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Henry wants to go to KU, father says

I think CJ should come to KU sit out a year and when Sherron leaves he could challenge for a starting guard spot and X should just tell his brother that if he comes to KU that he will stay 2 years and that they could both start and play together in 2010-11. There is plenty of supposed one and done's that stay 2 or 3 years in school.

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Prep star delays decision

According to the announcement is postponed.

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KU releases drawings of proposed Olympic Sports Village

Here is a quote from a Luke Winn interview in SI last year about the house Memphis players have!

"LW: Those old Laurinburg guys -- Anderson, Dozier and Kareem Cooper; do you live with any of them at Memphis?

JD: We actually have a house -- 11 bedrooms, all basketball players, so mostly everybody stays there.

LW: How did you find that place?

JD: It's an on-campus thing; Coach Cal did it. It's almost like a mansion. You can get lost in there. It's decked out, too; the living room's got 42-inch flat screens where we can watch game tapes, or review player personnel. Or we can go upstairs where there's a theater, and just watch movies."

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KU releases drawings of proposed Olympic Sports Village

Memphis has a basketball players only Mansion! It is amazing!

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KU releases drawings of proposed Olympic Sports Village

Are they just planning on fixing up Jayhawk Towers? I thought there was some talk of a Basketball players only dorm when Self signed his new contract. Anybody know anything about this?

This Olympic Village would be cool if it happens and would also lead to adding seats to the Football stadium since you could take the track out.

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Loss likely cost KU trip to K.C.

Memphis can't play in Memphis because the tournament is in there home arena and you can't play on your home court!

Lunardi still has KU a 2 seed and has dropped Oklahoma to a 3 seed because they have lost 4 of 6 and didn't win the regular season or conference tournament in the Big 12 . I think KU will get the 2 seed in KC if MU doesn't win the conference tournament. If MU wins the conference tournament they will probably get the 2 seed in KC. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just telling you how it will go down!

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Collins, Aldrich named to All-District team

Why would it be a "surprise" if Stephenson says he is going to St. Johns? People have thought he was going to St. Johns for over a year! Stephenson is coming to KU or going to Europe where he can sign a shoe deal immediately! He will not go to St. Johns and Norm Roberts will be fired after the season. If Stephenson does go to St. Johns it might save Norm’s job for a year. I would love to have Norm come back and join KU’s staff and still coach Lance next year!

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Sooners’ Capel challenges Jayhawks


The people that watched the National Championship game in Allen fieldhouse last year stormed the court! It was awesome about 10,000 fans went crazy! That probably doesn't count as actual storming the court but a good memory to have!


You have just won Coach of the Tournament for stirring the pot! Why would you say that as a coach. I could see a player saying that but Capel.

Coaching 101:

Don't give the other team bulletin board material! Especially if they have won the Conference 5 straight times and the Tournament 3 straight times!

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FINAL: Collins scores 25 as Jayhawks rout Tigers, 90-65

Cut me off in Fort Collins, CO. Thanks CBS!!!!! I really can't wait tell they lose the rights to the NCAA Tournament and allows ESPN to buy the rights so that everyone can watch whatever game they want on Espn, Espn2, EspnU and Abc!


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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook


He was on the border first round most of the season but because of the tournament and his workouts after the season he had jumped into the middle of the first round by most experts. The highest I ever saw him in a mock draft was #9 or #12. It had him going before Rush and I remember talking to my wife about that we couldn't believe he was going that high. By draft night most people thought he was a First round lock! He should of been in the first round and I would of drafted him higher then Rush because he can do everything that Rush can do and handle the ball. He just isn't as tall!

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