Miguel Colón 12 years, 1 month ago

Ryanhawk, I think "if" Mario redshirts it will not affect Barnes recruitment. I see him getting as much playing time as everyone else. He could play the 3 spot and Mario the 2 and have a bigger, better rebounding lineup. Remember under Bill Self you earn minutes they are not given to you. Also, as far as Mario's redshirt. I remember earlier in the year when it was blogged we should redshirt him because we would be better next year, then someone changed my mind by saying we should want to win every game possible and not give up on this year. That person was right, now however I think of Mario and if he is not healthy I do not want him to jepordize his career. Do what is best for you Mario! Us true Jayhawkers here will support anything you do!

RyanHawk 12 years, 1 month ago

Although it doesn't matter anymore since he decided not to red-shirt. I agree that if I were Mario I would red-shirt and already said that in one of my posts. If I was the coaching staff I would want him to play. Either way he looked good last night vs. K-State and I think he will get better. Little will never play the 2 spot for KU he isn't fast enough or dribble good enough in the open floor. Our 2 guard is basically another PG in Bill Self's system. He will play the 3 or the 4 and actually he has only played the 4 so far. As far as recruitment in my opinion it would of hurt us with Harrison Barnes if Little red-shirted because Little will most likely be playing the 3 and have no time at the 4 when Robinson and Withey start playing next year.If your comment about "true" jayhawkers is suppose to refer that I wouldn't be a fan of Little's in the future if he red-shirted or that I'm not a "true" fan then your crazy! I love the University of Kansas and maybe you should stop thinking that you are better then everyone and instead think that you a part of what I feel is the best fan base in college sports!Cheers,RyanHawk

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