, NCAA) are moving away from following the US system of justice and citizens’ granted constitutional rights, to instead implement their own governing bodies. The constitution and our justice system, while certainly not perfect, have been the best answers to date on how to fairly govern and enforce. Instead, these organizations are pushing governance behind closed doors, into board rooms with select few individuals who hold power to make unattested decisions. Decisions which aren’t even consistent accross similar cases. Silvio is a victim of this type of “governance”, and if we as Americans keep accepting how these parties part with our proven system, we will be victims as well someday. #freesilvio.

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Beaty will 'look at who has the best week' at QB for KU

Wonder if that’s due to play calling? Can you somehow break the stat into sacks per run vs sacks per pass attempt?

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Decommitment from Wichita TE leaves KU with 1 recruit in 2019 class

People this is a fan blog!! Blogs are for opinions, good and bad. We are not communist China where we should expect everyone to log on and say something positive to try to entice a recruit. These kids aren’t stupid and don’t need fake positive encouragement. If anything, they smell right through it and reject it because it doesn’t feel like the real truth.

The recruits that will come to the school now do so because they prioritize things over any fan opinion (I.e. scholarship education, coaching relationship, playing time, only offer to play power 5). The good ones will want to start coming in when we win. If any recruit is soft enough to read the cold hard truth on this message board and change their decision, we don’t want them anyways. We need Mangino toughness back in the program!

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KU football interim HC countdown: No. 2, Clint Bowen

This is a sports blog, not a cheerleading section for any particular group. Many on here don’t look at it that way. Does a news reporter take pity on the subject of the story, or do they report every detail?

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David Beaty sticking with Carter Stanley as KU's starting QB

No need to go on. The overall line performance so far has not been impressive.

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David Beaty sticking with Carter Stanley as KU's starting QB

Yes, I’m aware that Kendrick hurt and is not a factor. My point is why not start Stanley and sub in Kendrick from the get go, instead of starting Bender? We’ve know for over a year with game history to prove it that Bender is immobile and our online has struggles. This is nothing new, which is hard to understand why we would repeat such mistakes. Maybe there is something more we don’t know with attitude, etc. I sure hope so.

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KU hopes to have QB Miles Kendrick back available after bye week

The play of both returning QBs looks similar to last year, with Stanley possibly being sharper now that he’s healthy. There’s plenty of game tape evidence from 2017 for Beaty to have used. No change in Bender, besides holding the ball for a 3rd down sack loss instead of throwing an interception. For Beaty to insinuate Stanley was not ready 4 weeks ago, but has all of a sudden prepared and is now ready, is a low character move for a HC, in my opinion. Beaty picked the wrong guy and everyone knows it. Now to try to save face to the media, he’s throwing Stanley’s pre-season preparedness under the bus. If Jeff Long wants to hear alumni voices and connect with KU fans, please hear my request to get rid of this guy mid season! The sooner the better!

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David Beaty sticking with Carter Stanley as KU's starting QB

I don’t get why this coach can’t see the benefit in picking the right guy to start at the beginning, so the player can be eased into competition via a softer non con warm up?? To even say Stanley will improve upon errors is to blatantly ignore the fact that he could have done this exactly against Nichols, CMU and Rutgers, and been more in rythym by now. This is de ja vu from last year, so Beaty should be familiar with the decision consequences. Also, in the post game interview Beaty tried to say Stanley wasn’t third string and pushed away from the term. Now he’s saying Stanley is third string, but we’ve put him through the misery of jumping into competition midway through the season before, so he should handle it. C’mon Jeff Long! Send this guy packing and give us an interim. Please!!

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley should remain the team's starting QB

Respectfully, I’ll share my side since I called for mid season firing in a post above. In my mind it’s simple W/L results. When Beaty starts winning, I’m stepping back from commentary to evaluate whether it looks like long term improvement. If it does look like long term improvement I want him to stay and coach through the season. However, the look of any long term improvement looks stiffled to me in the past few games, especially in coaching decisions. For example, the starting player choices (Stanley vs. Bender), player positioning (Sims in slot), player utilization via play call (more triple option with RBs), discipline (oline penalties), and most of all game management (timeouts, mid game adjustments) show that we’re still getting in our own way in year 4. This is not improvement and can possibly be refreshed with a new mindset in charge. IMO, I believe Bowen showed he had better management back in 2014 so why not make him interim and see what happens, as the same results we’ve seen under Beaty time after time will not allow us to win in most cases. This is opinion, and hopefully shows you another thought process alternative in calling for his firing.

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley should remain the team's starting QB

So true. This shines a light where many KU fans don’t want to go. Gray-Little was a political hire with connection, appointed as chancellor by a KS board of regents who were hand picked by Kathleen Sebelius. Her efforts were infrastructure expansion and student social programs which in theory are nice, but usually drain funds coming from student tuition and the tax payers of KS, without results or meaningful returns. Ultimately, that mindset tends to be outside of the bounds of any profitable business operation. Her AD hire Zenger was of the same mindset, and alike not bound to bottom line performance or competition, but lofty ideals. As we know Zenger coaching hires haven’t been in touch with that reality either. It all starts with the tone at the top in acedemia, as most important positions are buddy buddy hires by a bloated government system. And as we saw when BGL retired, she gave a golden parachute to Zenger who turned around and matched an extension to Beaty. Even more ironic, BGL was retained as a “consultant” earning another $510k annual salary.

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