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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

REALLY??? Good Luck to ya!

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Scott Bowers of Webb City, Mo., wins bracket contest

Well done. I did like 50 brackets total on the internet. However none of them ended with UCONN winning it all. Actually they all ended with KU winning it, go figure.

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Tyshawn Taylor, Thomas Robinson to return to KU


I have a HUGE Man-Crush on T-ROB. I have been waiting on this news all week. He is going to be a major stud this year.

Tyshaun was looking great at the end of the year. Keep working on that drive and dish TT.

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KU coach Self OK with Selby's basketball workouts in Las Vegas


Take your rage back to Florida Martin.

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Recap: Jayhawks bad all around, but does the loss hurt KU that much?

1. Anyone
2. Anyone
3. McMorris
4. T-Rob
5. MkMorris

With the bottom 3 in the lineup at the same time we would smoke anybody. T-Robs absence is the reason we got beat by K-State. Lack of Energy & Composure. He is quickly becoming my favorite Hawk of all time.

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Recap: Jayhawks bad all around, but does the loss hurt KU that much?

I think we all got it. I became a sore loser after a while and just told them, "Congratulations, that win last night just sealed you a number one seed in the tournament. The NIT tournament."

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Discussing NU's defense, the rise of T-Rob and a split decision on the picks

Damnit Jesse,

If this happens again you are either not allowed to write your predictions, or not allowed to pick against KU again this year.

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Tyrel Reed, Brady Morningstar top players in loss

I think Hamilton was trash talking because Brady hit him in the head, which still makes for great defense.

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Talking Jordan Hamilton, KU turnovers and an upset pick?


How dare you. I expected that prediction from Tom not you.

Selby has not adjusted to the game yet either.
Hawk to Rock - REED

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