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Gill's timeout explanation puzzling

You're reluctant to blame Gill because he wants to win games?

I'm not on the "Fire Turner Gill" team, but this attitude that because Gill is a good guy or that he instills hope and positive thinking in the team has any bearing on weather he's a good coach and create wins is crap.

I'm not saying he shouldn't be positive, but he coaches football. He doesn't run a positive thinking seminar. Any criticisms of his coaching skills that pop up are warranted no matter how great of a person he may be. He gets paid to coach, not create warm fuzzies.

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Briscoe signs with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I hope you enjoy Tampa more than I did. I was glad to move away a year ago. North Florida is full of rednecks, South Florida is full of d-bags, and Tampa is where those two meet. Oh, and USF fans are obnoxious as hell.

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KU-KSU football game officially moved to Thursday night

Wow, so much complaining from those calling themselves "fans". There are a lot of other programs that have fans that would make it to the game no matter the schedule. I guess we're not there yet.

I'm also questioning how national the broadcast will be. Were I live Fox Sports Midwest isn't available without paying quite a bit extra.

June 2, 2010 at 1:20 p.m. ( | suggest removal ) to close Wednesday as settlement talks continue with KU, Kansas Athletics

So many classless shirts have come from this store that I'm actually glad it's closing.

I'm all for small business being successful, but these shirts made so many KU fans look like a bunch of d-bags. Sure a lot of them are, but I'd rather it not be advertised.

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FINAL: KU overwhelms Missouri, 77-56

fan408785, I saw that and still can't believe it. Even from MU fans, it's just so obviously wrong that I'm shocked it happened.

For those who may have missed it, someone on Twitter got a pic of it on their tv:

I was going to rewind my dvr and get a shot, but I waited until after the game and it didn't save that far back.

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FINAL: KU overwhelms Missouri, 77-56

!#@$%!@#%!$% OVERTIME!!!! Bastards.

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Late TV starts for Big Monday not ideal, but mostly unavoidable

I was thinking about the whole ratings thing today while watching the CU game on ESPN360. While our tv viewing habits won't make any difference if we're not a Neilsen household, maybe our viewing of espn360 could make a difference.

I'm not saying that ESPN does take that into account, but they could and should. Not only can they track numbers of viewers online, but they can also track where those viewers are watching from. If they're smart, they are doing that.

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KU football uniforms to change in 2010

I'm having a hard time believing that Queen_Krenda is a real person. "Rudy's: The Documentary" is hilarious.

People comparing the impact on recruiting with no-name jerseys in programs like USC with the impact they might have with KU are kidding themselves. We aren't USC.

Without the red stripe, the helmets do look cheap. Cheap like the jerseys without names. Cheap like a program in Buffalo.

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Late TV starts for Big Monday not ideal, but mostly unavoidable

Thanks kmatlage,

Your viewing habits do not matter unless you are one of the Nielsen households. Their sample size not big enough to really calculate true ratings, so the system is antiquated and inaccurate. As long as advertisers rely on this system, there's not a whole lot we can do.

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KU football players release letter to fans

I support the team, but this just feels like damage control. I don't think their support is as genuine as they say. They're just trying to minimize the hurt Lew has put on them, and I can't say I blame them at all.

No matter what you think of Mangino, the smear campaign hurt EVERYONE involved. I don't think I could fully support Lew if I was a player.

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